ALLEGED Polish antisemitism proves REAL Jewish supremacism

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ALLEGED Polish antisemitism proves REAL Jewish supremacism

Piotr Bein 31.12.2013
On Dr. Danusha Goska’s blog against bigotry and supremacism, Judeocentrics pontificate goys on alleged racism and antisemitism.

Anonymous January 23, 2012 at 6:42 PM

Danusha Goska: You should know that Jan Peczkis is a regular contributor to a virulently anti-Semitic site. Polish readers can learn more by checking out the following link:

This person does not belong in a forum whose members aim to combat racism. Read his blog to find out why.


Anonymous January 28, 2012 at 10:52 AM

I’m shocked! Victor Lapides

[Previous comment is someone elses’ – PB]


Joy Zamoyski Koch February 2, 2012 at 3:48 PM

The link takes me to Amazon where Jan Peczkis has reviewed hundreds of books. Nothing nefarious. Shame on you Mr. Lapides!


Anonymous February 2, 2012 at 10:11 PM

[posting as anonymous, because I don’t know how to pick a profile to post – Victor Lapides

Joy, the link starting “grypa666” and posted by anonymous above is in Polish, which of course I can’t read, but I can easily make out loads of references to Jews, antisemitism, Zionism, and a picture ridiculing Elie Wiesel, and another picture overlapping a Jewish star with I think the Russian eagle symbol. And Peczkis’s name can be seen on the site, though I don’t know in what context. (The first time I tried to get on it was unsuccessful and somehow I did see that Amazon thing you’re talking about, but trying again got me onto the Polish language site. Anyway, I read his posts here and he leaves little to the imagination. Check it out and tell me I’m wrong. Victor


Anonymous February 3, 2012 at 7:30 PM

Again, I urge Polish readers to click on the link I mentioned above (grypa666) for more information on Jan Peczkis. He, of course, claims to have nothing to do with this vile site, claiming that he only sent out a mass email (which makes you wonder about the company he keeps). Let’s hear him explain why his name prominently appears in the site’s category list.

Readers of this blog should also check out the following blog:

This blog entry, authored by one Piotr Bein (a crackpot basement dweller who blames Zionists for the Holocaust and advocates the crackpot theories of David Duke and other such luminaries), introduces Jan Peczkis as (check the link, it’s all there) follows:

“Just to refresh with whom we are dealing again, here are several reviews by our American-Polish reviewer on”

Our reviewer? Care to comment, Jan Peczkis?

For shame.



[Admin] Danusha Goska February 3, 2012 at 7:48 PM

no one should be blacklisted. we should talk to each other, and take on each other’s ideas with words.

blacklisting is a disgusting tactic of the world’s robespierres and mccarthys and hitlers and stalins.

stop recommending it here. understand?

a second point. just because someone is quoted by antisemites does not mean someone is antisemitic. antisemitic sites quote the adl, the nyt, etc

if anyone here wants to make a concrete, specific and civil objection to anything anyone else here has posted, please do so. please stop posting innuendo and snide insults.

