EU military interventions in Mali and the Central African Republic

Newsletter 2014/01/21 – The Agenda 2020
BERLIN/PARIS/BANGUI/BAMAKO (Own report) – The EU has announced a
military intervention into the Central African Republic. Last Monday,
EU foreign ministers in Brussels decided to soon send soldiers from
several EU countries to Bangui to support French troops in that
country. The Bundeswehr will most likely participate with transport
aircraft and a MedEvac Airbus. The German Foreign Minster has also
suggested the possibility of expanding the deployment of German
military in Mali. This is where the Franco-German Brigade is due to
make its first major deployment. But the power struggle between
Germany and France continues to loom in the background. Berlin wants
to use the mission in Mali to break France’s exclusive influence in
the West African francophone countries. Members of the Bundeswehr have
announced that “over the next few years” Germany will have “to deal
with Africa, particularly its north and center.” Even before ending
its (partial) withdrawal from Afghanistan, Germany is already focusing
on a new intervention – in line with the global offensive Berlin’s
foreign policy establishment has been pushing for with growing
intensity since last autumn.

By piotrbein