Swedish Nationalists Paid a Visit to the Home of Communist Mass Murderer Jew Stefan Michnik

Swedish Nationalists Paid a Visit to the Home of Communist Mass Murderer Jew Stefan Michnik

The Swedish Nationalist organization Nordisk Ungdom (Nordic Youth) writes:

“During his time as a judge in communist Poland Stefan Michnik sentenced at least 19 Poles, struggling for freedom, to death. The number is probably much higher, but the data is unclear because the communists destroyed a lot of the documentation to avoid punishment after the communist collapse. Poland has required Stefan Michniks extradition, so that he can be prosecuted for his crimes towards the Polish people. But both EU and Sweden protects him and refuses to extradite him, despite his serious crimes.
In classical NU style, bloody dolls were placed out to symbolize the victims of Stefan Michnik, outside his home. We have let the neighbors aware of that their neighbor is a communist executioner by a speech by Christian Mattsson and conversations with the locals. By the action outside Stefan Michniks home we want to let the public aware of that Sweden is protecting a communist murderer and to show Michnik that his crimes never will be forgotten. Please help us spread the information about Michnik and his crimes by spreading this movie and pictures from this action so that more people can know about what kind of murderers our rotten government is protecting.”

Communist butcher Stefan Michnik, a rat-faced Jew.
Source: Nationell.nu – Nordic Youth protesting against Jew executioner – Who Sweden protects
Counter Bias comment by email 1.11.2013:
Stefan Michnik blood-sucking Jew of a ‘judge’ that sanctioned ‘jewdicial’ murder of Polish patriots by the Judo-communist regime of post-WW2 Poland.
Both the Jew-run Sweden and the Jew/sodomite-run EU refused all requests for his extradition.
His half-brother
Adam Michnik runs Gazeta Wyborcza, the largest-circulation newspaper in Poland that’s brazenly whitewashing the crimes of the Judo-communist occupation regime of the past on behalf of the Jew occupation regime in today’s Poland.

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