France adapts German austerity policy

Newsletter 2014/01/17 – Le Modèle Gerhard Schröder
PARIS/BERLIN (Own report) – Berlin is loudly applauding French
President François Hollande’s adaptation of Germany’s model of
austerity. His announcement of a cutback in public expenditures to
clearly favor business, could “only be seen as good news,” declared
Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier. German media point to the
fact that Hollande has announced measures that – in certain aspects –
are modeled on Germany’s “Agenda 2010,” which had been developed by
the Federal Chancellery under the auspices of Frank-Walter Steinmeier,
at the time, Federal Chancellery Chief of Staff under Gerhard
Schröder. It had enabled Berlin to consolidate its economic
predominance over Europe. Whether Paris will be able to imitate the
German austerity policy is unsure. Hollande’s predecessor, Nicolas
Sarkozy had tried, but he lost the presidential elections in the
spring of 2012. Notwithstanding, in Berlin further steps to cut back
on social welfare achievements are again in discussion. Yesterday,
German President Joachim Gauck complained that the term “neo-liberal”
has a negative connotation, which must be changed.

By piotrbein