Roy Tov: preparations for invasion of Gaza + Netanyahu's corruption + relations with US worsen + annexation pace increased + political assasinations

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Tortured by the Terrorist Evo Morales Regime


After Lakkis Assassination Israel Threatens Sheikh Nasrallah
“…This simple trick allows Hebrew media to publish additional details known to the perpetrators without acknowledging responsibility…”
Israel Increases Annexation Pace
“For the second time in a few days, Israel’s Available Government Policy hit back at Israel. This time…”
Peace Index: 50% Reject USA as Israel Ally
“Tomorrow, December 3, 2013, The Israel Democracy Institute (IDI) will publish its monthly Peace Index; this time, its shocking headlines were reported ahead of the event…”
Israel Admits Netanyhau’s Corruption
“…Whenever the government tries to keep secret embarrassing expenses, it is sued and forced by the court to disclose the details. On December 1, 2013, Netanyahu was hit again by such an event…Stalin and Churchill, Hitler and Roosevelt are dead. WWII is over. Playing “what if” with it leads nowhere. Yet, can we stop WWIII?…”
IDF Exercises Conquest of Gaza City
“…Entering downtown with an entire battalion is asking for troubles. Unless of course, you are exercising the conquest of the city. That is what Battalion 82 of the IDF Armored Brigade 7 did in Ashkelon while simulating the conquest of Gaza City in the last week of November 2013. This event is one of the first visible results of …”

By piotrbein