To Victor Lapides, a Judeocentric Scheiss-Picker of Decent People's Work

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To Victor Lapides, a Judeocentric Scheiss-Picker of Decent People’s Work

Piotr Bein 31.12.2013
I know that to your ilk, I’m antisemite. From a generic definition of a screwed-up chauvinist against everything Jewish, it becane a compliment: someone Judeocentrics hate. And we know whom and what Judeocentrics hate: Christ, Christians, Muslims, Arabs, Iranians, Russians, Poles, Slavs, non-usury finance, political/cultural/economic/biological sovereignty, nation, normal family, unmanipulated religion… most everybody and everything that is not Judeocentric.
You can’t discern Moscow from Warsaw, can’t tell Shoah from Holocaust, nor anti-Semitism, from anti-Zionism and -Judeocentrism… You can’t search the web for a name… You don’t get the Truth about your favourite ADL, not even from your own folks. You approve of the holo-hoaxer Wiesel who in the Zio plot goofs naive goys into guilt over Zio crimes on humanity:

Judeocentrics and Mass Crimes

Revisionism, Role Reversal and Restitutions

You approve of hasbara drivel on people whose work you didn’t bother to research, just like Molly, the author of the following: Piotr Bein (a crackpot basement dweller who blames Zionists for the Holocaust and advocates the crackpot theories of David Duke and other such luminaries),
Where do you dwell, Ivory Tower Prince of Ignorance? I don’t blame Zios for murder of their tribesmen Jews – esteemed Rabbis do, Neturei Karta does, JewsAgainstZionism do, JewsNot Zionists do… I understand you and Molly are too scared to research your ”nation” history, unloading onto the victims your subconscious guilt for Jewish crimes against humanity and for Judeo-Bolshevik and -Soviet and Zio-Nazi and Judeo-Communist genocide on Poles and other non-Jews, far greater in numbers and far more damaged nations than Jews…
Unlike you, Hasbara’s Useful Imbecile, Dr. Duke doesn’t peddle any crackpot theses nor hates anybody, you Crackpot Chaperone… Show me one proof! But like the rest of us, Duke hates Judeocentric crimes, lies and chutzpahs. Tell me, Know-It-All, why should I believe a Judeo-skewed Shoah movie, but not the Jewish sources cited in Defamation movie or Dr. Duke’s high-quality, meticulously researched and documented educational material? I thought your ”nation” self-boasted of a high IQ… LOL
Other luminaries on my blogs? I am waiting for substantiation… unless you prefer a defamation suite.
Yet,  you dare comment on a subject you have no business in. Your ancestors were not given a life-chance by Poles or rescued by them, were not killed in any”Polish” ”pogroms” of Jews, were obviously not loyal-to-Poland Jews, as these stayed in Poland and’or were exterminated by the Na-Zios…
You have not even lived among Poles, but to compensate for your lamentable acumen, you recite anegdotes, gossip, vile hasbara… Whom do you, Grossian Apprentice, think you are to teach their own history to Poles, for centuries a major victim of Judeocentrism! At least wretch JT Gross lived among Poles…
With Admin’s approval you support, and add to, defamation of my good name and put-down of my esteemed blogs. Is this a tribal Pavlovian relex among Jews circumcised upstairs?! Or a job to do for Foxman?
You welter in hateful anti-Polonism based on Zio-fraud, yet pontificate Poles. If Poles are/were the world’s worst antisemites, how come Jews still call Poland safe heaven “Polin”? Jews found in Poland the safest ever place, which allowed them to multiply and fluorish, while being evicted from most everywhere else in Europe! If it was not for Poles, Jews would be near extinction now (and there would be fewer Useful Judeocentric Imbeciles like you).
We Poles did not hate and exterminate the Jews, their Zionist psychos did — read Rabbis Wiessmandel and Shonfeld, surf websites of Neturei Karta, JewsAgainstZionism, JewsNotZionists… What’s wrong with you that you don’t — are you crypto-antisemite, afraid to be called ”self-hater”, you Pole-basher?
If Poles are/were the worst antisemites, how come they are the most numerous Righteous Among the Nations at Yad Vashem? And only a fraction of Polish rescuers of Jews bothered to submit their name. To hide and rescue each Jew took hundreds of Poles under occupation aimed at exterminating my nation. So mulitply the numbers of Polish “antisemites” accordingly, you ADL-Programmed Robot.
Do you know how many Poles gave their life (and the lives of their family, often the whole village) for hiding Jews from the Zio-Nazis? Only Serbs faced similar penalty. The other “righteous nations” to rescue a Jew needed as little as arranging a ship, completely safe from any Zio-SS and Zio-Gestapo who had a ball in occupied Western Poland, just like their kin, the Judeo-Soviets, had in occupied Eastern Poland long before the first transport of Jews to death.
Why on Grypa666 do I have categories Jan Peczkis, Roman Kafel, Józef Bizoń, Andrzej Szubert, Jane Buergermeister and a few others whom I know better than you (and Molly) do? Because they don’t consider displaying anything Judaic or Jewish is antisemitism. Then what about this pic? Victor, why not join a swarm of neo-NaZios calling me dreckige Judensau for this pic.
Polish Eagle (not Russian!), hung on the Star of David, is not any Polish idea, but a provocative creation by Zionist Jews in Poland. Certainly we will not be hanged by the scum of humanity, the Zios, Judeo-bolsheviks and Judeo-communists, who collectively have murdered their own tribesmen in WW2, annihilated many more millions of Russians, Poles and Serbs, and now try to break their previous records in the J-formented and -implemented GWOT.

By piotrbein