Violent Afro-Mobs Love “The Knock-out Game”

American liberal media (dominated by Jews)  always  take water in their mouth on cases when  African-American mob is targeting white youth.  But when  recently  a young Orthodox Jew became their  victim they started uproar.
Violent Afro-Mobs Love “The Knock-out Game”
Thug Charged With Hate Crime After He Brutally Attacked Orthodox Jewish Man At Random In “Knockout Game”
Below the letter of  an young white American
“As a poor white kid growing up in an all white area I lived in an infinitely happier, freer, cleaner, safer, more enriching environment than my kids do living in an economically well-off multicultural environment.
F*ck multiculturalism. I’m sick of the crime. I’m sick of the social engineering. I’m sick of the insipid, shallow, banal culture of diversity and political correctness. I’m sick of paying for my own cultural and economic destruction. I’m sick of the slandering. I’m sick of the collective dilution and schizophrenia. I’m sick of the shyster politicians who can’t say shit when their mouth is full of it.
Marxist Multiculturalism is an unnatural, unhealthy, false ethos. It’s an ethos of the weak and stupid and gullible and cowed. It’s untenable. Anyone with half a brain knows it’s one part social experiment that’s doomed the western world and one part political weapon wielded by those who are benefiting from that destruction by feeding off the carcass.
F*ck the people that sold us this con-game. Fuck the Bolshevik governments that are desperately trying to make this idiotic charade work by destroying my freedom, my community, and my way of life. Fuck the new America. I wish for its destruction. I hope it dies. We all know how this ends, but few of us dare call it like it is.”

By piotrbein