Jews are Prominent in Pedophile Bust

Jews are Prominent in Pedophile Bust

January 6, 2014

At least 386 minors were removed from harm’s way, said Inspector Joanna Beaven-Desjardins, left, 
commander of the Toronto police sex crimes unit.
Police deserve credit for taking down
an international pedophile-child porn ring
with links to Jewish organized crime.
Is there something in Jewish culture or religion that results in disproportionate tendency to pedophilia? Is this
tendency contaminating society at large?
By Salman Hossain
For the last three years, Canadian police have done an amazing job in targeting international child porn networks based in Canada, the United States, and other countries.


Project Spade is the name of an international investigation involving the making and selling of videos and images over the internet involving minors (below the age of 18). The police announced Nov. 14 the arrest of almost 350 people and the rescue of over 400 children.The international network of child porn producers and distributors was directed by the International Jewish mob. The key protagonists in this particular case are Markus Roth of Germany and Brian Way of Canada. Brian Way’s mom, Sandra Waslov was also involved in setting up the joint operation with her son running and managing operations. She has been indicted and is currently a fugitive on the run.
How did Way come into the police radar? Well, another fellow Jew by the name of David Eisenlohr, similarly involved in pederasty complained to the US Patent and Trademark office that Brian aka Steve Way was stealing and selling his videos on the Internet.


Other Jewish characters like Markus Roth exploited poor  and vulnerable young boys from villages in Romania under the guise of giving martial arts classes. He coerced/manipulated them into engaging in sexual acts. In August 201o, Mr. Roth was sentenced to three years of prison for taking more than 100 pornographic films of children. Authorities said the films were sold to Canada at $1,000 a piece.
He carried out such activities with former KGB Soviet Ukrainian Jewish spy Igor Rusanov, left, who was arrested in 2011. Rusanov  is said to have had sex with many of the boys. Rusanov is suspected of having links to the Russian-Israeli Mafia. Their company (Azovfilm) client list resulted in many arrests.
Other Jews caught in the sweep include the pederast Dr. Mark Shaffer.  Shaffer was arrested after U.S. Postal Inspectors knocked on the door of his home in Aurora, Ohio, about 40 kilometres southeast of Cleveland, looking for films purchased from the Canadian site.
Also arrested was David Goldberg, who wrote an article entitled “I Pedophile” on The Atlantic suggesting that pedophiles need help instead of prison.  “No one who is a pedophile wants to get caught and have their horrifying secret revealed to the world,” David Goldberg, a respected Montreal community newspaper editor and a popular former minor baseball coach, wrote in an astonishingly frank confession in the American magazine.
“For almost 20 years, I spent virtually every night of my life in the same manner: Sitting in front of my computer . . . trawling the Internet for child pornography,” Goldberg wrote in the August edition of the Atlantic. “Nothing would stop me from continuing this perverse pursuit.”
But something did: His arrest, in June 2012, as part of Project Spade. He insisted that “the majority of pedophiles do not molest but instead spend hours looking at child pornography” and asked: “Will the day ever come when we, as a society, reach out and offer them the help they so desperately need?”
For two decades, Dr. Richard Keller was the medical director at Philips Academy in Andover MA, one of the most prestigious private high schools in the United States, attended by both G.W. Bush and his father.  Keller was also a volunteer at Jewish Big Brothers of Greater Boston.  
He had also been trying, and failing, to control his urge to look at child pornography. Legal documents filed in his case said he had a “long-standing sexual interest in adolescents since the early 1970s.”
As an alleged customer of Azovfilms, Keller was arrested by U.S. Postal Inspectors as part of Project Spade. He was charged with possession and receipt of child pornography.
According to legal documents filed with U.S. District Court in Massachusetts, Keller spent $2,695 on 50 separate titles, bought on 19 different occasions. The affidavit of an investigator describes one of the films he purchased: “we . . . bring you . . . action-packed discs of ooey-gooey slippery goodness.”
During a search of his home, police found 500 images, printed on high-gloss paper, as well as another 60 DVDs of child pornography. As part of the plea agreement, Keller admitted he had a “long-standing sexual interest in adolescents since the early 1970s. Keller admits to viewing child pornography on the Internet, and that he has previously tried to stop, but failed to do so.”
There were also some prominent non-Jews arrested like parish priest Daniel Moreau
In 2010,  B’nai Brith’s regional director Bill Surkis pleaded guilty to one count of possession and accessing of child pornography. In 2012, Ben Levin, former Deputy Min. of Education of Ontario, who designed the Ontario Sex Ed program to cater to pedophiles like himself, was charged with making and distributing child porn.
shaffer.jpg(left. Dr. Mark Shaffer, 80, caught by Project Spade.) There seems to be a strange fascination by some members of the Jewish community – both on an elite and mainstream level with the sexual exploitation of minors – especially boys (but also girls). The Talmud has directives on molesting babies and toddlers. Rabbis  routinely engage in oral suction during circumcision. That can also be classified as a form of sexually deviant behavior with minors that often lead to sexually transmitted infections (STI).
Until recently, law enforcement had been bribed or pressured in the past by the B’nai Brith/ADL to either not prosecute the offenders or give light sentences to them. I strongly suspect that the Mi-6 and Scotland Yard are protecting them while they are still alive as publicizing their names would result in many more individuals with Jewish ancestry being exposed. Perfect examples would be Crypto-Jews (“Catholic Jews”) like Jimmy Savile (who was of Jewish descent). My personal hunch is that Jewish bankers based in the City of London, have an important role to play in propping up, facilitating, operating, covering up, and protecting child porn rings often under the direct supervision of the security establishment.
So far, 108 people in Canada, 76 in the United States and 164 in other countries during the investigation have been arrested and charged. The strange thing is that, nobody from the United Kingdom has faced prosecution as of yet despite the fact that it is a hub of international child prostitution, pederasty, and pedophilia!
Once again, a hat tip to the Canadian police for their efforts in busting the world’s greatest child porn ring. One of the greatest things about mainstream Western culture is its abhorrence for the exploitation of minors. The Canadian police, in conjunction with others, have done a commendable job for once.I hope the last great bastion of child sexual exploitation (the United Kingdom) is also taken down.

