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Liberté, Égalité, Fraternité…  but Hervé Ryssen,
the dissident author, still gets thrown into prison…
Here is a cartoon from Hervé Ryssen’s new blog:


“If you happen to have two dads, then the one
that always takes it up his arse is your mum.
And if you happen to have two mums, then
the one that wears a strap-on is your dad.”

NB. Since ‘gay’ marriage was legalized in Spain a few years ago,
‘gay’ news items practically disappeared from the Spanish TV news.
Homo sex was as common as stones in Greece and the Roman Empire
of the later centuries – and it wasn’t sodomy that destroyed Rome.
It never destroyed the British Navy, either.  (USS Iowa not so lucky
perhaps.)  All of that ‘LGBT’ in the States is run by the Jews – because
the Jew parasites are experts at latching on to any kind of social strife –
and sucking blood of both minorities and majorities.  Perhaps it might
be a valid tactics to deny them any such opportunities…
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