4 israelica + 2 USraelica from Roy Tov

Kerry Chronicles: Israel Evicts Canaan 10 and Leaks Palestinian Secret Document
“For the tenth time since Netanyahu’s new government was formed in March, US Secretary of State is landing in Canaan …”
New Year, New History. Israel: “Warsaw Ghetto a Myth”
‘Eli Gat’s article is extremely important. Imagine Hitler’s nephew writing it. “He is an anti-Semite,” Zionists would say and add, “He wrote it to cleanse his uncle’s reputation…”‘
Israel Pulls a Rhino Out of a Hat
“In upcoming days, we, settlers of … are expected to become victims of a psychological war conducted by … in an attempt to weaken, demoralize and slander us. However, I didn’t expect…”
New Interchange Bisecting West Bank Approved
“Atomic clocks envy the precision of the Israeli Administration … Israel delays the talks with Palestine while advancing … ”
Israel Discriminates against Jews
“… Steimatzky apparently violated the law by restricting the job to non-Jews. Yet, Steimatzky did that to follow the laws forbidding …  ”
A Peres for a Pollard
“… Many in Israel will then smile and chant a Jewish prayer “Blessed be God for …  ”

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