This Year's Wars

Newsletter 2014/01/14 – This Year’s Wars

BERLIN (Own report) – The periodical of the German Council on Foreign
Relations (DGAP) has published a survey on this years’ ten possibly
most dangerous conflicts. As author, Louise Arbour, former UN High
Commissioner for Human Rights, writes, her list covers ten countries /
regions of conflict, where a range of factors have led or could lead
to escalation: For example, these include “organized crime,”
“political competition,” “authoritarian rule.” The author does not
mention western interventions as a cause of the desolate situations in
a whole series of countries, even though she lists Libya as one
example of the “top ten” conflicts. Libya was crushed by the 2011 NATO
aggression and has been unable to recover since. Her list, published
by the DGAP, does not mention South Sudan – a product of a
geostrategically motivated western secessionist policy, which, last
December, has erupted into bloody battles. Louise Arbour anticipates
the aggravation of conflicts particularly in Russia’s northern
Caucasus. Severe conflicts in that region could seriously weaken


By piotrbein