[Posted 30.12.2013, still in moderation]
Against your own rules, Dr. Goska, you admit defamatory drivel on the forum, obviously by a Judeocentric, anti-Polonic fanatic. Isn’t your mission to temper them?
As to “just because someone is quoted by antisemites does not mean someone is antisemitic. antisemitic sites quote the adl, the nyt, etc”:
1. So you confirm I am an antisemite?
2. Antisemitic sites? Do you mean anti-Zionist, anti-Judeocentric sites? Of course they refer to the Judeocentric socio-engineering machinery, how else? You aren’t aware of anti-Polonism of the Judeocentric-dominated media (i.e. most of the media)? You don’t know of ADL’s true nature? Then search for ”ADL” on and also google ”defamation movie”, or read this. Aren’t you conditioned to temper your language in a politically correct manner, or else you lose your job?
Unless you wish to join the ranks of bigots, I request Molly’s comment deleted with a note that it did not carry a shred of evidence nor substance, being a Judeocentric knee-jerk reaction.
As to “our Jan Peczkis”, like all good tribes 🙂 we Poles call “our” those persons who support Polish National Interest. When we use the same word in quotation marks, it means the opposite, so we would write ” “our” Molly, “our” Victor ” — ain’t that cute?
Foreigners walking into our stuff in muddy rubber boots are terrible, aren’t they 🙂
Piotr Bein,
[Posted to BieganskiBlog Dec 31, 2013, still in moderation]
You defamed me. Canadian defamation law, beside the British, belongs to world’s toughest, in case you, Judeocentric Ivory Tower Princess of Ignorance, don’t know.
Do you deny Judeomasons are at the helm of NWO ”transformations”? Bnai Brith are exclusively-Jewish Masonic lodge; all the other ones are mixed, but BB exclusively directs them.
Do you deny that crypto-Jewish masonic „Muslim” Donmeh and their ”Catholic” counterpart Frankists control politics and geostrategy since Frank’s subversion of European ruling systems?
Do you deny Rothchild’s Weisshaupt infiltrated and started corruption of the global Freemason org to bankster NWO plan?
Do you deny the Judeo-banksters tremendously progressed in enslaving nations and are driving them into NWO?
Do you deny that Polonophobe, crypto-Jew, Poland’s president Kaczyński (Kalkstein) has welcomed the outlawed Bnai Brith to Poland, where they play a key role in subverting Polish politics and institutions, incl. the Church and Her bishops? Give me your ref’s to refute, since you’ve failed to refute mine and Peczkis’.
I don’t blame Zios for murder of their tribesmen Jews – esteemed Rabbis do, Neturei Karta does, JewsAgainstZionism do, JewsNot Zionists do… I understand you are too scared to research your ”nation” history, unloading onto the victims your subconscious guilt for Jewish crimes against humanity and for Zio-Nazi, Judeo-Bolshevik, -Soviet and -Communist genocide on Poles and other non-Jewish nations, in far greater numbers and far more damaged than Jews…
Unlike you, Hasbara’s Useful Imbecile, Dr. Duke doesn’t peddle any crackpot theses nor hates anybody, you Crackpot Chaperone… Show me one proof! But like the rest of us, Duke hates Judeocentric crimes, lies and chutzpahs, for example here recently. Which part of the presentation you disagree with, why and what are your refs?
I thought your ”nation” self-boasted of a high IQ… LOL
Why on Grypa666 do I have categories Jan Peczkis, Roman Kafel, Józef Bizoń, Andrzej Szubert, Jane Buergermeister and a few others whom I know better than you do? Because they aren’t Judeocentrically Useful Bigots. Other luminaries on my blogs? I am waiting for substance… unless you like a defamation suite.
Piotr Bein,


