Global NATO interventionism may lead to global confrontation

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Global NATO interventionism may lead to global confrontation



The problem of the status of Serbian province Kosovo and Metohija remains unresolved regardless on the Brussels so called negotiations.  Peaceful and lasting solution will be possible providing full respect and implementation of UN SC Resolution 1244 and Serbia’s Constitution, both doccumets guaranteeing sovereignty and territorial integrity of Serbia. The role of UN SC in securing the just and lasting solution cannot be replaced by the role of any regional organization be it EU, NATO, or any other. United Nations is the only legitimated international community, while the rest are self proclaimed.
These are some of the points of introductory address of Živadin Jovanović, president of the Belgrade Forum for a World of Equals, at the association’s annual Assembly held December 14th, 2013, in Belgrade.
Jovanovic also pointed out that if NATO aggression on Serbia (FRY) 1999. was a turning point toward globalization of military interventionism, then recent developments over Syria, Iran and Ukraine illustrate, each one in own way, a turning point toward multipolarisation of world order. Multipolarity is important because it abolishes monopoly of one power and opens a space for respect of International Law, basic principles of International relations and for democratization of international relations. Underlining the significance of multipolarisation should not lead us to believe that the new positive trend is automatically guaranteed. It is imperative need that all peace-loving forces intensify mutual cooperation and coordination in their struggle for the rule of law, respect of sovereign equality of states and for democratization of the world relations.
He further said that the world crisis has hit directly and primarily the most developed, privileged countries, then the rest. Those who are faced with a danger to lose their privileges will not easily give up. As we see, they are trying to transfer the burden of the crises which they caused themselves to the rest of the world, especially to the countries which may be weak militarily but which are rich in energy and strategic minerals, or they belong to important geostrategic regions. NATO is still fist of the privileged once, of multinational corporative capital.
The world today is much different from the period of nineties of the last century. China, Russia, India, the whole of South America, many other countries and regions of the world, have been growing much faster than the West, economically and in many other aspects, including in defense. It is clear that these countries, some of which have become unavoidable global players, do not accept dictatorship in world relations, blatant in interference in internal affairs and military interventionism.
Therefore, the strategy to use military power, to globalize military interventionism in order to control and subjugate the rest of the world, to maintain the privileges, is more and more clearly confronted with resistance. The world is at the point to, either, find peaceful way of stopping imperial military interventionism on behalf of corporate financial and military industrial capital, or to be faced with global confrontation – said Jovanovic.
The annual Assembly of Belgrade Forum was attended, by members and friends, among whom have been executive secretary of World Peace Council, Iraklis Tsavdaridis, Bishop of Serbian Orthodox Church Irinej Bulovic, Iranian ambassador Majid Fahir Pour, high ranking diplomats from several other embassies, representatives of a number of civic associations, including student unions from Belgrade and Banja Luka Universities, Serbian associations of the province of Kosovo and Metohija and the others. No official representatives from government structures were present, although, as usually, they were invited.

President of Belgrade Forum

December 16th 2013

By piotrbein