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Major General: “IDF Uniform a Shame”
“A German blond Barbie doll can shout “IDF uniform is a Shame” for generations without any effect. … when IDF Major General Barbivai says that, Zion….”
Goy Sharon Killed Twice
“…None of them recognizes former Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon as a Jew. This explains a lot the controversy he still causes in Israel in what probably are the last days of his life…”
Kaffiyeh-Kippah Soccer War
“Should a Jew be allowed to play soccer with a kippah skullcap? Should a Muslim be allowed to play with a kaffiyeh? …On January 5, 2014, an odd ruling on the issue scored a goal.”
Leading Rabbi: “Palestine is a terror organization”
‘To declare the Palestinian Authority a terror organization and cancel the Oslo Agreements,’ said Rabbi …”
Mossad-Chabad Link Implied by Knesset Decision
“On January 6, 2014, the new Conscription Law being prepared took an unexpected turn when a new type of numerus clausus was … Busy in the Jewish Wars, the Knesset didn’t notice that it just had …”
Israeli Rape of Africa Reaps Fruits
“…A Hebrew idiom used to denote something extraordinary is “Even the Elders of Zion do not remember such a …” Today it was used… His taking control of Africa-Israel is linked to his activities, mining of blood-diamonds in Angola and massive…”
Cheesy Netanyahu Defeats Israel
“…Since then, Netanyahu’s government is like a pizza with holes, melted cheese flowing through a crunchy base. Boiling hot, the cheese hit back at the amazed…”
“A Day in a General’s Life” Strikes the IDF
“…According to them, IDF generals spend their days chatting with friends, lunching in exclusive restaurants, taking powerful naps in the office, playing computer games, robbing military equipment, sexually harassing female soldiers, and …”
Most West Bank Settlements are Goats, Core Cities Soar
“..”X houses were approved in Migron Settlement,” “Y houses to be built in Ma’ale Adumim” are typical headlines in the Middle East section of international media. “A goat found in Migron,” “Goat finds tasty pasture in Ma’ale Adumim,” is their meaning. It matters little….”
Settlers Celebrate Sharon’s Death
“… Amid the expected words and events, an image of hatred towards the former prime
Shin Beth: Sharon was about to give the West Bank; Strook: “Sharon Destroyer of Israel”
“… ‘it is impossible not to thank also God, blessed be his name, for having taken Sharon out of our public life before he managed to…’ Member of the Knesset Orit Strook”
Israel: “Kerry Messianic and Obsessive”
“… ‘US security plan is not worth the paper it’s written on. It contains neither peace nor security.’…”
Uganda Bans Israeli Uganda Plan
“The Population and Immigration Authority is breaking records of inhumanity and reality-denial when it consciously sends people to their certain death.”
A Nail in Netanyahu’s Coffin
“…The smoke screen renders invisible Netanyahu’s smoking gun. On January 15, 2014, an affair concerning a foreign bank account of Netanyahu…”
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