I do publish bigoted emails. They illustrate the real world for education. Everyone fearing God must take responsibility for own words (private or public), every thought even the most secret one.
Victor’s email cited in Dr. Goska’s post is a mindless, subjective Judeocentric charge hammered into his brain by his culture. Upon seeing rational arguments by rational Poles, he gradually changes tone. But instead of re-examining his error, he rationalizes his position… by  referring to discredited ADL!
He also cites a “human rights” org. Both types of institutions are Judeocentric social engineering tools, the former echoing Zionist adage we-will-exploit-antisemitism-to-establish-and-maintain-Israel, the latter a product of the Judeocentric, Frankfurt School.
Dr. Goska did the right thing and rightfully requested follow-ups from Victor. Hate-born opinions come from peddling lies, conjectures, anecdotes and rumours like his.
Victor forms his Pole = antisemite opinion from Lanzmann’s fraudulent movie and gossip from Litvaks (Russian Jews driven onto Polish lands by the tsar). Lanzmann and Litvaks have irrationally hated Poles, as Jan Peczkis documents in his reviews.
Then Victor tries a red herring U. S. has a chronology of ethnic hatreds,  as if the gravest problem wasn’t Judeocentric-fomented hatreds of one goyim group towards another (e.g. Christians vs. Muslims in Global War on Terror), pitting one Jewish group against another (e.g. Zionists vs. Neturei Karta). Not Poles should fend Judeocentric propaganda smears, lies and accusations, but the Judeocentrics should be taken to task for spreading hatreds globally. As Jan Peczkis points out, it’s a projection to cover own bigotry, praying on absence of Polish political clout.
Victor feeds his bigotry by reading Judeocentric distortions (Rabbi Polak of Boston, who wrote something about Poland “coming to terms” with its treatment of JewsPolish mistreatment of Jews during and after the war… enmity fostered by the Catholic Church in Europe for centuries).
Talmud specified hatred for Christ and Christians long before Jews subverted Europe’s power structures and social institutions. Jews must also come to terms with their genocidal treason against Poles during WW2. The Zios fomented anti-Slavism parallel with antisemitism in Hitler’s Germany which led to a Holocaust on Slavs earlier and far graver than Shoah – many more millions killed than Jews, ”beheading” the Polish nation of 80% of its elites while the Jewish ”nation” is fine and well, leading the world into NWO. Jews in Poland welcomed both the Zionist-friendly Nazis and the Judeo-Soviet invaders and cooperated with both against Poles while Poles were rescuing non-Zionist Jews from the Zio-Nazis! Jews continued genocide  after WW2 (finishing off Polish patriots by Judeo-communists). S.c. neoliberalism, and NATO/EU membership, gradually recognized by Poles as another treason into J-banksters totalitarian designs, is led by the same kind of Jewish supremacists who led previous, Judeocentric regimes dominating Poles since WW2.
After all this, Victor  expects Poles to welcome every Jew with open arms! Victor isn’t concerned about the total lie, only about correcting alleged Polish villainy as Europe’s worst rather than the world’s biggest.
Then, befitting a blind Judeocentric, he dares to mention Muslim/Arab hatred of Jews, but not the reverse, which has caused the present animosity. Jews, Muslims and Christians lived together in a reasonable harmony for centuries, before Zionism entered Palestine. Similar in former Yugoslavia, until Judeo-neocons and their tribal comrades and lackey Shabbat-goys in ‘allied countries’, and Judeo-media globally, fomented local hatreds of every group against the other.
Bastard Victor believs in gratuitous killing of Jews in Poland after 1946. Is it the Poles’ duty to fix his marbles, and those of millions of his ilk? He can search the web, read and think, can’t he?
Given what Jews have done to Europeans before Zios expanded world-wide, it’s a miracle Jews still exists – largely owing to Polish mercy, generosity and tolerance. But enough is enough. Never will Poles be to Jews how they used to be, no matter how hard Goskas try. Yet, Victor writes: I think you can set aside the issue of a hierarchy of antisemitism in Europe, and just say that that region of the world in general probably takes the honors for hatred of Jews.
He is grateful that his father’s parents left the Ukraine in the 1890’s for America. Otherwise they would be excutioners by Stalinist Jews in the Holodomor (that murdered over a million ethnic Poles, too, in Ukraine)?
Victor is obviously brainwashed in Jewish supremacism, deceived by Talmudic rabbis of terror who have kept Jewry in check (ref. Israel Shahak Jewish history, Jewish Religion) , as much by ‘religious’ tools as the present ‘secular’ toolbox of Zionists: As for antisemitism itself, I believe it’s a variety of envy over a sort of a spiritual and psychic freedom that the Jews retained in the Christian era and has very little to do with greed, money, brains, talent, or even killing Christ. Condemntions and expulsions of Jews all over Europe stemmed exactly from the evil thay Jews have perpetrated on goys, secure in racist, hateful supremacy programmed by the Talmudic rabbis and Judeocentric offspring like Jacob Frank’s.
Victor admits he doesn’t know Polish, yet shares Molly’s derogatory, defamatory opinion about my blogs that calls me names. Neither Molly nor Victor have read my research papers that have been acclaimed by leading genocide scholars, who discern Holocaust on more than 20 groups, from Shoah, and who know Judeocentric genocide by Soviet Judeo-Bolsheviks and –Communists was far greater Jewish crime against humanity than the Holocaust…
That’s prejudice, bias, anti-Polonism documented live, isn’t it, Dr. Goska? A debate on ALLEGED Polish antisemitism turned into yet another proof of REAL Judeocentric anti-Polonism.
Jewish Communists introduced to Poland the Judeo-Stalinist custom of self-critique (samokrytyka), necessary to perfect one’s loyatlty to the party and its ‘proletarian’ cause. Never mind that often this self-incrimination followed torture by Jew-dominated internal security or persuasion by ”friendly” Jew aparatchiks… So, will Victor and Molly write an article Judeocentrics are the Universe’s biggest ever Pole-haters? without double meaning implied in Dr. Goska’s headline? I will see to it that the article is translated into Polish and published as widely as possible in both blogospheres. The subject happens to fit Grypa666 New Year’s post 🙂

By piotrbein