How (and why) Mandatory Vaccinations will be implemented

From: “cdsapi”
Date: January 17, 2014 10:47:12 AM PST (CA)
Subject: Mandatory Vaccinations – How (and why) they will be implemented
Cdsapi’s Added Comment: The escalation of government-legalistically-imposed mandatory medication policies – spearheaded with the Mandatory Vaccination Edicts – is part of a much bigger and insidious “totalitarian governance mosaic”.  Unless people understand the Bigger Agenda, the Bigger Picture, many will continue to be persuaded to accept the incessant propaganda that leads to the inevitable criminalization of those who dare to refuse to relinquish their inalienable right to “jurisdiction over one’s own body”.
Gaining legalistic jurisdiction over the bodies of people gives the “dictator mentality” the ultimate strategic vehicle of control.  Being able to usurp jurisdiction that determines what goes into – or does not go into -someone’s body is the ultimate control instrument over health, life and death – turning citizens into ‘subjects’, obliterating self-determination and the ability to protect one’s body from criminal assault.
(Consider as part of this mandated mosaic, the imposition of neurologically disruptive EMF-microwave transmission technologies being inflicted on defenseless citizens for the implementation of the comprehensive, global surveillance “Smart Grid”.)
The Eugenics Movement has been incrementally entrenching and legitimizing – legalistically embedding – these policies for many decades – on many fronts of the regulatory octopus.  They now feel that they have arrived!“  They have managed to brainwash most of the sheeplets into obedient compliance through fear mongering.
Mandatory medication – especially with no control or available information over what medications might contain and/or damage –  is the ultimate form of “enslavement” – of “ownership of a person”  – by those who “govern”, no matter for what well-camouflaged criminal purposes and agendas.  .  Literallyanything that they mandate can then be shot into bodies of “legalistically-declared, defenseless ‘subjects’.  It is open season!
It is a documented fact that selected vaccines for the Third World have been found to be secretly laced with “sterilizing ingredients”.
It is also a documented fact that several of the components of the HPV vaccines (Gardasil, etc.) destroy reproductive capacity in animals.  Why then do “the authorities” insist on mandating it for ALL GIRLS, with the recommendation that it become mandated for ALL BOYS?  How many of these children will become adults with impaired or destroyed “reproductive capacity” to produce healthy offspring?.
It is also a statistical fact that the General Health of vaccinated children declines and that they are more susceptible to infections that they encounter, allergic reactions, immunological and metabolic problems.  The epidemic of children with ear infections coincides with the advent and escalation of infant vaccines – obviously indicative of a lowering of their overall immunity and their ability to respond to other environmental exposures and challenges.
The escalation of illness and degenerative disease in the last few decades continues to be exponential, so much so that the “health care system is being overwhelmed and bankrupted.
Whether voluntary or mandatory, if the end result is not a ”healthier population”, then it is high time that we reassess the “vaccination hypothesis” –  and acknowledge that this is all that it is   – a “theory – a hypothesis”.  A hypothesis that does not stand up to scientific scrutiny, but survives via unilateral “Science by Declaration”, with a determined blackout on independent investigation.
Whether you agree with some or all of the author’s conclusions, the following article contains much food for thought.
Comment by: Citizens Demand Scientific, Academic Political and Media Integrity.
VRM – Mandatory Vaccinations – How they will be implemented
The modern healthcare system, like any powerful corporation, is designed to favor those who acquiesce with their rules and regulations; likewise to weed out and alienate those who do not fall into line with the rest of the “herd”.
The entire cesspool of Western Allopathic Medicine, fueled by a powerful medical mafia monopoly, dominates our lives through an endless barrage of mainstream media propaganda, a giant social engineering model, run by select committees of overpaid Technocratic Elites – void of any decent moral code of ethics, adherence to the Hippocratic oath or underlying sense of altruism toward humanity.
How do we avoid their calibrated landmines, and retain what little we can of self reliance and self-sustaining capacity for natural immunity in these tyrannical times?  We must reluctantly go along with their manufactured guidelines, in order to stand clear from the rest of the herd.
