Roy Tov: israelica and judaica

Israel Completes Nazi Rassenhygiene Programme
“…  Hiding under claims of medical secrecy, the execution decisions were taken secretly, without the victim even knowing. … An important point to keep in mind is that most of the listed ailments can be easily induced or mimicked. For example, quietly …”
Hasidic Battle of Uman Hits Ukrainian Parliament
“… when believers are led by bankers, wars wait around the corner…”
60 Cents Defeated Palestine
“… Assuming limited resources of water, he concluded that Palestine was so densely populated that there was ‘no room to swing a cat.’…  is a game-changer. The desalination plants won’t be operated with expensive oil anymore. From now on,…”
Israel Military Industry Swan Song
“…This is the heart of the Jewish settlement in Palestine, an aristocratic mansion trying to hide its dirty businesses under a thick cover of ivy… some of the company’s non-advertised products, which include illegal cluster bombs… You can succeed with copied merchandise only for a while and in limited markets. Fake Rolex watches don’t sell…”
Fake al-Qaeda Arrested in Jerusalem
“…American television programs like Mythbusters are incredible sources of data on explosives … This was a serious organization that was amputated… any significant amount of low-efficiency fertilizers-based explosives cannot be brought close enough without…”
Muslim Love Buried in Jewish Cemetery
“…Can the stealing of children and the denial of something so simple as a grave where the mourning husband can remember the love of his life …”
Trash Bins War on the Temple Mount
“…Trash bins are rarer than Bolivian spaceships. Elsewhere, trash bins are acclaimed and loved; non-violent signs of modernity and civilization. Two weeks ago, …”
Israel bombs Victory and Bogie defeats Liberty
“…With such a record, he was unlikely to seal his victory over Independence and Liberty with one lousy slogan. He needed more…”
Children of Tehran Appeal Rejected by Supreme Court
“…Israel semantics is correct. In order for the money to be correctly defined as “reparations” it should have reached mainly WWII victims. Instead, the State gave it to kibbutzim politruks. Be it “Payment Agreement” and let there be light in the Zurich gold vaults….”
Trapped between a Rabbi and the FBI
“…Pinto turned to U.S. Representative Michael Grimm … After it was published that Grimm apparently was one of the blackmailers, the FBI…”

By piotrbein