CounterBias: Sukhoi over Syria

Video Sukhoi over Syria, sent by Alex in Russia   0:55
“Although damaged – left wing, tail, and fuel systems –
but still a wonderful killing machine!  Made by lazy and
drunken Russian workers, tested in Syria, ha-ha-ha-ha!
Allah u’akhbar indeed!  Insh’Allah!  Let you burn in Hell,
you, stinking Wahhabi bastards!  The Russian aircraft is
Yeah, ‘let you burn in Hell’, as you
might put it, but then that’s the very way they head for
their Islamic paradise… 

Unfortunately, it appears to be
true that the Syrian uprising was sparked by an episode
of extreme brutality on the part of the Assad’s police…
With the obvious benefit of the hind sight, you could say
that Russia’s and Iran’s non-interference into Syria’s
internal affairs put into jeopardy their most valuable
ally – and allowed the Jews to suck blood by the barrel…

White Christian people can be exterminated in their
millions – dozens of millions – as the Judo-communists
did in Russia – and the notorious Jew mass murderer

, for example, died in 1991 in his bed, not
in his boots…  By contrast, the ‘primitive’ tribal Muslims
are nowhere near so ‘cool’ – as you very well know from
the events in your own North Caucasus, where Mother
Russia is still paying through the nose for the atrocities
perpetrated by the Judo-communists upon the natives,
who, unlike the ‘cool’ white guys, tend to have what they
used to call a “historical memory”…  

And so it is in Syria,
too.  So the solution that includes all parties, by whatever
means, has to be arrived at – on the ground, not in the air…

And, of course, neither the Jews nor their ‘white slaves’
have even the slightest interest in ending the bloodshed…

NB. The Imperial Russia enjoyed reasonably harmonious
relations with the Muslims of the North Caucasus, where,
for example, a volunteer cavalry division was raised in
1914 – and, in no time, acquired a fearsome reputation…

An Austrian sergeant Josip Broz – future President Tito –
counted himself very lucky to have survived an encounter
with a unit of the Wild Division
 – as it came to be known…
A Tartar regiment used to guard the Tsar’s palace in
Saint Petersburg…  

Half a century earlier, in 1859,
a certain
Imam Shamil, once the greatest rebel leader
in the Caucasus, became a welcome guest at the Tsar’s
own table, even if not entirely by his own choice…
When asked by another guest, if it’s true that he used
to consume the flesh of the captive Russian soldiers,
he replied that he would never eat pork…  The whole
of Russia had a hearty laugh as this joke got around…
The Russian Cossacks and the Muslim tribesmen of
the North Caucasus regarded each other with mutual
respect and very well got along at most times…

And, of course, this was not at all the state of affairs
from which the Jews could possibly profit…  Advance
the clock to 1917…
 The Jew Rothschild banksters and
and the Jew Trotsky – their own War Commissar  in
Russia…   Some  fifteen – or more like twenty million –
exterminated within the space of three or four years –
and that’s just the breakfast of the kosher cannibals…

By piotrbein