It is important to understand that ANY/ALL exemptions pertaining to standard immunization vaccines (medical, religious or moral/personal belief type) are fundamentally illegal, because they transpose an inherent human RIGHT into a PRIVILEGE, on the presumption that you acknowledge and thus sacrifice your natural born “freedom of choice” to an external authority.  This is the basis of the looming collectivist (authoritarian) model being rolled out worldwide – the complete isolation of non-conformists and critical thinking individuals.
Just remember, it is all color of law, technically a form of entrapment.  Eventually they will tighten the noose, and cut everyone off from independent options altogether.  In order to attain an education, in order to maintain a job, in order to enter a hospital or clinic, in order to go shopping, in order to travel, in order to live amongst others (including your family) within any community, ultimately in order to function on any practical level within society, you will be FORCED to get your shots.
Mandatory vaccinations are being phased in incrementally, by stealth, through this co-ordinated, systemic process of passive acquiescence, on the assumption that the public will just roll over without a struggle.  In many sectors of the Medical profession, front-line doctors and nurses are now facing specific workplace-directed ultimatums, having to decide whether to receive the Flu shot or summarily lose their jobs.
‘An Indiana hospital has fired eight employees, many of them veteran nurses, because they refused to take the flu vaccine. IU Health Goshen is just the latest hospital to force its employees to receive the jab and fire or discipline the ones who object. At least four of the nurses who was terminated tried to appeal the vaccine on religious grounds with the help of a lawyer. The hospital rejected their arguments and fired them anyway.‘
Elsewhere, a stay of execution, or more precisely, a major victory is unfolding, as health-care workers in British Columbia, Canada, have been “temporarily” granted the right to refuse workplace sanctioned mandatory vaccinations.  The momentum generated by this local resistance to tyranny will inspire other nurses and doctors around the world facing similar demands to defend their inherent right to self-determination of the body.
‘The B.C. government has temporarily backed away from a controversial plan to force thousands of provincial health workers to get a flu shot before they can work with patients. Instead of forcing workers to wear a mask or have the mandatory flu vaccination, the B.C. Health Ministry said it will work towards compliance from workers in the first year of the program. In a letter dated Nov. 30 to B.C.’s health authority chief executive officers, deputy health minister Graham Whitmarsh said components of the influenza control policy would not be enforced for the first year. The policy remains in effect, but no disciplinary measures will be taken, a ministry official explained. “I would like to afford health care workers the additional opportunity to voice their opinions on how best to achieve our shared objective,” his letter said. The government launched the mandatory program to protect patients because it said a voluntary plan wasn’t working. Fewer than 50 per cent of workers were being vaccinated against the flu in some health settings.‘
There are some issues which supercede job security.  This is one of them.  It’s time for Health Care Workers everywhere to stand up for their basic rights to self-determination of the body, with a blanket refusal of all draconian workplace vaccine mandates.  If that means losing your current job in the bargain, then it is a short term sacrifice worth making.  There will always be viable employment opportunities available throughout the alternate sector of clinics, hospitals and private practices.  By giving in to increasingly stringent authoritarian measures, you risk not only your immediate and longterm health, but, in doing so, will thus have abdicated your inherent freedom to choose as an individual, and sacrificed your professional integrity to a misguided and scientifically invalid policy directive.
A growing number of families throughout our community have reached the same conclusion: The Flu Vaccine is a complete, abject fraud & failure.  Stand firm in your belief, as many others have.  You are an inspiration to your colleagues!
