New List: Nazi Genocide of Poles

PB: Let me add — Zio-Nazi genocide of Poles…
Antisemitism was fomented by the Zios for the J-banksters to drive European Jews to Palestine, initially; later morphed into moral justification for Shoah.
But concurrent anti-Polonism and anti-Slavism, fomented among useful idiot krauts, whom John Kaminski, Andrew Winkler (admin of The Rebel) and Ulicki-Rek (blog PolskaWalczaca) admire today, eyed annihilation of Poles, Russians, Serbs… in Holocaustian Drang nach Osten that continues today on behalf of the J-cabal in Ukraine:

From: Peczkis, Jan
Date: Tue, Dec 10, 2013 at 9:08 AM
Subject: New List: Nazi Genocide of Poles
Here is my new Listmania, consisting of books I had reviewed in just the last few months,  on the Nazi German genocide of Poles. (It is a sequel to my earlier list, FORGOTTEN HOLOCAUST).
Jan Peczkis
Chicago, USA

By piotrbein