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Close the door

Postprzez Jerzy Ulicki-Rek » Śr paź 16, 2013 11:19 am

Close the doorObrazek
This not the Reptiles – but the Rabbis
Itʼs not the New World Order itʼs the Jew World Order
Itʼs not the British Broadcasting Corporation itʼs the Bʼnai Brith Corporation
Itʼs not the newspapers itʼs the Jewpapers
Itʼs not the television itʼs the TALMUDvision
Itʼs not Youtube itʼs Jewtube
• Communism and socialism = JEWISH construct
• Freemasonry = JEWISH construct
• Scientology = JEWISH construct
• Jehovah witnesses = JEWISH construct
• Womenʼs liberation = JEWISH construct (to break up the family and tax the women)
• Gay movement and sexual revolution = JEWISH construct (again to break up the family and to then break up society)
• Every single war – instigated, financed and controlled by the Jews
• The alcohol industries – instigated, financed and controlled by the Jews
• The drug industry – instigated, financed and controlled by the Jews
• The porn industry – instigated, financed and controlled by the Jews
• The corrupt health care system – owned, financed and controlled by the Jews
• The education system – owned, financed and controlled by the Jews
• The media – owned, financed and controlled by the Jews
• The mainstream film industry – owned, financed and controlled by the Jews
• The corrupt banking system – owned, financed and controlled by the Jews
• infinitum
THEREFORE YOU ARE OWNED BY THE JEWS – yes you are a Jewish owned slave, thatʼs who you work for or have worked for.
It only takes a little digging to see that every negative aspect in your life was directly or indirectly caused by this tribe. So it is an absolute point of frustration to me that not only the average Joe in the street cannot not see this but the thousands upon thousands of so-called ʻtruthersʼ also cannot see this, or chose not to see it.
I have tried in vain and seem to have failed to get hardly any truthers to acknowledge the fact that it ainʼt the reptiles itʼs the rabbis behind this new world order agenda.
Labels such as The Illuminati, The Bilderburgers, The masons, the global elite, etc are just non-specific ghost chasing. These amorphous titles are handed to us by the Jews to act as half truth distractions from shining the light on them.
Symptoms verses Cause
Police state, corrupt government, child snatching by the state, pedophilia rings, FEMA camps, vaccinations, common purpose, hyperinflation, food crisis, weather manipulation, chemtrails, slow motion genocides …..infinitum.
All these of course are worth looking at, but are mere SYMPTOMS of a the bigger picture. But unless we look at the underlying CAUSE of the problem we will never resolve these and many more issues.
So what is the Cause?
In two words: THE JEWS fueled by their satanic sick doctrines such as:
• The Babylonian Talmud
• The Torah (old testament)
• The Kabbalah (the Zohar)
• The Protocols of The Learned Elders of Zion
That Magic Word
People will just not dare to say the ʻJʼ word in a negative light or mention it in connection with the shit that weʼre being subjected to on a daily basis. At the very most people will stretch it to is ʻzionismʼ. When zionism stems from judaism and was formed only a hundred years ago, yet this same cult has been causing mayhem throughout the world for 3000 years or more.
Thatʼs anti-Semitic
The word semite stems from the work “shem” in reference to ʻthe tent of Shemʼ the son of Noah. A semite generally pertains to an Arab or a Palestinian and certainly not the white european Khazars calling themselves Jews.
The Bananas Keep Going Missing
Why why why can people not see this this great big 800 pound gorilla in their living room?They can smell the gorilla shit, they are treading in gorilla shit all the time, the bananas keep going missing, but because of their politically correct programming they have been conditioned not to be anti-gorilla and remain in willful ignorance of the hairy beast ruining their lives.
Below is an analogy of my frustration with the sheople AND people in the truth movement who just will not see the obvious cause of all the problems, but keep prattling on about the symptoms, half-truths and dis-information.
Close the Door
We need to close the door.
Ohhhrrrr its so cold in here.
We need to close the door, the rain and wind is coming in.
Lets put an extra jumper on.
Well why donʼt we just close the door?
Lets turn the heating up.
Itʼs not necessary, all we need to do is just close the door.
I know – lets seal up all the windows, that should keep the heat in.
We need to close the door.
Yea we could even invest in double glazing.
We just need to close the door.
Ohhh youʼre so annoying, all you keep going on about is closing that bloody door.
Yep thatʼs because itʼs the source of the problem.
Itʼs freezing in here.
We need to close the door.
Youʼre one of those ʻclose the door theoristsʼ.
Yep sure am – lets just close the door shall we.
Thereʼs water on the floor now.
Yes there would be because itʼs lashing down and the door is open – we need to close the door.
Yes I know all about the door theory, but we have extra pairs of socks to combat cold feet.
???? How do I answer that????
I know, why donʼt we get a mop and bucket and we can clear up the water.
No problem with that, but why donʼt we first close the door to stop it getting worse?
You know if this house had insulation weʼd be a lot more warmer, we should look into getting some quotes for insulation.
How about just closing door!?
God I canʼt understand you, youʼre so frustrated all the time and short tempered.
Thatʼs because you wonʼt close the door and are letting the cold and rain in.
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