Recently, a formal Petition has been launched by a groundswell of front-line workers, alerting the U.S. Senate and U.S. House of Representatives: ‘Stop mandatory flu vaccines of healthcare professionals!‘ Testimonials are pouring in from nurses & doctors on the front lines –
‘Because I’m a nurse, and I’m an American. I have the right to refuse a medical procedure, and I have the right to have my medical information kept private, as other patients do. I will quit the profession over this if it comes down to this. These controlling thugs need to be stopped.‘
‘As a Registered Nurse, forced vaccination with a vaccine that has been proven to be ineffective at best and extremely dangerous at worst is a complete violation of human and healthcare rights in this country. This issue must be taken seriously. The practice of having any medical procedure forced on healthcare workers or have them face the very real possibility of losing their jobs is completely unreasonable and must be stopped.‘
Most parents with tell you, their children are being subject to increasingly stringent school “health regulations”; part of a nationwide campaign, being instituted locally across the globe, to standardize vaccination policy – involving constant intimidation tactics used against those students who do not comply with in-house regulations on vaccine uptake; going so far as to over-ride parental rights by force-vaccinating the child up front in school gymnasiums or backroom nursing station regimented roll-outs before the parents have any chance to intervene and pull their child out.
Pre-teen directed slogans such as “Immunizations are Your Best Shot” & “Vaccinate Before You Graduate” are plastered throughout the halls/classrooms frequented by this target group generation of young, impressionable minds.
In California & the District of Columbia, young teenage girls are now being enticed into getting the HPV shot, independent of their parents’ knowledge or consent; a precedent which is spreading to other States in the US. ‘Bill AB 499: This bill would allow a minor who is 12 years of age or older to consent to medical care related to the prevention of a sexually transmitted disease.’
The same policy changes are rapidly being implemented across the nation, in New York State under Bill 497; a direct challenge to parental authority, and down south in Texas under House Bill 1340; nothing short of a strategic pincer maneuver, designed to break the will of our communities, by empowering minors with the right to independent consent in critical health matters, where-by any “licensed healthcare practitioner” now literally supersedes and and replaces the traditional role of parent, equal to the measure which simultaneously forces parents to navigate through increasingly stringent bureaucracy just to protect their child from being coerced into getting inoculated by authorities.
‘A Health Care Practitioner may diagnose, treat or prescribe treatment for a sexually transmissible disease for a person under the age of eighteen years without the consent or knowledge of the parents or guardian(s) of said person, where such person is infected  with a sexually transmissible disease, or has been exposed to infection with a sexually transmissible disease.‘  (Bill 497, NY State)
‘A child may consent to the child’s own immunization if the child is 14 years of age or older; and health care provider administering the immunization has on file a valid consent form for the medical treatment of the child completed by a parent, managing conservator, or guardian of the child or other person who, under the law of another state or a court order, may consent for the child or a person authorized to consent to the treatment.’  (House Bill 1340, Texas)
The Australian Government is also clamping down on dissention, by shifting the blame onto those parents who refuse to submit to herd immunity policy, through a relentless barrage of inaccuracies designed to frighten our communities and galvanize the so-called majority.  ”We need to lift the barriers, we need people to make an active decision to immunise because we have a responsibility to our children to protect them, and a responsibility to the community to contribute to herd immunity…Sadly we will see a death. The free-riders will actually cause a disease to occur in vaccinated children whose parents did the responsible thing.” Dr Steve Hambleton, Australian Medical Association (on proposed enforcement of collective vaccine policy)
Such deceptive methods blur the line between informed consent of a minor and the long-established parameters held by parental authority, thus contributing to the rapid erosion of the family unit as we once knew it;as Government (corporate) intervention is being utilized to systematically railroad the rights of protective custody traditionally enshrined to parents – visa vi the primary health and safety of their children.
The road to tyranny is paved with wicked intentions.  In Australia, pre-teenagers are encouraged to make similar life-changing decisions, under the provisions of the proposed ‘Draft Mental Health Bill’, which, if legislated (only a matter of time), will literally cut off parental consent and protection of their child at 12 years of age – a dangerous and shameful precedent against which all communities must resist, the targeting of innocent children by the State for purposes of garnering Big Pharma profits, forced drug dependency, Medical experimentation & population reduction.  ‘If a psychiatrist decides that a child (under 18 years) has sufficient maturity, he or she will be able to consent to sterilisation. Parental consent will not be needed. Only after the sterilisation procedure has been performed does it have to be reported and then only to the Chief Psychiatrist.’……Part 12 Division 3 (Sterilisation Procedure) – ‘Requirements for sterilisation procedure: A person must not perform a sterilisation procedure on a person who has a mental illness unless — is a child who has sufficient maturity and understanding to make reasonable decisions about matters relating to himself or herself.’ (Page 135-136)
Likewise, Natural Immunity itself, as an essential method of strengthening and safeguarding the body, is increasingly coming under fire, shunned by those Technocratic Elites dictating universal public policy.  That is why parents MUST take responsibility for the sake of our children and their future generations.
