Farmers Abandoning GMO Seeds and the Reason Will Surprise You

From: “cdsapi”
Date: January 25, 2014 10:50:56 AM PST (CA)
Subject: Some good GMO news – Farmers Abandoning GMO Seeds and the Reason Will Surprise You
cdsapi’s Added Comment: There is good news emerging form where “the rubber meets the road” – from the farmers themselves, who, one-by-one, are finally realizing that they ‘have been had’ and ‘have been taken to the cleaners’ and ‘down the rabbit-hole’ by Monsanto and its Pied Pipers’ deceptive promises and practices.  They are realizing, in economic terms, that GMOs spell economic ruin for farmers and farming, quite apart from their finally realizing the reality that GMOs are Toxic – toxic food for both man and animal, as well as the toxic to the soil microbiology, the whole ecology and environment.
As the REAL TRUTH becomes ever more widely circulated by us,  and fully comprehended by the general public (with the comprehensive significance finally sinking in), the grassroots – the farmers and the consumers – are determinative – and can/will finally, (even if too slowly) relegate GMOs to the dumpster bin and funeral pyre where they belong.
As consumers, our support for the “breakaway farmers” is extremely important because our DEMAND for non-GMO produce and willingness to buy local, will determine the farmer’s economic decisions – our determination to choose non-GMO foods leads them to abandon Monsanto and return to healthier agricultural practices.  Farmers. too, have to make decisions based their “the bottom line” – their financial viability – like all businesses.
Our “refusal to buy” (boycott) processed foods containing GMOs is already leading manufacturers to search for farmers who can supply them with non-GMO produce.  It is a chain reaction of ‘cause and effect’ that starts with our purchasing choices.  As WE expand the boycott of processed foods, (most of them nutritional abominations anyway), these Corporations are also forced ‘to adjust’ for their ‘bottom line’.  Monsanto strategized its criminally corrupt agenda  –  we also will strategize OUR AGENDA – healthy food and a clean environment.
Please remember that GMOs are undeniably a “life and death” issue – no civilization can survive a Toxic Food Supply  or  the toxification of the environment that is the foundation of its survival.
Comment by cdsapi – Citizens Demand Scientific, Academic, Political (and Media) Integrity.
Farmers Abandoning GMO Seeds and the Reason Will Surprise You
January 23rd, 2014
Off the Grid News /
by Daniel Jennings
A growing number of farmers are abandoning genetically modified seeds, but it’s not because they are ideologically opposed to the industry.
Simply put, they say non-GMO crops are more productive and profitable.
Modern Farmer magazine discovered that there is a movement among farmers abandoning genetically modified organisms (GMO) because of simple economics.
“We get the same or better yields, and we save money up front,” crop consultant and farmer Aaron Bloom said of non-GMO seeds.  Bloom has been experimenting with non-GMO seeds for five years and he has discovered that non-GMO is more profitable.
The re-converts to non-GMO seeds are not hippies but conservative Midwestern farmers who are making a business decision, Modern Farmer discovered.  They are switching back to natural seed because it is more profitable — not because of any ideology.
“Five years ago the [GMO seeds] worked,” said farmer Christ Huegerich, who along with his father planted GMO seeds.  “I didn’t have corn rootworm because of the Bt gene, and I used less pesticide.  Now, the worms are adjusting, and the weeds are resistant.      Mother Nature adapts.”
Farmers can get paid more for conventional corn than GMO corn.  Plus, Huegerich discovered, convention corn can produce more per acre.  Modern Farme reported that two years ago, Huegerich planted 320 acres of conventional corn and 1,700 with GMO corn.  The conventional fields “yielded 15 to 30 more bushels per acre than the GMO fields, with a profit margin of up to $100 more per acre.”  Last year, he planted conventional corn in 750 acres.
“I get a fifty-cent-per-bushel premium,” Huegerich said of the non-GMO corn he grows in Breda, Iowa.
Herbicide use increased by 26 percent between 2001 and 2010 because of the spread of herbicide-resistant weeds.  Huegerich said he used herbicides on GMO corn and conventional corn, even though theoretically he shouldn’t have to use it on his genetically modified crop.
The group Farm & Water Watch reported that 61.2 million acres of cropland in the US are plagued by weeds that are resistant to the popular glyphosate herbicides.
Why Non-GMO Seeds Are More Profitable
The Modern Farmer article, called The Post GMO-Economy, makes an excellent case for farmers dumping GMO.  Some of the interesting facts the magazine uncovered include:
The cost of growing one acre of non-GMO corn was $680.95, the cost of growing an acre of GMO corn was $761.80 according to Aaron Bloom. That means it costs $80.85 more an acre to raise GMO corn.
GMO seeds can cost up to $150 a bag more than regular seeds.
The market for non-GMO foods has grown from $1.3 billion in 2011 to $3.1 billion in 2013, partially because some Asian and European countries don’t want GMO seeds.
Grain dealer Clarkson Grain pays farmers an extra $2 a bushel for non-GMO soybeans and an additional $1 a bushel for non-GMO corn.
The market for non-GMO seed is growing.  Sales at Spectrum Seed Solutions, which sells non-GMO seed, have doubled every year for the last four years.  Sales at another company that markets non-GMO seeds, eMerge Genetics of West Des Moines, Iowa, have increased by 30 percent a year for five years.
Spectrum Seed Solutions president Scott Odle thinks that non-GMO corn could be 20 percent of the market in five years.
Bloom, the farm consultant, said planting convention corn can save farmers an average of $81 per acre per season.  That’s a difference of $81,000 for a farm of 1,000 acres.
It looks like the past might be the future for farmers as more and more growers abandon GMO.  The free market could very well spell the end of GMO seeds.

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