Roy Tov: Mossad says Netanyahu Blocks Peace with Iran + other israelica

Hitting IDF Lt. Col. Gets Plea Bargain
“…On December 12, 2013, the Martial Court trying him announced that a plea bargain was accepted, and the verdict … “I broke my hand in that incident,” he added. Please, Mr. Eisner stop. Look at the video and explain how did you break your hand at the incident. You didn’t even blink while committing the crime. You continue moving oblivious to your allegedly broken arm. It is a lie….”
Morocco’s King Muezzin Sings in Israeli Synagogue
“… the odd announcement on December 10, that the King’s Muezzin will visit Israel and sing in a synagogue. The news were accompanied by a chilling warning from an Israeli…”
Israeli Newspaper: Israel is the Evil-Kingdom
“…He blamed the Holocaust on the Jews arguing… and Russians and Ethiopians are assessed as non-Jewish…”
Red-Dead is Running
“Following the approval by the World Bank last January, today, December 9, 2013, Israel, Jordan, and the Palestinian Authority will sign at the headquarters of the World Bank in Washington, an agreement allowing the Red-Dead Project …”
Mossad: Bibi Blocks Peace with Iran
“…Alas, Mossad is more than an assassins’ club. Beyond the coffee, cookies, and 9mm hollow point bullets, they are…”
Israeli Pentagon Bunkers Up
“…The best among them can barely wink while chewing gum. Major Shlomi changed that bringing soldiers trained to level Gunner-5…”
The Yes is dead, long live the No!
“The scene was macabre; this is rare for a comedian’s memorial…”
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Tortured by the Terrorist Evo Morales Regime
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