Russia Confirms Tactical Missile Deployment on NATO Borders

Russia Confirms Tactical Missile Deployment on NATO Borders

Iskander mobile theater missile system

Iskander mobile theater missile system
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17:53 16/12/2013

MOSCOW, December 16 (RIA Novosti) – Russia confirmed Monday that it has deployed tactical ballistic missiles near its borders with NATO but said the move did not violate international agreements.
Bild newspaper in Germany reported over the weekend that Russia had “quietly” moved 10 Iskander-M (SS-26 Stone) missile systems into its Baltic exclave of Kaliningrad and along its border with the Baltic States and NATO members Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.
The deployment marks the realization of threats from Moscow to respond with a firm gesture to NATO plans to place elements of the so-called European missile shield close to Russian borders.
“The deployment of Iskander missile battalions on the territory of the Western Military District does not violate any respective international agreements,” ministry spokesman Maj. Gen. Igor Konashenkov said.
Konashenkov declined to provide details on the number of deployed missiles or their specific locations.
The Iskander-M is a mobile theater missile system equipped with two solid-propellant single-stage 9M723K1 guided missiles with “quasi-ballistic” capability.

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Iskander (SS-26 Stone) tactical missile system. INFOgraphics.

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