Salman Hossain is a vocal critic of ZOG, who had to flee Canada due to police harassment.
Makow comment-  Self criticism is not self-hatred. Jews need to be critical of other Jews who are perverts or they will  be tarred by the same brush. 
First Comment from Dan:
It’s a routine ‘cosmetic’ raid.   Child sex trafficking involves millions of victims.   Taboo-felony sex rings are the stock in trade for grooming politicians that get the big PAC money for promotion straight to the top.   I learned this from somebody who I knew in DC 35 years ago.  For ZOG it’s strictly business – the ultimate blackmail racket.
Your Markus Roth’s or Brian Way’s are small fry.
The closest the whole thing came to being properly exposed was during the 1980’s – MKULTRA, Col. Aquino – charged twice, in TWO different pedophile ring cases (Presidio, and Franklin case in Omaha).
HUNDREDS of victims – testimony dismissed when the Supreme Court ruled a minor’s testimony was inadmissible – PLUS the court acceptance of “False Memory Syndrome” do that no SRA, or MKULTRA victim’s testimony can ever be used in court.
Pedophile charges have thus become an instrument for ruining targeted people, while connected, favoured  perps are untouchable.

Comment by Stephen Coleman:

Pedophilia can be treated and cured,  but meanwhile keep them locked up where they can’t hurt anybody.  The jails and prisons are still in the dark ages as far as helping inmates with mental disorders. In fact most prisons do little or nothing to help and usually make matters worse.
People are still in the dark ages that want to lash out and punish. Punishing may feel good for a day or two, but it can’t cure mental disorders and when they leave prison they still have the problem with more trauma piled on top.  The dangerous mentally ill should not be released from custody until they are healthy, period.
Victims can  be easily helped and get rid of the trauma,  there is no need to continue to suffer for decades.
The laws of requiring professionals and clergy to report abuse to law authorities actually does more harm than good.  Victims don’t want to be dragged through courts and publicly recount their traumas and abusers that want help cannot get help without going to prison or worse.
I have worked with cases where the trauma of courts and police dealing with a child victim was worse than the actual crime.
I have come to the conclusion that the legal system is not about honesty, rehabilitation nor justice. Its just about money.
Stephen Coleman

Comments for “Jews are Prominent in Pedophile Bust “

David said (January 7, 2014):
Only in recent years have I become aware of how pervasive these international pedophile rings are. Exposure of this evil also gives us a window into the kind of people who seek political office and positions of authority in the modern world.
Just finished the first volume of British author Jeffrey Archer’s prison memoirs, which includes the revelations of a fellow inmate who — from the age of 13 — was pimped out to (quote) “judges, schoolmasters, police officers, politicians and other upstanding citizens who are the backbone of our country” (end quote).
Archer notes this inmate’s story is by no means isolated. Prisons in the Western world are filled with casualties like this, systematically abused by prominent people who then use their influence and networking to keep this all hidden. Until now.
If you pick up the book, A Prison Diary, ISBN 978 0312 321 864, start reading from p. 221. You’ll understand the rage Archer felt after he heard “Fletch’s” story and why he was determined to publish it for the world to know.

