Breaking News: Merck replacing insomnia meds inspired by NARCOLEPTIC dogs

Breaking News- THE NEWYORKER 12/13: Merck-Replacing Insomnia meds (ambien) inspired by NARCOLEPTIC dogs

EXCERPTS: Insomnia drugs like Ambien are notorious for their side effects. Has Merck created a blockbuster replacement?Excerpt: The Merck team was frustrated. The F.D.A. had just shown them the draft of a presentation, titled “Suvorexant Safety,” that would be delivered by Ronald Farkas, an F.D.A. neuroscientist who had reviewed thousands of pages of Merck data. In a relentless PowerPoint sequence, Farkas made suvorexant sound disquieting, almost gothic. He noted SUICIDAL thoughts among trial participants, and the risk of next-day sleepiness. He quoted from Merck’s patient notes: “Shortly after sleep onset, the patient had a dream that something dark approached her. The patient woke up several times and felt unable to move her arms and legs and unable to speak. Several hours later, she found herself standing at the window without knowing how she got there.” A woman of sixty-eight lay down to sleep “and had a feeling as if shocked, then felt paralyzed and heard vivid sounds of people coming up the stairs, with a sense of violent intent.” A middle-aged man had a “feeling of shadow falling over his body, hunted by enemies, hearing extremely loud screams.”
VLA comment:  Well this should add to the homicides and suicides of the 10% of Caucasians that are non-metabolizers of 70% of the current drugs.  Currently, these non-metabolizer (perhaps such as Jerod Loughner, James Holmes, Columbine shooters, etc.)committing heinous homicides within the same tone of the above excerpt.  See: Dr. Yolande Lucire’s recently published study on the particularly dark and heinous crimes committed by those who do not have the ability to metabolize current drugs that need Cytochrome P450 2D6 and 3A4 to prevent accumulation in the body and psychotic episodes. Link Furthermore, it is standard of care to give a sleeping pill to the psyche ward patients concomitant to drugs like Haldol, Respiridal, Zyprexia.  This new cocktail will certainly bring satanic ideations to the fore.

By piotrbein