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Zinc can help protect your brain from the toxic effects of aluminum
Illinois proposing access to medical marijuana, iunder condition of surrender the Second Amendment rights
Radioactive cesium uptake continues in fish near Fukushima
The era of industrial agriculture is over, say scientists
Pregnant women in W. Virginia  told to avoid drinking the water, following the chemical spill disaster that has poisoned hundreds of thousands
What’s ahead for the U.S. economy? Here are seven devastating economic facts
Teenager fled chemotherapy doctors and beat cancer naturally
Media lies on flu shots
Five organic foods that may be harmful to your digestive system
Bee propolis may be used to treat aluminum toxicity
Mainstream America is finally ditching diet soda and switching to water and juice
A county in Calif. says it wants to mandate GMO labeling
The lamestream media have totally invented the total hoax about an NFL player suicide “epidemic”
Argentina has halted Monsanto’s GMO seed factory construction
Widely-touted HIV “cure” from conventional medicine turns out to be a total hoax

By piotrbein