Tom said (January 7, 2014):
regarding your last article “Jews are Prominent in Pedophile Bust” just watch the new film “Prisoners” (if you haven’t seen it yet) it is full of programming, symbolism, pedophilia, child abduction etc. and it is all blamed on … Christians , portrayed as ignorant, alcoholic narrow minded idiots… but to the rescue comes a mason wearing the evident masonic ring. shown close up from time to time. talk about in your face!
I watch tons of films and the Hollywood Zionist propaganda is crystal clear , but this time I was blown away by this whole charade..I couldn’t believe what I witnessed.
Unfortunately most viewers did not pick up the subliminal messages in this film that from the beginning to the end programmed their subconsciousness
thanks for all the articles

Steven said (January 7, 2014):
Let me guess the pedophiles and homosexuals who happen to be Jewish will receive little or no punishment and the worst they will suffer is public embarrassment.
The gentiles will get the worst of it except for the gay pedophiles who like the Jews are deemed to be like sacred cows in the eyes of the federal and provincial governments.
As for the police one can expect a few of them to suffer for exposing those whom they believe to be criminals and discriminating against members of protected groups. A few lawyers will come out smelling the roses.
As for the victims of the sexual molestation and abuse I think more than a few will be social outcasts no matter what they say or do and of course if they complain about what happened to them they will be condemned by politically correct society as homophobic and anti semitic.
Bottom line: Due to the corruption of public morals the wicked do not really get punished and victims of crime don’t get revenge or satisfaction.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at [email protected]


