CDC charged with collusion on fetal deaths

Date: January 22, 2014 10:31:10 PM PST (CA)
Subject: PRESS RELEASE: CDC charged with collusion on fetal deaths
PRESS RELEASE: CDC charged with collusion on fetal deaths
Cdsapi’s comment and appeal:  Please help expose this “CDC Cover-up Report” in every way you can.  Make it go viral, and inform the media  –  because once again, during this present flu-vaccine season, Public Health Officials are continuously pressuring, as a top priority, the vaccination of pregnant women with the Flu vaccine.
There was a 4250% spike in fetal deaths after pregnant women received the H1N1 vaccination during the 2009-2010 campaign – a fact still deliberately covered-up and publically denied by the CDC and Public Health Agencies.
We must not permit this outrageous travesty to be repeated, again endangering the lives of the unborn fetus.  For pregnant women, this is a matter of life and death for their unborn babies.
The Vaccine Program is one area where we cannot afford to tolerate any corruption of evidence and deliberate cover-up, making the survival of the Program more important than protecting the development of the unborn child and the health of infants and children.
Note that historically, the CDC, from its inception, has always been the Public Relations arm of the pharmaceutical industry.  It is a corporate entity – and not a government agency, as generally believed.  It’s corporate job is to protect the public image of Big Pharma –  and that is clearly what it is doing.  Accountability is imperative!
“Please alert every pregnant woman that you know – we owe them that protection.
Original (not highlighted) Press Release is attached.
Forwarded Message:
From: Eileen Dannemann
Date: 22/01/2014 4:58:25 PM
Subject: PRESS RELEASE: CDC charged with collusion on fetal deaths
Hi folks:  Last week, after 3 years of work and obstacles from the establishment, our study on the 4,250% fetal death reports is now listed on PUB MED, free for all the world of professionals and public to see.  Yesterday I wrote a press release (attached) and suddenly this morning my computer went ballistic and the website got attacked with malicious malware.  Thanks to an IT guy in our network, the website has been cleansed and is being watched carefully for any further attacks.
Speculation has it that it could be the Epidemic Intelligence service (quasi military public health), that has the capablility of this kind of interference.
With that said, I have to send in my computer to apple, so I will not be able to send out the press release myself.  Now is the time where our vaccine researches have come to the apex of their work…we now have to get the press release out to the media.
Please take some time to send the attached press release not only to your networks but to the national media.  Anybody who has access to PR release people, please help us slide through the cracks. This is our cresendo…hope you can help to make it count.
Best regards,
Eileen Dannemann
Director,  National Coalition of Organized Women
319 855-0307
( I have added these highlights  –  original press release if attached.  i.h.)
PRESS RELEASE: CDC charged with collusion on fetal deaths
Press Release                                 For Immediate Release
Wednesday, January 22, 2014
National Coalition of Organized Women
319 855-0307
Contact: Eileen Dannemann
CDC Misleads Nations Ob/Gyns – Covering-up The Most Massive Fetal Death Reports Associated With The Influenza Vaccine in the History of Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS)
Dr. Gary Goldman’s study on the 4,250% spike in fetal death reports during the 2009/10 H1N1 “pandemic” originally rejected by the American Journal of Obstetrics & Gynecology (AJOG), which is charged by the National Coalition of Organized Women (NCOW) as complicit in a massive cover-up and manipulation of data associated with the 2009/10 flu season fetal deaths is now available free to the public.  Subsequently published in the Human & Experimental Toxicology Journal (HET), as a Sage choice study, the Goldman study is now listed in Pub med as a free PMC article.
Comparison of VAERS fetal-loss reports during three consecutive influenza seasons: was there a synergistic fetal toxicity associated with the two-vaccine 2009/2010 season?  Goldman GS. Hum Exp Toxicol. 2013 May;32(5):464-75.
Despite an apparent trail of documented collusion and misconduct amongst the CDC, AJOG (Elsevier) and 9 non-profits including the March of Dimes, this alarmingly poor outcome of the 2009/10 H1N1vaccine experiment on the fetuses of pregnant women was successfully covered up by the CDC until Goldman exposed the statistics, documenting the harm in his recent publication.
