Roy Tov: Christmas Tree at the Knesset + other israelica

NSA Attacks US, the People
“…The naive judge failed to understand that he was watching an attack weapon, not a defensive one. The government will never be able to answer the request, unless it stages a false flag attack…”
Christmas Tree at the Knesset
“Apocalypse is here and now. I could find no better explanation to …”
Bogus Bolivian Escape of American Haredi
“… Bolivian headlines were unbelievable. Ostreicher had escaped via Peru. Let me put that in American context. It is like if a Californian living in San Diego escaped the USA via Canada. …”
Israel Condemns American Academic Boycott
“…A secondary and obviously innocent organization of American professors proclaimed an academic boycott against Israel, while inviting Israel to talks. Dear professors, Israel will analyze that as…”
Snow Storm Creates Tomato Crisis
“Can you differentiate between Israeli and Palestinian salads? It is easier than expected. Palestinians favor lettuce, Israelis cucumbers.”
IDF Reshapes Reserve Army
…Fitting the logic of somebody saying “glorious retreat battles,” the committee recommended …
During Mandela’s Burial Israel Refused Black Lawmaker Blood Donation
…”Wait,” I repeated after Israeli Prime Minister announced that he won’t participate at the memorial ceremony attended by many leaders. Israel being Israel, I had no doubt that it was about to commit an even more monumental gaffe…


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Tortured by the Terrorist Evo Morales Regime
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Roi Tov

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