Rebel bastards destroy the truthers

Rebel bastards destroy the truthers

Piotr Bein 30.10.2013

Jerzy Ulicki-Rek — Polish publicist in Australia

John Kaminski

Andrew Winkler — Rebel of Oz, the admin of The Rebel

Will you three take responsibility for the damage and how will you repair it? The stew against Jim Stone, to which all of you have contributed by now, gets thicker by the day, as is plain in Andrew’s email.
I’m not sure if Andrew cut off my emails — please forward to him.
You all fell into these hasbara traps:

  • Helen Smith’s drivel — check out “Piotr Bein CV” and verify the info, will you?
  • Misrepresentations of lampoon pic of Bein with Andrzej Szubert in “yarmulkas”, from a “Meeting of the Elders of Anti-Zion” — ask Jerzy for translations (if you still trust him), ask machine otherwise.

The “Polish” regime forced Andrzej to emigrate in the 1980s. “Polish” intel and security, J-media and dintojra (Judaized “Polish” injustice system) have been persecuting Andrzej for exposing top Jewish subverters of Poland’s grassroots Solidarity:

  • Lejba Kone (Walesa), “legendary” leader of Solidarity and Poland’s president later,
  • Szechter (Michnik), chief editor of Judeocentric Gazeta Wyborcza coordinated with security agencies against Polish patriots,
  • Kalkstein (Kaczynski) brothers: Lech, president murdered in the false-flag plane crash at Smolensk, and Jarosław his premier (!), now leader of “opposition” party,
  • and their minions,

as well as for terse critique of the “Polish Jewropean barrack” (Andrzej’s term). If you knew Polish, you could figure out from his work, without relying on malicious prompts. Same re defamation of Bein.
Hasbara feeds Polish sheeple with Russophobia to deflect popular reactions to J-crimes, and Jew-bashing to keep them “antisemitic”, which in turn “proves” Poles are anti-Semitic. Effective patriots are painted as pro-Russian “Jews”. You can see in the links below that Bein and Szubert are smeared exactly to this scheme.
It’s not my purpose to ennoble your libel by trying to prove that I am not a camel you paint. I don’t need to — my work speaks for itself. But for the benefit of the non-Polish readers among you, who hopefully have not lost their marbles yet, here you go. For me, it started when I went public in Poland, having finished a final draft of my research on the J-cabal in 2009. Previously, I’ve been e-attacked while working on my books, and then again, quite severely (Pentagon and Nuclear Lobby agent provocateurs) while moderating the DU-Watch forum (some reports here, also visit DU-Watch archives). Hell broke loose after I presentated in Cracow the research on the J-cabal and Slavic national interests, and a couple of months later took the lead of a Polish campaign against the “H1N1 pandemic” conspiracy (look at the bottom here).
The links below convey some of the attacks, while other attacks are found on the forum in the archives of my Grypa666 blog. According to Marek Podlecki, my partner in the campaign, who knows Polish reality better than I do, at the time of my visit police apprehended a Chechen assassin with a photograph of Bein;  the hotel I stayed in was bugged, while some of the staff were intel shills… Podlecki is similarly demonized and harassed, had a court case against him for “antisemitism”.
Jerzy fell into the trap and for years has been attacking Szubert and Bein, both staunch anti-J. We may not be up to your standards, but we are too radical to too many Poles. It must be considered for an educational impact — our first priority in fighting hasbara and the J-cabal.
Bein managed to get into the genocide scholar “community”, and got plenty for his “antisemitism” from sayanim Adam Jones and Tanweer Akram, who infested those circles — ask Professor Christian Scherrer, the harassed director of the Int’l Comparative Genocide Research Programme at the Hiroshima City University. No matter how hard you tried, your  standards would not pass there. It’s a miracle (I thank the Providence) to achieve as much as I have in REFEREED research, to be published in book form that gets worldwide library distribution.
I was quite moved when Jerzy proposed reconciliation in December 2012. He is back to his inexplicable condition. Based on his email, John and Andrew fell into the trap. Jerzy draws on, and feeds back into, smears and defamations of Bein and Szubert by mental cases, useful idiots, and Mossad shills/sayanim (ask Jerzy to translate):

So much damage by Jerzy, hungry even for “Jew”-bashing that caters to his bigotry. I believe ADL has figured out his profile and exploits it. Jerzy’s “sect” members with global repute heed his “reports”.  Sad, very sad…
Now your evidence supporting your charges, please… Don’t forget to attach your CVs and pics. I don’t personally know any of you, yet I trusted you, based on what you did, not what your nose is like. I feel greatly disappointed in all of you. Baseless suspicions alone (never mind defamations!) spell the end of it — you’ll be left alone to fight a battle that looks hopeless already.


