When will we FORCE them to stop destroying girls with Gardasil HPV vaccine?

From: “cdsapi”
Date: January 27, 2014 2:07:40 PM PST (CA)
Subject: When will we FORCE them to stop destroying girls with Gardasil HPV vaccine?
Cdsapi’s added comment:  it is amazing how much money is being sent down the rabbit hole of HPV vaccines, considering the lives ALREADY destroyed by the Vaccine – but apparently being destroyed by a vaccine is “an acceptable coincidental risk”.
Given the Adverse effects, the Japanese have called a halt.
The American HPV Program has the put the gas to the floor.
(Noteworthy is that there is a comparatively low incidence of cervical cancer deaths, compared to many other diseases confronting society, many of which receive absolutely no attention re prevention.)
This is aside from the fact that no one has ever produced evidence that HPV vaccines actually reduce the incidence of cervical cancer.  It is all “hypothesis”  and “computer modeling”.
To date, more lives of innocent girls have been destroyed by the HPV vaccines than statistically die from cervical cancer – and the “claimed future protection” remains purely “hypothetical”
So why the additional and continued PUSH  –  even including the recommendation that it be given to “boys”.
It is obvious that there is a much BIGGER AGENDA  –  would the induction of covert sterility and/or infertility in targeted populations perhaps fit the bill ?
When the so-called “protectors” are the enemies that knowingly and strategically destroy lives, it is time to emphatically reclaim jurisdiction over our own bodies  – and time to get Government out of “Practicing Medicine”.
For the global manipulators, “vaccinations” are the coveted and protected “trusted universal DELIVERY system”.
It is high time that we demand to know what they are “delivering” and for what covert purposes!
Comment by cdsapi – Citizens Demand Scientific, Academic, Political and Media INTEGRITY
Please make sure that you warn families with girls!  Never take a HPV vaccine.  It could cost them their life.
Gardasil Continues to Devastate Lives Around the World,
Obama Administration Responds by Pumping Another $1.2 Million into HPV Vaccine Push
27th January 2014
By  Carolanne Wright
Contributing Writer for Wake Up World
“After receiving her second dose of Gardasil … she could crawl but … needed to use crutches or a wheel chair … She experienced problems breathing and had ‘super migraines’ that never went away … She had swelling in her face, jaw and wrists.
The patient was diagnosed with Guillain-Barre syndrome, myelin sheath degeneration and peripheral neuropathy.  Patient was hospitalized twice … patient has not recovered from symptoms,” states a press release by Judicial Watch regarding documents obtained from the FDA’s Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS).  Regrettably, this is only one of more than 6,000 registered adverse reactions connected with the vaccine, including over 100 deaths.
Troubled history
According to SaneVax, Gardarsil has a higher rate of side effects than any other CDC-recommended vaccine for children between the ages of 7 and 18, as noted in this chart.  Linked with cervical cancer, seizures, autoimmune disorders, blindness, paralysis and short-term memory loss, it’s astounding to learn that the vaccine was fast-tracked for approval by the FDA.  Judicial Watch has compiled a special report on the approval process, side effects, safety concerns and marketing practices of Gardasil, which can be found here.
Following the U.S. government’s lead, Japanese officials also pushed the vaccine nationwide for “urgent HPV vaccination programs,” resulting in the allocation of 15 billion yen ($187.5 million) for the agenda.  Junior high schools were targeted, and letters were sent to homes of girls within the vaccination age range.  However, health officials began to notice a disturbing trend among the vaccinated girls, with 1,968 documented adverse events.  Parents sent videos to the country’s health minister showing their daughters suffering from walking disturbances, seizures and body tics.  Other cases reported that girls given the vaccine often fell to the floor, resulting in head injuries, some even fracturing their jaws and teeth.  In response, Japan’s Vaccine Adverse Reactions Review Committee withdrew the recommendation for Gardasil and sent formal notifications to local governments, advising discontinuation of the vaccine until safety concerns were addressed.
In contrast, American health officials continue to promote Gardasil.  Judicial Watch discovered that just “weeks after Japan took action, the Obama administration dedicated $1.2 million to ‘increase HPV vaccine uptake in low income ethnic minority populations’ in Spanish, Cantonese, Mandarin, Armenian and Korean.”
As aptly observed by Judicial Watch president Tom Fitton,  “The FDA is supposed to be a guardian of public health, and yet the agency continues to turn a blind eye to what seems to be an extremely serious public health problem.  The public relations push for Gardasil by Merck, politicians and public health officials needs to pause so that these adverse reactions can be further studied.”  He further asserts that “[t]he already serious problems associated with Gardasil seem to be getting worse.
No one should require this vaccine for young children.”
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