Jerusalem Post: Traffickers target Israeli girls to replace foreign sex slaves


Fighting the flesh trade

By Marion Marrache
from the Jerusalem Post
8 Tevet 5762 02:09  Sunday December 23, 2001
(December 5) – Although new laws are in the works to stem the
white-slavery trade into Israel, Marion Marrache explains why the
authorities must do more to treat the prostitutes as victims rather
than criminals
“Woman’s flesh for sale, woman’s flesh for sale,” yells a man in front
of the Hamashbir department store in downtown Jerusalem, offering up
to passers-by the young woman standing next to him.
Although trafficking in women is very much a reality in Israel, this
scene was a protest staged two weeks ago by the Jerusalem Women’s
Center as part of the International Day of Protest Against Violence
Against Women.
“Instead of just protesting rape and domestic violence as we do every
other year, we could not ignore the terrible issue of thousands of
women being trafficked annually into this country to be used as
prostitutes,” says Adi Kunstman, coordinator of activities at the
center, adding “Trafficking is modern slavery.”
Local organizations dealing with the issue, such as the Hotline for
Migrant Workers and the Awareness Center, believe that some 3,000
women are smuggled into the country every year for the purpose of
prostitution. The majority of these women are from Moldavia, Russia
and the Ukraine. They are approached in their countries of origin –
where they earn $20 to $30 a month – with the promise of employment
which will bring in a magical monthly $1,000.
According to a report issued by the International Abolitionist
Federation, an estimated one-fourth of these women are unaware that
they will be working in the sex trade, believing instead they will be
employed as waitresses, cooks, au pairs, models or masseuses. None are
prepared for what they eventually encounter. Most suffer beatings and
repeated rape. The women are viewed and bought at pimping auctions –
during which they are forced to undress – at prices ranging from
$4,000 to $10,000.
According to attorney Nomi Levenkron of the Migrant Hotline, those who
fetch the lower prices end up working in the slum area around Tel
Aviv’s old central bus station. Their passports are taken from them,
and they are often kept locked up in apartments with barred windows.
This was the case with the four prostitutes who were trapped and burnt
to death when a religious fanatic torched a Tel Aviv brothel in
August, 2000.
That incident briefly raised public awareness of the issue, and
sparked calls for the authorities to start treating the problem
seriously. But it is only in the past month that two bills that might
alleviate the situation began to make headway in the Knesset.
Last week, a private member’s bill entitling women who were sold into
prostitution to public legal aid, passed its preliminary reading in
the Knesset. Meretz MK Zahava Gal-On, sponsor of the bill and head of
the parliamentary commission of inquiry into trafficking in women,
notes that these women, when arrested, usually find themselves
represented by their pimps’ attorneys, an obvious clash of interests
that goes against the principle of fair representation.
Two weeks ago the Knesset passed, in its preliminary reading, a bill
that mandates a four-year minimum sentence for traders in women.
Currently, there is a 16-year maximum sentence, but no minimum jail
time, and many white slavers end up getting off with relatively light
“Israel has become a convenient center for pimps who trade in women,”
says Gal-On, who also proposed this bill. “It is modern-day slave
trading, and the sentences for the pimps are not harsh enough, as
judges still do not take this matter seriously enough. The courts give
the criminals ridiculous sentences, rendering the current law
meaningless. At the worst, the pimps spend a couple of years in jail,
but they make a fortune. But from now on, criminals will know that you
cannot trade in women and get off lightly.”
AN ILLUMINATED sign reading “Palace Club” flashes outside a seedy
brothel in south Tel Aviv. A group of journalists joining Gal-On’s
committee on a recent fact-finding mission, head down a few flights of
dark stone stairs to the reception area where three young women sit
huddled in a corner waiting for clients. Beside them stands their
portly pimp dabbing the sweat from his forehead with a large silk
There are approximately 250 such brothels in Tel Aviv, an increase of
100 since last year. This is by far the largest number of brothels in
the country; in other parts of the country trafficking exists, but it
is less common and there is far less awareness of the problem. Some of
the women live in brothels, others have a room elsewhere.
If business is good, a shift can last from 10 a.m. to 3 a.m. They are
paid at the end of the month after expenses and “fines” have been
deducted – prostitutes can be fined by their pimps for almost
anything. And this is only once the girls have paid back their
purchase price, during which time they are extraordinarily lucky if
those who are pimping for them give them a daily allowance of NIS 20
for cigarettes.
Often, by the time they have finished buying themselves out of their
slavery, they have been resold and must begin again. These women are
told so often that they are the property of their pimps that they do
not even stop to think whether or not they have to have sex with them
as well. Although clients generally have to use protection, the pimps
usually don’t. Gal-On says one pimp told her his women make NIS 120
for a half-hour, “NIS 100 for me, NIS 20 for them.” Many brothels also
have a kitty into which the girls have to put NIS 30 to 50 per client
in order to cover the brothel’s tax bill (declared income is credited
to “massages”).
These women are often lured into prostitution in their native
countries by misleading job advertisements in the papers. They often
have very young children who they have left behind with their
“Some have artistic careers, others are academics who want to make
some money to pay for their studies,” explains Levenkron. “Those who
have children generally have not been part of the work force yet
because they have married young.”
Many of the women travel from Moscow to Sharm e-Sheikh, and then are
taken to the Israeli border. They are met by there by Beduin guides,
who smuggle them across the border and deliver them to an agent acting
on behalf of procurers.
They are also provided with false documentation, needed for those
times when the police raid brothels, check the womens’ identification
papers and ask to see if they have valid visas. But according to the
prostitutes, they rarely enquire whether they are being held against
their will. In any case, the women admit, they are usually too
frightened to answer truthfully.
Although prostitution itself is not a crime in Israel, such groups as
the Migrant Hotline and the Awareness Center accuse the authorities of
treating the trafficked women as criminals, instead of victims,
interested simply in deporting them – as has been the case with more
than 1,000 such women in the past three years. These organizations
also accuse law enforcement of generally ignoring the crimes of pimps