Never will the army of truthers agree with you 100%, but don’t finish off fellow warriors to foe’s advantage…  Debate the sources underlying an opinion, don’t kill the messenger with ad hominem based on drivel, absurd and sheer stupidity…
You went behind my back. Winkler had the revengeful “guts” to notify of his ban that deprives me of rebuttals to German (?) anti-Polonisms and defamations of Jim Stone, both eagerly published on The Rebel recently:

To Rebel of Oz on defamation of Jim Stone

Are Herr Priebke and Rebel of Oz agents for the J-cabal?

The Rebel's frigging "community service"

You have European names, like many Jews do. You appear “antisemitic” (true antisemites would be in jail) but are skimpy on the following (like the Judeocentrics do):
– Zionist Jews murdered non-Zionist Jews in Shoah — an insignificant part of Holocaust, yet even the s.c revisionists and deniers talk exclusively about it, as if the J-cabal led them by the nose!
– Shoah was but a secondary part of the Holocaust on more than 20 groups, where Slavs were the most severely damaged.
– Judeo-Soviet genocide was no less severe than the Nazi one, both carried out to Judeo-banksters’ masterplan.
– Usage of “Holocaust” instead of “Shoah” is calculated to fool the Goyim, so they forget about the above issues, and about their own people murdered by the Zio-Nazis and by the Judeo-Soviets before, during and after WW2.
– Who is the Holocaust survivor? Poland lost more citizens in WW2 and almost the whole “head of the nation”, while Jewish tribe and especially its “head” are thriving.
– Fraudulently and illegally, Judeocentrics have also hi-jacked restitutions, compensations and war reparations, while nations like Poles, Russians, Serbs  have received nothing from the successor of Judeo-Soviets, Judeo-Nazis and Judeo-Communists: Israel, J-banksters and the J-cabal in general. Jews owe Poles tens of TRILLIONS of dollars for WW2 damages, other periods not including:
So, you “Jews from from Australia, US and Poland, selling the Jewish propaganda in disquise” — do you work for the Judeocentrics? I don’t think so. But how does the charge feel?
Naprawdę szczerze żal mi Ciebie. I thought we’ve reconciled our fighting each other instead of the common foe.
I made a mistake with the Polish-named Judeocentric “Bartoszewski” — should be “Polish citizen”. I have corrected. Thanks for pointing it out, albeit years late. As we can see, it will be spitefully exploited. For hundreds of facts in the paper, one mistake is not bad — is it? 🙂
Any other mistakes? Co-author Stefan Pągowski would also like to know. We circulated the paper 5 years ago, only a couple of people responded, not you.
Quotes from the paper (a link should be given so that the readers don’t need to rely on your insinuations) have sources and they should be debated, instead of circulating absurd ad hominem…
In your comment on Helen Smith’s imbecile charges, you completely misunderstood the emails. Dana Alvi and Stan Sas approvingly DISSEMINATED Smith’s smear…  neither they are pro-J, nor does Smith even mention them! Reading/comprehension 101… like Winkler, you absorb any rubbish, as long as it fits your pre-conceptions.
In a rebuttal to Smith, which you received at the time, I wrote (translation from Polish): Please prove Bein’s pro-J anti-Polonism … or I would publish Smith’s crypto-Jewish genealogy from her grandma Moyisieva Yakubovna Frank and would disclose at which yeshivas I sat next to her and which synagogues we frequented… LOL […] a passionate defender of Polonism, Smith forgot her mother-tongue. [..] Which compatriot is gifted with fluency in English? And her ease of intrusion in J-subjects? After all, a Pole would be killed for it long before… or at least would encounter financial troubles.
The WW2  Polish Underground, whose name you abuse for your blog and nick on misc. fora, would shoot you dead for “treason” that you have committed by your  distribution of libel to prominent, unsuspecting rebels. I’ll  “execute” you by “killing” your “reconciliation” and restoring articles on the true yourself in my Laundry — unless you publically repent and solemnly apologize.
As the most intellectual of the Smearing Troika, you disappointed me most. You approvingly cite Bein & Pągowski paper, but your email to Jerzy disapproves of it. You could compile your conclusions from refs in the paper, without having to bear with a “Holocaust promoter” who is “a Serbian Jew”, too 🙂
By email, I’ve acknowledged your article. I also love your sensitive, humane other articles and have translated them when my sight was better. But your recent one needs acknowledgement of co-author Dr. Stefan Pągowski and correction on history and Polish affairs.
A collection containing the paper and three other ones have been destroyed, and remains unpublished several years after finishing. J-shill’s work would be posted all over, and I would not have to beg on my blogs for donations for Polish patriots.
I will not stoop to your level. My readers who contributed $100 for Andrew Winkler are asking their money back — what shall I tell them? That money would now be spent better on Szubert who still uses an old clunker (me too).
John Kaminski wrote an awesome eulogy and article after Joe Vialls died (my translations).  Does it make John (and me): (1) a J-shill, (2) Joe’s alter ego? Ask MacGregor’s “intuition” 🙂 🙂 🙂
You ended up using your self-appointed role to rebels globally, AGAINST prominent  dissidents. You already know my thoughts re your analytical and research skills that disqualify you, also here.
I understand your fondness of Zio-Nazis. Judeocentrics have fooled J-banksters’ German cannon fodder in both world wars. After each war, German useful idiots took the blame for Jewish plans and deeds, blaming the victims (some of the The Rebel authors do the same to Poles now, as the Judeocentrics do).
I can see, why:

  1. you disseminate Scheiße against good people like Jim Stone and against Poles,
  2. contrary to your declarations, you ban me from my right to rebuttal to absurd charges,
  3. you haven’t published even one of my anti-J research papers.

