A year after that historical paragon of European Fascism had no difficulty in joining the European Union, with their leaders welcomed with open arms by David Cameron we see yet another in a whole series of demonstrations of Croatia’s fascist past and fascist present.
The British based football coach Aleks Rankovic has rightly sent a letter of complaint to FIFA, the world football association about the open display of nationalist and fascist aggression (including a fascist salute to the crowd) by the Croatian football team captain Josip Simunic when he grabbed the microphone and marched out into the centre of the pitch after Croatia had qualified for the World cup on 19th November.
In a repeat of the traditional greeting by Nazi era Croatian Ustashe (the murderous fascists who ruled as a Nazi puppet regime during the Second World War, committing genocide against Serbs, Jews and Gypsies on a scale which even shocked the Nazis!!) Simunic shouted “Za dom” (for country) to which the crowd replied “Spremni” (ready). It was the Croat equivalent of the German “Sieg – Heil” and given the reproduction of fascist Europe in the modern German Union it was perhaps an appropriate cry.
It is certainly consistent with the many other fascist manifestations of that extreme Croat nationalism which the European Union and David Cameron’s Government have welcomed into the EU – forming swastikas on the football terraces, religious services to commemorate wartime fascists, a pop star named after a machine gun whose fans give the Nazi salute and most recently stickers on lamp posts in Zagreb showing people hanging from a tree with the description “Serb family tree”.
Needless to say Croatia continues to play football unhindered in Europe and indeed will appear in the world cup. We have seen no great British press exposure of this latest evil. No word from William Hague. No word from David “I will not take the UK out of the EU” Cameron.
No action by the European Court of “Justice” and no protest from the grotesque Labour and “Liberal Democrat” parties who call democrats and parliamentary defenders at home “reactionaries” “Europhobes” and “fascists” but who have embraced the fascist European Union with enthusiasm.
For more material on the rise of fascism in Yugoslavia, aided by Germany and the EU, see my new ebook And into the Fire – fascist elements in post war Europe and the development of the European Union. It is available on Kindle and other download sites.
See also the article on this website “Croatia – fascist enough for the European Union”
And here are some links to the many proofs of Croatian Fascism today, provided by Aleks Rankovic the British Football Coach who has made an official complaint about the disgraceful behaviour of the Croat Captain and the Croatian crowd on November 19th 2013 (although the events would have been equally credible with a timeline of 1941!!!):
Simunic chanting 19.11.2013:

The same Nazi chants at the Croatia-England game 11.10.2006:
The same Nazi chants at the Croatia-Macedonia game 24.03.2007:

The same Nazi chants at the Croatia-Russia game 06.06.2007:

The same Nazi chants at the Croatia-Andora game 15.10.2008:

Yet more Croatia supporters Nazi chants and salutes:

You will hear the same chants in this Documentary about Croatian death camps in WW2:

Croatia in WW2:

Croatian Nazi propaganda video:

By piotrbein