Judeo-banksters' Germany supports anti-Russian alliance and neo-Nazis in Ukraine

Newsletter 2013/12/03 – A Broad-Based Anti-Russian Alliance

KIEV/LVIV/BERLIN (Own report) – The German government is encouraging
the protest demonstrations being staged in the Ukraine by the
“pro-European” alliance of conservative and ultra-rightwing parties.
The “pro-Europe rallies” in Kiev and other cities of the country are
transmitting “a very clear message”, according to a government
spokesperson in Berlin: “Hopefully” the Ukrainian president “will heed
this message,” meaning sign the EU’s Association Agreement, which Kiev
had refused to do last week, in spite of massive German pressure. To
gain influence in the country, Germany has for years been supporting
the “pro-European” alliance in the Ukraine. The alliance includes not
only conservative parties, but also forces from the extreme right –
because of their strength, particularly in western Ukraine, where a
cult around former Nazi collaborators is manifesting itself. The
All-Ukrainian Union “Svoboda” party is particularly embedded in the
national-chauvinist milieu, under the influence of this cult. Over the
past few days, the party’s leader has called for a “revolution” in

By piotrbein