Beware of gardasil, polio and vaccines in general


Gardasil Plus Tetanus Recommended While Battling a Sinus Infection – Why Did I Listen to My Doctor?
On March 26, 2011, still at age 23, I went to the doctor for a sinus infection. At that time, he thought it would be wise to give me the Gardasil and Tetanus vaccine. Immediately afterwards, I had my regrets because I felt strange, and I realized it did not make sense to get vaccinated while my immune system was already busy fighting a sinus infection. I remember calling my mom, scared and crying, that something bad had happened.

VLA comment: To add insult to injury the doctors, upon seeing the disabled child, recommended that he get a flu shot prior to being evaluated despite the parents indicating that they thought it was the MMR 2nd. dose that destroyed his body.
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By piotrbein