Problems with German [read J-bankster) eastward expansion

Newsletter 2013/11/27 – Problems of Eastward Expansion

KIEV/VILNIUS/BERLIN (Own report) – In the run-up of the EU’s “Eastern
Partnership” summit scheduled to begin tomorrow in Vilnius, Berlin’s
expansion project is threatened to fail. Only two countries, Georgia
and Moldova, will sign Association Agreements, while Belarus and
Armenia prefer to join the “Eurasian Customs Union” with Russia.
However, the biggest blow comes from the Ukraine, which has halted
preparations for signing the EU Association Agreement. Germany has
left no stone unturned in its efforts to eventually break the Ukraine
completely out of the Russian sphere of influence and integrate it
into Berlin’s hegemonic system. German media now speaks of the “battle
for the Ukraine” and a “new Iron Curtain,” to be vanquished in the
East. German government advisors had, in fact, already planned to
forge ahead to integrate Russia into a European free trade zone, after
the six countries have been firmly integrated into the German sphere
of influence. This now has also been put into question.

By piotrbein