Roy Tov's articles for Christmas and New Year

Eritrean Pub, Muslim Synagogue and Netanyahu’s Racism
“… While speaking to Christian Israelis, he said … With the forceful will of a former commando, he mercilessly cut the awful error and added  …  ”
Israel Replaces Names of Africans with Nazi-style Numbers
“…  on the day after Christmas 2013, when two storm fronts unexpectedly met and created a Zionist horror show of racism. …  ”
Anti-Africans Protest Hits Israeli Supreme Court
“…These texts were not said by the wives of Goebbels and Hitler complaining about their kosher-eating neighbors, but by Jewish denizens of Tel Aviv at the Supreme Court …  ”
Knesset: Netanyahu Responsible for Temple Mount Destruction
“On December 24, 2013, the Interior Committee of the Knesset held a meeting on the ongoing destruction of …  ”
Jewry 2014 Quo Vadis?
“…Many settlers are American Jews. Once in Israel, they adopt handwoven skullcaps and go to the West Bank. This is mainly because they are culturally incompatible with Israelis and prefer to create American ghettos in Palestinian areas…  he hit ‘American Jews are only partial Jews while Israeli Jews…  ”
Beyond Top Secret: Israel Thwarts NSA
“…On December 22, Israeli Intelligence hit back at the spies with…  ”
Bedouin Expulsion Law is Well and Drinking Tea
“…This must be a fake, a Palestinian vicious lie. The Zionists cancelled the Prawer Law on
December 13. There couldn’t be a protest against it on Dec. 19! I read that everywhere,…”
Christmas Tree at the Knesset
“Apocalypse is here and now. I could find no better explanation to …”
Bogus Bolivian Escape of American Haredi
“… Bolivian headlines were unbelievable. Ostreicher had escaped via Peru. Let me put that in American context. It is like if a Californian living in San Diego escaped the USA via Canada. …”
Snow Storm Creates Tomato Crisis
“Can you differentiate between Israeli and Palestinian salads? It is easier than expected. Palestinians favor lettuce, Israelis cucumbers.”


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