Warsaw like Boston shutdown / Antyterroryści przy ambasadzie Izraela

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News not fit for  Western Media-  Warsaw: Think of the recent prior Boston shut down

Bruno: There was an anti-terrorist  “exercise” in front of the Israeli Embassy in Warsaw. No other nation apparently thought such was necessary. Interesting. Perhaps Central Europeans need Home Land Security (like Washington’s induced system of spying on Americans). Certainly, becuz of Hezbollah and Al Qaeda, habeas corpus types of protection, for citizens, requires dismantling.
The anti-terrorist test paralyzed the entire district, stopping traffic -completely! As in Boston recently, folks were unable to reach work, visit friends… There was a halt in the life of countless thousands. It was a snapshot of the New World for Peace.
The exercise to protect the Israelis involved the police department, fire department, city officials… Watch the short film, think of the recent prior Boston shut down.  Let us not forget the recent meeting of the Big 5 (Actually 6, of the US, China, Rosja, England, France and Germany). The special gathering was to discuss the danger that Iran presents to America and Europe. Anti-Semitism was mentioned (how a past 1930- 1940s Berlin regime attempted to infer that Zyds had great global economic influence). It’s so reasonable why Tel Aviv and the world should fear Iran. What if they got the bomb? Would Syria, Egypt and other neighbors feel they also had the right to such anti-human destructive weapons? Click on the video. Send to others. Understand the need to protect the world. Kinda reminds one of a close friend. HB’s dad was a 17 kid, still wet behind the ears during WWII and served as a guard in a labour camp. Decades later, after he peacefully laboured and raised his American family, it was realized what a danger he was to society. His side of the story was deemed unnecessary and (thus) he was deported. Had he not been denied continued residence, he could have protested against all our thousands of boys dying to protect us during the WMD Neokonski-Sadam War; he could have tarnished the reputation of Michael Chertoff, Douglas Feith, Richard Perle, Ari Fleischer, Wolfowitz… Watch the short flick and realize the need for destroying every trace of Amdom’s old fashioned Anglo-Saxon laws.

Antyterroryści przy ambasadzie Izraela

Przed ambasadą Izraela przy ul. Krzywickiego pojawili się antyterroryści, straż pożarna, pogotowie i policja. – To tylko ćwiczenia – uspokaja Agnieszka Włodarska ze stołecznej policji.

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