Dr. Marie McCormick, chairperson of the CDC’s H1N1 Vaccine Safety Risk and Assessment Working Group (VSRAWG) testified, and submitted deceptive reports to the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), contending no unusual signals nor adverse outcomes in the pregnant population during the 2009/10 public experiments on pregnant women.
However, pressed by the NCOW statistics extracted from the government’s own data, Dr. Shimabukuro of the Centers of Disease Control & Prevention (CDC) corroborated the NCOW data in a public presentation (slide 20) in Atlanta, Georgia, in October of 2010.  This contradiction toDr.McCormick’s testimony evidences that the CDC indeed knew of the increasing level in fetal-loss reports, in near real time.  Yet the CDC failed to immediately notify the nation’s Ob/Gyns, who, uninformed, continued to double-dose their pregnant patients with the fetal-fatal flu shots that collectively delivered up to 50 micrograms of mercury.  Due to the success of this well-orchestrated cover up and the complicity of the non profits and AJOG, pregnant women are now pressured to get 4 vaccine doses, (Flu, TDaP) and thereafter are mandated to give up to 49 vaccine doses to their surviving children in order for them to attend school.
Beyond Junk Science:
“If vaccines were actually based on ‘science’, then this public experiment is a failure” says Ms. Dannemann, Director of the National Coalition of Organized Women (NCOW) and founder of the Vaccine Liberation Army.  “So why are we still vaccinating pregnant women with even more vaccineswhen there is no science that proves vaccines are safe for the developing child.  On the contrary, available data from this public experiment foisted on unwitting pregnant women proves the opposite – that the influenza vaccines are unsafe and exacerbate fetal deaths.”
In 2009/10 the CDC initiated a massive public drug trial, whose outcome was devastatingly morbid, covered up and, more egregious, twisted by complicit medical journal editors, government agencies and non profit organizations in order to provide an unholy, misleading and deceptive basis for a worldwide publicity campaign, “Flu Shot Is Safe for Pregnant Women”.   The success of this manipulation and collusion continues to result in an ever-increasing amount of vaccine recommendations for pregnant women, advancing the flawed, unproven practice of maternal antibody-transfer to the fetus.
Vaccine Providers have immunity from lawsuits for any vaccine injury.  Federal law prevents directly suing a vaccine provider and the federal government agency charged with ensuring vaccine safety.  However, government personnel can be held accountable for willful misconduct contingent on the approval of the Secretary of HHS.  But, what about the non-profits that signed off on the joint letter for the following flu season urging the nation’s OB/Gyns to continue to vaccinate their pregnant patients?  Can they be held accountable?
A joint letter orchestrated by the CDC and co-signed by 9 non-profit organizations was sent in the fall of 2010, specifically targeting the nation’s Ob/Gyns, who, upon the recommendation of the CDC, had been injecting their pregnant patients with two separate influenza vaccines, the seasonal and the H1N1 vaccine, each containing 25 mcgs of mercury, totaling 50 mcgs of mercury, regardless of the trimester or the weight of the fetus.  The letter, strategically omitting reference to the 2009/10 VAERS data or Thimerosal, recommended only one seasonal flu shot for the following year, which as a trivalent, has all the necessary strains in one vaccine thereby limiting the toxic mercury dose to 25 mcgs instead of the fetus-fatal 50 mcgs.   If 50 mcgs. kills a fetus. Will 25 mcgs still harm the survivors?  Where is the science?
Although continuously informed by independent researchers, credible whistleblowers such as Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., social networks and Internet media, of the agency’s long record of distorted studies, acts of omission, misconduct, deception, spurious and strategic rhetoric, State lawmakers remain mindlessly wed to the CDC’s vast range of flawed government vaccine programs without evaluation… and wonder why the public is “acting up!”
But most egregious, in the opinion of NCOW – the agency assigned to educate physicians and protect the public’s health chose not to notify the nation’s Ob/Gyns in near real time, as promised by Dr. McCormick, thus putting the vaccine program itself ahead of the public’s health in order save this expanding pregnancy vaccine program from the immediate collapse it merits.  More disingenuous, the letter states, despite the disturbing VAERS data:
“Influenza vaccine is safe” because:
“Influenza vaccines have been given to millions of pregnant women over the last decade and have not been shown to cause harm to women or their infants”.
