Top Israeli Government Minister Says even Homosexual Jews have “Higher Souls” than Non-Jews

American Congress is Totally Alien to the Interests of the People—Dr. David Duke on Press TV

Pink Floyd Rock Star Exposes Jewish Lobby

Illegal Immigrants in Israel and America: A Tale of Jewish Supremacist Hypocrisy

Tribal Loyalty Trumps as Kerry-Kohn Offers to Secure Pollard’s Release

As America’s Economy Declines, Jewish Lobby Triples “Aid” to Israel

Zionism is “Threat to the Whole World, not Just Iran or Palestine”: Dr. David Duke on Press TV

Exposing the Real Racists: A Review of Dr Duke’s “Jewish Supremacism”

Dr. David Duke Wishes You a White Christmas!

Why People from Roger Waters to Jimmy Carter Sound like Dr. Duke

Allegations against Dr David Duke are “Crazy” Lies Perpetrated by Ultimate Racists

DavidDuke.com Referenced in Inter-Jewish Supremacist Newspaper Spat in New York

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