and traffickers, even though they “buy, sell, rape and torture women,”
because they sometimes cooperate with the police by providing
information about other criminal activities.
There have also been at least a half-dozen cases of sex trafficking
involving policemen as suspects, and one policeman was charged with
managing a brothel. In four cases, policemen informed the pimps of
expected raids on their premises, and in one instance a policeman was
accused of selling a woman to another pimp following her arrest.
One prostitute, Sonya (not her real name), says she went to a police
station and asked to be arrested because she had just ran away from
the brothel where she was held against her will. The policemen turned
her away, and as she left she heard them saying (in Hebrew) they were
going to call her pimp.
ONE OFFICER who does care is Tel Aviv Police Superintendent Pini
Aviram, who heads a special investigative team dealing with the
trafficking issue. But Aviram complains that he does not have anywhere
near the manpower need for the job.
“My team consists of only five Russian speakers,” he says, “We need
people who can speak to the women in their own language, and interview
them adequately.”
This adequate interviewing is actually taking place, but unfortunately
not until the women have already found their way into jail. They are
held, usually at the Neveh Tirza prison but alternatively at Abu
Kabir, Kishon, Negev or others, for weeks and sometimes for months,
awaiting deportation. Levenkron or other volunteers from Migrant
Hotline visit Neveh Tirza every Sunday taking a translator and
additional student volunteers with them. Hotline is the only
non-governmental organization which has been allowed access to the
prisons, and they bring the women phone cards and clothing.
“One women sticks in my mind,” says Levenkron; “She wore one green
satin pyjama for three weeks straight, until we were able to bring her
Now, thanks to Neveh Tirza warden Debi Sagi, Hotline has better and
easier access to the women. “Debi doesn’t think they should be in
prison,” says Levenkron, “but as long as they are she wants to make
life as easy as she can for them.”
In general, the prostitutes are housed separately from the hardened
criminals, but that is not always possible due to space restrictions.
Levenkron worries about this because of the danger of the women being
influenced to take drugs by their cellmates. Eastern European
prostitutes, unlike their Israeli counterparts do not generally take
drugs. In fact, Levenkron has only come across one such case among all
the women she has met and whose interviews she has looked over.
Another difference between foreign and Israeli prostitutes is that the
latter get to keep a larger percentage of the takings. Sadly, says
Levenkron, one girl’s ambition was to “become an Israeli prostitute.”
When asked whether they had tried to run away – and if not why not –
many of the women explain that they are afraid for the safety of their
families back home. Some have tried to escape, and were later caught
and beaten. One women presently housed at a hostel waiting to testify
against her pimp, told the Hotline that a man who had befriended her
was supposed to meet to help her escape but when she arrived at the
prearranged meeting point, her pimp turned up instead. She began to
scream and the police came and took her into custody.
In many cases when a woman is arrested, her pimp will pay an NIS
30,000 bail pending her deportation, so that she can go back to work.
Thus, says Levenkron, “these women, who were raped, trafficked and
exploited before their arrests, were in fact sold once more, this time
by the state itself.”
Police Deputy-Commander Avi Davidovitch, head of an inter-ministerial
team dealing with the trafficking issue established at Attorney
General Elyakim Rubinstein’s recommendation, says that although the
number of trafficked women is growing alarmingly high, few complaints
are filed against pimps, and many women either refuse to complain or
later retract earlier statements they have made to the police out of
fear of reprisals.
Police investigations head Cmdr. Moshe Mizrahi also expresses concern
about how to protect women who decide to testify against their pimps.
If they are simply repatriated, those who imported them will be able
to find them; additionally, many are supporting children in their home
countries whom they fear may be harmed. Mizrahi calls for a “serious
international operation” that would extend to the women’s countries of
For example, in some countries of the Former Soviet Union, a poster
campaign has sprung up and women are able to read on buses and other
public places about the dangers of falling for the offer of a
well-paying job abroad. But, Mizrahi insists, much more still needs to
be done.
At least now, thanks to the Hotline’s intervention, every woman who
does come forward is provided with some assistance at the state’s
expense. This came about after four women filed a petition through the
Hotline requesting the court instruct the police to seriously
investigate their complaints against their procurers. The women stated
they would be ready to testify against the pimps in court, provided
they did not have to spend the intervening months in jail until called
upon to give evidence at the trial. As a result of the petition, the
police questioned the girls, and those who agreed to testify were
provided with a safe place to stay and living expenses until the time
of their testimony.
But Hotline insists that even this aid (said by police to cost NIS
6,000 a month per woman, a sum with which Hotline disagrees) is
inadequate, especially when it comes to medical expenses. Many of the
women come out of the brothels with serious health problems; one
21-year-old former prostitute is now unable to have children because
of untreated gynecological problems. According to Shuki Baleli, Vice
Squad Chief for the Tel Aviv District, they rarely even go to a doctor
unless they are in pain. “If they die, no one will even know who they
are,” he adds.
Even when under police protection, almost every medical incident needs
to be appealed separately by Hotline on behalf of the women. The
humanitarian group Doctors for Human Rights treats these women for
free or for nominal sums in the NIS 30 to 50 range, but serious health
problems sometimes require the women to seek other sources of
So far, despite the provision providing them with a place to stay
outside of prison, only a few dozen of the trafficked women have
agreed to testify against their pimps. What they need, says Levenkron,
“is a reason to come forward and to give evidence against these
She recommends that instead of threatening these women with
deportation, they be given work or student visas for a specified
amount of time in order to make the ordeal worth their while.
“Legalization of their status is the only real option,” she says, an
issue that applies to all foreign workers in this country. “If there
will be further laws written,” adds Levenkron, “they should insure
that these victims get effective legal representation, medical
treatment and a proper place from them to stay.”

By piotrbein

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