SUPER-ALERT Tracy Turner: Visit to my Home from OCP (RoboCop)

PB: Please copy articles with images into your files and distribute as wide as you can… It can save Tracy’s life. You can see that the pics are not forged or illegal, unless you are a Judeocentric, a Zionist (incl. Christian Zionists), or a chauvinist Jew.
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From: Tracy Turner
Date: January 5, 2014 5:46:33 PM PST (CA)
Subject: Visit to my Home from OCP (RoboCop)
Los Angeles County Mike Antonovich
Downtown Office
500 West Temple Street, Room 869
Los Angeles, CA 90012
(213) 974-5555
(213) 974-1010 FAX
Mr. Tracy Turner
428 S. Craig
Pasadena, Ca. 91107
Dear Mike Antonovich,
Girl in attached picture stopped Vietnam and photographer won a Pulitzer. Phan Thi Kim Phuc in 1972 (perhaps) could have a tiny measure of Peace.
The Pasadena (City, not! LASD) Cop asserting authoritative domain over the fence at my wife today told me that, “<>”… pictures upset people, then proceeded to try to coerce a flase “terrorist threat” confession. He both told me the photos were 1st amendment protected, as well as tried very hard to coerce me into agreeing to some race-hate-annhilation paradigm that made me want to vomit on his shoes…
In 57 years of this life, this was the single yellowest, most Un-American act I have ever personally witnessed. At that point I said lawyer, he kept asking two more and I said lawyer leave now. On the way to the door he began to try to coerce a lie out of my wife by being coy and flirtatious, I told him she wished a lawyer too, as she did not know law. Three more question inside, three-four outside on porch leaning on our security door.
No name, no card, no partner watching his eggregious behavior.
His probable cause? He could not see this from car, station, home or cellular / pad, he needed hands on my computer. At this last, I did not want to barf on an innocent victim’s shoes and decided an email would be best. I want the killing to stop, always have – but this storm trooper, Waffen SS in my house is merde’.
He wanted all my sources, I told him to go to DHS.
On the probable cause, again… The “complainant” he gave would not have called someone like him, boasting his excessive behavior under color of authority ** outside of his jurisdiction **…
In this day and age, either:
He is legitimate and I trust he gets reprimanded in writing. I dealt with a troubled PPD cop verbally and asked for no written in the man’s file, once. This one gets no pass.
Since I saw no car, only blue and gun, was this Mossad? Google Alex Odeh.
Or: I suppose the vast number of bad shooting with the shooters “cleared of all wrong doing” keeps the GWOT money flowing.
Mike, the letter’s bitter, I am momentarity bitter but will rebound. Please know my bitter has not one scintilla to to do with you. I wished, from 11-16, to be: Priest, Rabbi, Minister or Pastor. From 11 on I studied ecology, science, math and many but not all religions. This PPD wanted to pigeon hole me as a race-hater – pin that on someone open to all relgions as being from one Big God. What the man did in my home was hateful and offensive… the smarmy, faux-charm pressure to trip were sinful.
I’m cc: ing this to Robert, Dr. Bein and my son.
BTW, knowing “he’s” not one of “yours”, you might get a kick out of what he was so upset about, he was the one upset, far more than the fake lie he indicated. Merry Christmas to all, Happy New Year:
From: Seven Deadly Sins of Global Suicide Apocalypse

Mass Global Biocide via Sheer Human Stupidity (Denial Outclasses Largest Nuke)

Suicide/Euthansia By Oil and War     Water, Vegetable Meat Suicide Euthanasia     Suicide/Genocide/Heinious War Crimes by MSM-Racism/Government Incest Complex

Chemo-Acidification-Desertification Suicide Euthanasia     Suicde/Euthanasia by (sic intentional) !!!,000,000% All Natural Gas Fracking Waste
“Social Engineering” (Sexual Humiliation / Psyche Torture) by Suicide/Euthansia – Holocaust/Terror Unhinged Complex     Thermonuclear Sado-Pyro-Sociopath Suicide/Euthansia
Warm wishes to you and family,
Tracy Turner

By piotrbein