‘There are no reported cases in which criminal liability has been imposed on parents for failing to vaccinate their children, where such failure has caused the death of another. Nevertheless, a valid criminal claim could be brought especially against a non-vaccinator acting outside the shield of a legislative exemption. Even if a parent chooses to not vaccinate a child under a state law permitting exemptions, that may not create complete protection against liability for the adverse consequences of that choice. Choices about vaccination have consequences, and sometimes, sadly, deadly consequences.
‘It will be up to the courts to determine whether exemption statutes suffice to give complete protection against liability no matter how negligent, risky, or indifferent to the welfare of others a non-vaccinating parent is in exposing a child to others. The scientific and legal foundation for bringing charges against non-vaccinators for the harm they do exists.‘  ‘Free to Choose but Liable For the Consequences: Should Non- Vaccinators Be Penalized For the Harm They Do?’ Arthur L. Caplan, David Hoke, Nicholas J. Diamond, and Viktoriya Karshenboyem
Note: 3 of the 4 authors behind this piece of Vaccine Industry trash propaganda, Arthur L. Caplan, David Hoke and Nicholas J. Diamond, are proponents of the Bioethics (Eugenics) Movement.  Under their desired Totalitarian model, self-determination of the body will be outlawed by the State, and parental autonomy to be punishable by law.
Thankfully, there is a mass awakening occurring at the heart of the academic community.  Leading Immunologist Dr Tetyana Obukhanych Ph.D  (guest speaker at our recent VRM Vaccine Summit)  has overturned years of mainstream dogma, in favor of a more holistic approach to understanding human health and the nature of disease transmission –
”I am very concerned that “immunologic memory” of adjuvant-containing vaccines is actually the basis of sensitization rather than the basis of immunity.  Furthermore, I am very concerned that “successful” prevention of childhood diseases by means of short-term protective effects of live attenuated viral vaccines during childhood has led to the loss of maternal ability to transfer immuno-protection to their young, thereby leaving infants vulnerable to those diseases, should the exposure occur.
I am also very concerned that vaccination campaigns work by disrupting disease transmission, which reduces the chances of exposure, rather than by establishing a population’s immunity.  By doing so, vaccination campaigns wipe out population’s immunity to childhood diseases rather than help to maintain it.  If in prior decades there was naturally established herd immunity to childhood diseases among the adult population, then I am afraid that vaccination campaigns have ensured that it is long gone.
All of this is a direct outcome of the “desired” vaccination effects, the impact of which hasn’t been carefully thought through in advance of introducing mass vaccination.  We thought that vaccines work just like natural immunity.  Well, apparently they don’t and we are now reaping the consequences of that.
We would expect that vaccinated individuals would not be involved (or very minimally involved) in any outbreak of an infectious disease for which they have been vaccinated.  Yet, when outbreaks are analyzed, it becomes apparent that most often this is not the case.  Vaccinated individuals are indeed very frequently involved and constitute a high proportion of disease cases.  I think this is happening because vaccination does not engage the genuine mechanism of immunity.
Vaccination typically engages the immune response — that is, everything that immunologists would theoretically “want” to see being engaged in the immune system.  But apparently this is not enough to confer robust protection that matches natural immunity.  Our knowledge of the immune system is far from being complete.”  Dr Tetyana Obukhanych Ph.D
“One vaccine decreases cell-mediated immunity by 50%, two vaccines by 70%…all triple vaccines (MMR, DTaP) markedly impair cell-mediated immunity, which predisposes to recurrent viral infections, especially otitis media, as well as yeast and fungi infections.”  World-renowned Immunologist Dr. H.H. Fudenberg
Current State/Provincial rights of the individual are superseded by Federal/National jurisdiction, during times of so called “national emergencies”.  Under such draconian legislation, obedience to the rest of the herd is strictly enforceable by law.  This is precisely the slippery slope which leads to Totalitarianism.