Whom do you really serve?
Piotr Bein
Begin forwarded message:
From: “Rebel of Oz” <>
Date: October 28, 2013 5:42:29 AM PDT (CA)
To: “‘Piotr Bein'” <>
Cc: <>
Subject: FW: Kaminski: Dark autumn (with radio interview)
I just found out that you are what my German ancestors used to call a ‘dreckige Judensau’ who is selling Jewish propaganda lies under the disguise of some weird, mentally deranged Polish nationalism, without even being Polish. This puts your raving support for Jim Stone into a completely new light, in fact it explains everything. Please refrain from sending me any more of your nonsense. I don’t waste my time communicating with pathological liars of your kind and will redirect all future emails of your straight into the spam/scum folder.
Rebel of Oz
The Rebel – Home of the Global Resistance
From: John Kaminski []
Sent: Monday, October 28, 2013 7:38 PM
To: George Ulicki -Rek
Cc: Rebel of Oz
Subject: Re: Kaminski: Dark autumn (with radio interview)
Yes, I know, I never should have used that example. That’s why I dumped him years ago. I just wanted to make the point about Poles vs. Jews, but I should have waited for a better source.
On Mon, Oct 28, 2013 at 7:08 AM, George Ulicki -Rek <> wrote:
With all respect a word of warning: Piotr Bein is a polish jew from Canada selling the jewish propaganda in disquise.
From the link to his blog you cited :
” Until 22.6.1941 attack on USSR, Nazis sought effective methods to cleanse Jews from the Reich and occupied lands, and concentrate in ghettos. Several mass murders were due to Jewish insubordination, but no planned extermination was implemented. On the contrary, in Fall 1939, a plan existed for Jewish quasi-state (with capital in Lublin, as in Judeopolonia concept) where Jews would enjoy cultural and economic priviledges in exchange for fighting Poles. Shoah only began when Germany attacked USSR, becoming genocide (operation Reinhardt) after 20.1.1942 Wansee conference decision”
“Jedwabne area remained under Nazis (25.6.1941-26.1.1945) who burned to death up to 400 local Jews in July 1941, and shot and gassed about 300 in Treblinka, beginning in November 1942.”
op cit
“Jewish and Slavic forced workers’ fate was similar. Manpower shortages made Himmler postpone Endlösung and preserve labour slaves.”
“After Wansee (20.1.1942), death transports of Jews began. Rather than turn over thousands of Jews to Treblinka, Czerniakow commited suicide (July 1942).”
“Over half million Jews died in ghettos,[51] of hunger and diseases. Surviving Jews died in death camps.”
“Władysław Bartoszewski, one of the first Poles(!!!!:) -Jerzy)  distinguished in Polish-Jewish relations, confirmed Jewish unawareness of Endlösung, quoting Jewish Historical Institute in Warsaw on Judenrat’s discounting of Polish warnings about “liquidation of at least 300,000 Jews”, received after “most solemn” German assurances. Ironically, Judenrat considered the warnings “harmful and absurd.”[56] After Wansee, Nazi government invited bids for industrialized death equipment; terrorized Jews would staff the extermination process. To maintain secrecy, the death camps were isolated from Polish population, and guarded by Byelorussians, Latvians, Lithuanians, Ukrainians and Germans. Polish Underground broke through the secrecy and sent regular radio reports to the West.[”
“…German law forbids doubting Wilhelm Hoettel’s Nuremberg Trials depositions regarding 6 million Jews murdered (4 million in concentration camps),”
And so on and so on..
Lies,half lies,quater lies…
“Another peculiar internet presence is Piotr Bein. Bein works out of Poland, for the most part, although he is not Polish. Bein’s origins are Serbian, where his surname is common among the Jews. There are accounts of Beins undertaking mass conversions to Christianity in a particular church in Serbia; these accounts need further verification. Nonetheless, it is strange why Poles are not the least bit curious about Piotr Bein’s fluency in a number of languages (especially English) and his ability to hop around the globe appearing at various conferences in which Jewish interests enter the picture. Real Poles would be hard pressed to finance such activities.

O mnie … &sp=-1&sk=
Bein (left) and his “brother’ from Poland aka Szubert
Just for the record
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Dark autumn
What do you tell your children to hope for?
By John Kaminski

By piotrbein