WHO withholds report on the effects of uranium munitions in Iraq

WHO withholds report on the effects of uranium munitions in Iraq!

Tuesday 17 September 2013
The World Health Organization is a corrupt organization. This is nothing new, there is always opportunity for amazing stories. For example, this: Since 2003, the WHO collects facts and evidence on the health effects of the employed by the U.S. in Iraq uranium munitions. To date, WHO refused to publish a report and deliberately delayed the elucidation of these war crimes.
The United States began a war in Iraq, but tons of depleted uranium and uranium bombs. Large areas of Iraq are now radioactively contaminated more than Fukushima or Chernobyl. Leading Radiologists warn of the deadly dust which is responsible radioactive and chemically toxic and numerous birth defects.
The World Health Organization was already before 2004 the order to investigate the effects of uranium munitions fired in Iraq. However, to date, the WHO has refused to publish reports. Even older, pre-2004 scale studies, are secret until today.
The U.S. government successfully prevents the WHO from carrying out investigations in areas in the south of Iraq, where it is still extremely common today to cause birth defects in newborns. Former WHO staff talk of cover-up and intimidation. The UN looks away, because the five permanent Security Council members want to prevent any further investigation of Iraqi war crimes.

By piotrbein