TV the day before Christmas/The USSR: In case you didn't know…

It is the day before Christmas.
We were just watching TV (Channel 8). Two items were the major messages directed to millions. The info pertained to the majority-
They showed a Military couple. Out of the thousands here, they showed a small W gal hugging her huge B husband.
Then, low and behold, there was extensive coverage of Pussy Riot girls. These are the anti-Christian activists that used anti-Christian behavior within a Christian Church and have been mocking majority values. The tube made them out to be wonderful…
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Subject: The USSR: In case you didn’t know…
Date: December 24, 2013 6:13:23 AM EST
In the Workers’ Paradise people could be arrested becuz ‘Big’ Brother deemed they were terrorists, a danger, or whatever… Thank God our country is not becoming like the old Soviet Union.
Be thankful you have real representation in Congress.
Support multicultural enrichments.
Have your wife work, when she has a small baby.
If you are low on funds, it’s okay if she kills your unborn child.
Send your kids that survive to State run schools.
Watch and buy monopolio Cable TV.
Purchase mainstream newspapers.
And, above all give to the Party of your choice.
When you’re at church and you hear folks are unhappy…
realize they must not be following the news, are not progressive.
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Subject: In case you didn’t know about NDAA…
Date: December 24, 2013 1:33:08 AM EST

By piotrbein