CounterBias: The Jew paw-prints all over JFK assassination

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The Jew paw-prints all over JFK assassination

“The murder of American president John F. Kennedy
brought to an abrupt end the massive pressure being
applied by the U.S. administration on the government
of Israel to discontinue their nuclear program…
Kennedy made it quite clear to the Israeli Prime
Minister that he would not under any circumstances
agree to Israel becoming a nuclear state…
Had Kennedy remained alive, it is doubtful whether
Israel would today have a nuclear option.”
— Jew Reuven Pedatzer on Israel And The Bomb
by Jew Avner Cohen, Jew Ha’aretz, 5 Feb, 1999
1) Having sought to ban the Jew A-Bomb, JFK appeared
to have posed a direct threat to the Jew/Rothschild
‘sovereignty’ over the Jew-hijacked land of Palestine.
2) JFK’s Executive Order 11110 authorizing sale of
silver certificates may well have been regarded by the
Jew Rothschild banksters as a thin edge of the wedge
from which the ‘goy’ President could proceed towards
printing of Jew-debt-free greenbacks – just like Pres.
Lincoln did a century earlier, putting the Rothschild’s
big-time Shylock business out of business during
the Civil War – and which, of course, directly led to
his assassination by a putative ‘Southern renegade’…
3) The crypto-Jew LBJ, who obtained his VP position
by brazen blackmail, in fact, obtained a purchase on
on the President’s own Office.   JFK, being a decent
Christian, which he was, was practically blind to the
deadly treachery of this exhibitionist Zio-vulture, who
was looking forward to stabbing him in the back from
day one – just as, on the eighth of June, 1967, he was
looking forward to all Americans aboard the USS Liberty
being murdered by his fellow Jew blood-suckers.
4) The closet queer (crypto-Jew?) J Edgar Hoover, who
wasn’t, in fact, as much of an enemy either to the KGB
or to Cosa Nostra as he would have you believe – both
knew what he was – was certainly no friend of JFK’s, as
the President, unwisely, let it slip out that the FBI was
run by the same Director for a few decades too many…
Evil tongues say that J Edgar Hoover himself spread
the rumour that he was a part-Negro in order to explain
away his not-so-European looks, which, as it happens,
very well dovetail with the theory of Neanderthal origins
of the Khazars [unfortunately confused with Semites]. >>
5) The Jew Meyer Lansky, who, holding the purse-strings,
was the financial overlord of the ‘Italian’ Mafia, had his
numerous rackets jeopardized by JFK’s Attorney General
RFK – and had both ample means and ample motive to
make sure that his criminal enterprise remained “bigger
than U.S. Steel” – and rendered a ‘valueless service’ to his
‘Eretz Yisroel’ at the same time – which was reciprocated,
when he was allowed a two-year stay in I$raHell, while
on the run from the U.S. over tax evasion charges.
6) The Jew brothel-keeper Jack Ruby(nstein), in effect,
perpetrated a crime very similar to suicide-bombing
when he murdered Lee Harvey Oswald in order to shut
him up forever – and ‘legitimize’ the official conspiracy
theory of a ‘confused individual’-cum-‘single assassin’…
Only the tribal animals are capable of a suicide-bombing.
And, of course, it was the Jew Lansky who was in a very
good position to approach the Jew Ruby(nstein) – even
if not in person – and make him the worst possible offer
he couldn’t refuse – death in Texas or life in Texas.
7) Even the Jew Zapruder may or may not have been in
Elm Street/Dealey Plaza in the Jew town of Dallas entirely
by accident.  Back in 1963, most of the would-be ‘dancing
Israelis’ were yet to learn fluent English – and, at the time,
their kid-glove treatment by the U.S. authorities was yet
to be taken for granted.  And a very unobtrusive ‘dancing
Israeli’ is exactly what the Jew Zapruder may well have
been – filming the assassination for the ultimate delectation
of his Jew Mossad pimps.   In 1999, the Zapruder family
‘negotiated’ with the U.S. government a payment of $16
million for their 26.6 second film – copies of which the
government had since 1963.  Quite a deal for the spawn of
Abe Zapruder, a criminal suspect, who may well have been
an accessory before the fact in the assassination of JFK.

By piotrbein