“Hold on”, says Ms. Dannemann.  “The vaccine manufacturers themselves state and have stated for the past decade that there are no adequate studies on the effect of vaccines on human fetuses or on reproduction.  Manufacturers’ package inserts, Pregnancy Category C states and I quote ‘Animal reproduction studies have shown an adverse effect on the fetus and there are no adequate and well-controlled studies in humans’.  How did the CDC get away with recommending the vaccination of pregnant women for the last decade without proof of safety?  Law requires proof of safety!  Well here is a safety study, albeit the sad results of another government experiment foisted on an unwitting public”, submits Dannemann. “The Goldman study!”
Can these non-profits be held liable for participating in the collusion to deceive the public?  Did the CDC tell the March of Dimes before they signed off on the joint letter urging the nation’s Ob/Gyns to continue vaccinating pregnant women – that the outcome of the 2009/10 government initiative to vaccinate pregnant women with the flu shot resulted in the most massive spike of fetal death reports in the history of the Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS)?
Or did the CDC purposely mislead the March of Dimes and the other non-profits by omitting the morbid data, seducing them into a campaign targeting the nation’s physicians and misleading the public , and in doing so, save the ill-founded pregnancy vaccine program from falling apart?  Why does the American public not have a mechanism to investigate the misconduct of the CDC, thereby allowing the agency to continue to harm the very public they are supposed to protect?
Who has the authority on behalf of the public — on behalf of humanity, to get an answer to this very simple question of whether the 9 non-profits were complicit in co- signing the joint letter, misleading the nation’s physicians?  Was the HHS misled when Dr. Mc Cormick omitted the VAERS data from her monthly reports?
“Because the public apparently has no champion or channel to investigate this alleged collusion, the vaccine program for pregnant women advances unimpeded and continues to disable the emerging generations of humanity by weakening the fetuses and sabotaging its formative wellness!”,exhorts, Dannemann
The vaccine manufacturers package inserts state that there are no studies on the effect of vaccines on fetuses or on reproduction and yet, despite no safety studies as required by law, the CDC joint letter broadly admits that it has been giving pregnant women the flu vaccine for a decade.  On what science does the CDC base its rhetoric that there are no harmful effects when autism, allergies, asthma, juvenile diabetes, obesity and alleged “mental illness” as seen in children at very early ages, is at epidemic proportions concomitant to increased childhood vaccine mandates?  How does this history of increased chronic illness in children, concomitant to increase childhood vaccine mandates, justify further weakening the emerging generation with in-utero assault?  In light of this clearly failed public experiment with its morbid statistics and no safety studies from the manufacturers, why are we continuing to vaccinate pregnant women? , The director of NCOW further opines.
Still another 2012 study involving analysis of maternal transfer of mercury to the developing embryo/fetus, by Brown et al. has been recently published, confirming the Goldman study.  Data demonstrated that Hg [mercury] exposures, particularly during the first trimester of pregnancy, at well-established dose/eight ratios produced severe damage to humans including death.” (Brown IA, Austin DW. Maternal transfer of mercury to the developing embryo/fetus: Is there a safe level?)
Sadly, due to the CDC cover up, there is no official follow up of the children that survived this catastrophic epoch in vaccine history.  Asthma, diabetes, allergies, autism, ADHD, bi polar symptoms associated with vaccine injury is on the rise. “Given the recent publications of Goldman and Brown studies, is the CDC obliged to alert the nation’s pediatricians and parents of a potential health crisis in children injected in-utero in 2009/10 with 50 mcgs of Thimerosal (mercury), so they can consider cause, and treat accordingly?  Or will media, physicians, healthcare professionals, public, HHS officials and lawmakers, in apathetic powerlessness, continue to allow the CDC to shove this under the rug in an effort to hide the injurious nature of the over ambitious and costly pregnancy and childhood vaccine programs?”, comments, Ms. Dannemann
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