‘During the public health emergency the public health authority may isolate or quarantine an individual or groups of individuals. This includes individuals or groups who have not been vaccinated…Failure to obey these rules, orders or provisions shall constitute a misdemeanor.’  The Model State Emergency Health Powers Act
‘Any federal mandatory vaccination program applicable to the general public would likely be limited to areas of existing federal jurisdiction, similar to the federal quarantine authority. Generally, federal regulations authorizing the apprehension, detention, examination, or conditional release of individuals are applicable only to individuals coming into a State or possession from a foreign country or a possession. This limitation on federal jurisdiction acknowledges that states have the primary responsibility for protecting the public health, but under certain circumstances, federal intervention may be necessary. Any federal mandatory vaccination program applicable to the general public would likely incorporate similar jurisdictional limitations.’  Mandatory Vaccinations: Precedent and Current Laws, Angie A. Welborn/Legislative Attorney, American Law Division
Once the “cashless grid” police state infrastructure is firmly in place, worldwide, EVERY citizen (excluding those Elites who manage the populace from on high), will be forced to submit to all standard immunization protocols by LAW (including Government/CDC issued “pandemic shots” inevitably designed to sterilize the host) on penalty of forfeiture/suspension of their vital carbon credit allotment.
Note: I estimate that within the next 10-20 years most recognized Churches will become standardized mobile vaccination units, and will encorporate the Priest administering of vaccine drops or cubes to parishioners into their service; resulting in a blurring of the line between Religion and the sanctity of the body.  Any distinction separating Church and State which humankind has struggled to maintain across the centuries will forever be altered throughout our communities.
Do you really want this to be your fate?
Do you really think you have exhausted your capacity to make a difference, to put a stop to these ongoing crimes against humanity?
Have you really made an effort to discard your manufactured reality, that which the systems of power have forced into your consciousness through generations of social engineering, a controlled mainstream media and education system funnel of lies, distractions and cover-ups designed to isolate you from the truth, that true freedom is within our reach?
Do you care at all about preserving what’s left of your natural immunity, your capacity to embrace self-determination of the body?   Do you even know what it is any more?
Are we really a community of sheeple, with our minds & our eyes and our hearts closed to Globalist imposed tyranny, resigned to this unfathomable fate, having turned against all the principles of independence which our ancestors fought so hard to nurture & protect?
When will it end?  When will we begin to recognize that we have all been lied to by our governments about virtually everything that matters?
Perhaps when it is too late, when we will have no choice but to capitulate to these control freaks, as we walk solemnly into that bleak future scenario with our spirits broken?
Our ancestors are waiting and watching for us to rise up and RECLAIM that which is inherent to life, a genuine freedom which they once coveted by hook or crook, in far more desperate circumstances.
So it is now incumbent upon you as an individual to decide the course of your future.
Are you going to serve the corporation…and join the herd,        or stand by your family?
The long road back to natural immunity:
Based on all my research into the mainstream Medical Mafia, I have come away with one prevailing conclusion: The whole foundation on which symptom-based Allopathic Medicine is built runs counter to the holistic principles of the human body, a medieval construct which has been undermining natural immunity since its inception in the early 19th Century; unleashing a cat’s cradle of hybrid cancers on our communities at large.  Our children have also become breeding grounds for laboratory produced pathogens, bacterium and rogue, weaponized viruses.
The advent of “Herd Immunity” has done more to damage “natural” immunity than any plague or war experienced through the history of civilization.  The entire methodology behind vaccines, including the manufacturing process itself, is rife with problems.  We have become nothing more than statistics on a graph, vessels in a multi-billion dollar Industry out of control; one beholden to its own relentless greed. We were never meant to die so young nor suffer the litany of infections, disorders and diseases now plaguing our lives.
