BBC Reporting events in Ontario

From: Mark Lech L Jaworski <[email protected]>
Date: December 17, 2013 7:58:44 PM PST (CA)
To: [email protected]
Subject: BBC Reporting events in Ontario
Ms. Milne;
I am a Professional Engineer, member of the AE911Truth,org who performed several translations of videos prepared by our organization’s volunteers to wake up people around the world to the truth, rather than sleep believing in your kind of journalism; which according to the words of Lord Conrad Black I heard in Vancouver BC, was a “slow acting laxative served to the audiences by mass media in America and GB”. You might have forgotten that BBC committed terrible act of disinformation, broadcasting news live during 9/11 demolition and reporting an event half an hour before it actually happened! That made BBC to appear as an accessory  to this act of genocide. What gives? Try to explain your ugly deed to the world. Your BBC’s articles on the ReThink911 ad campaign in Ottawa is a journalistic disgrace. The number of false claims and one-sided maneuvers is simply astounding.
Most disturbing is how the article falsely labeled Jonathan Kay and Popular Mechanics “experts,” while neglecting to quote a single one of the 2,100 engineering and architecture experts who are so critical of the official account that they are demanding a new World Trade Center investigation. In addition, the article provides links to every source it references that supports the official account of 9/11, but not a single link to a source critiquing the official account and they are very numerous.
With regard to the poll commissioned by ReThink911 and conducted by the polling firm YouGov, the article falsely, groundlessly calls it “unscientific,” and then conveniently neglects to embed or link to the 30-second video shown to the poll respondents. It seems rather obvious the video would be of interest to your readers.
The article disrespectfully caricatures 9/11 activists by likening the group in Hamilton, Ontario to terrorists belonging to a “cell,” and the article does not mention even once the name of the ad campaign – or its website
If your goal was to mislead the public about the very serious pursuit of truth regarding the events of 9/11, congratulations, I would say you succeeded admirably – except I think most people can see through this atrocious, unabashedly one-sided “reporting.”
If you care at all about restoring the BBC’s journalistic integrity, I would suggest you make up for this horrible disservice to the public with an article that gives equal and unbiased attention to the more than 2,100 architects and engineers calling for a new investigation into the destruction of Building 7. I understand that you are trying to protect your bosses who made serious error years ago and do not know how to get out from that deep and ugly black hole.
Mark Lech Jaworski
[email protected]

By piotrbein