The Medical Establishment clearly values profit-making over enhancing the quality & longevity of life.  Our Governments have seen fit to broker secret, binding deals with the UN/WHO and Vaccine Manufacturers, to the detriment of our safety and inherent, natural-born rights.  We are seemingly headed toward a nightmare scenario, soon to be stripped of our fundamental privilege to choose, to determine for ourselves and our families what goes into our bodies.  The only hope is to make it our primary goal to secure forever our sacred rights to self-determination of the body.  This will depend on us taking a stand against whichever form of tyranny that threatens these fundamental, natural born, freedoms.
There is simply no middle ground, no compromise position in determining the merits of Vaccine safety and efficacy, the whole basis for and methodology behind Immunization as a means of overcoming viral and bacterial type infections and theoretically safeguarding the body’s immunological capacity.  Either you are FOR Immunization or firmly AGAINST it.
Those parents who subscribe to the belief that they are somehow erring on the side of cautionary wisdom by allowing their child/children to be vaccinated gradually or partially, according to the current Standard Immunization Schedule established by the CDC and local Government appointed Health “experts”, are woefully mistaken.
The ENTIRE Vaccine Industry is a fraud, period.  All vaccines, by their very nature, play off each other – a “synergistic” chain-reaction; triggering further infections and disorders.  In many cases the very signature disease/disorder they claim to protect you against is PRECISELY that which they inadvertently spread.
It’s up to you now to get the word out, and to begin that journey back onto the road toward natural immunity and ultimately…reclaiming your inherent right to self-determination of the body.
The transition to self-sufficiency, in terms of restoring optimal natural health in the body, requires a genuine paradigm shift in consciousness AWAY from dependency on outside forces, by reclaiming the inherent instinct for survival and unregulated communal living; where-in we can relearn the wisdom and knowledge of natural cures (via tinctures, broths, ointments, spices, essential oils, phytonutrient and antioxidant derived holistic remedies) which our ancestors coveted and passed on from generation to generation within the community.
The path to self-determination of the body MUST be taken alone.  In order to discover your own inherent strength of will, the ability to see past all the lies and propaganda that have been foisted upon you and those around you (by those chosen Elites in positions of high power who seek to control you) for generations, you must walk that solo path up the proverbial mountain, to gradually unfurl the damage done to your capacity for natural immunity and genuine unregulated free-will.  Only by facing your fears and self-doubt ALONE can you attain that strength within your heart to stand free from tyranny.  This is key to self-empowerment.  Those who have sought to keep you in bondage since civilization has existed, know this to be true.  And they fear your strength, as they turn away from their own capacity for humanity.
I am now convinced that there is but one path out of the mess created by Western Allopathic Medicine and all its hazards and mistakes: Just walk away.  What I am advocating is making a clean break, by completely divorcing yourself from all their rhetoric, all the toxic products that are peddled in the name of mainstream medicine, and returning to that sacred path on which our ancestors still stand.  Their knowledge is your strength.
Natural Immunity is designed to take on and withstand any incoming infections which threaten your survival.  The body can only do this when it is naturally, gradually exposed to disease and infectious agents lurking in the environment.  We have been socially engineered by a blind-sighted Technocracy, deceived into believing all the lies put forth by Western Allopathic Medicine, the whole mistaken ideology and foundation surrounding Immunization as a practice; an antithetical approach which runs counter to nature, that of COMBATING or shielding yourself off from the environment by injecting toxins into deep muscle tissue/subcutaneously, artificially shocking or jump-starting the body into recognizing external “threats”, rather than holistically EMBRACING all that we come in contact with, thereby re-enforcing, through HARMONY, the inherent properties of natural immunity.
I invite you to break the shackles of addiction which have prevented many of us from fully embracing our inherent natural immunity, to return to that path on which our ancestors still stand, and rediscover an independent strength of will forever coursing through your veins.  Once you set foot on that road, you may never lay claim to false promises or misguided Institutions of so-called Medicine ever again.  God speed and good riddance, as they say.  May natural immunity be your guiding light through these uncertain times ahead.  Words to live by.  Amen.
Joel Lord, founder of the Vaccine Resistance Movement
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