Suffering Canadian cannon fodder ignored by Ottawa

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Toronto Star photo of veterans in Ottawa
Tell Harper to treat wounded vets with respect and compassion
Dear Piotr,

Did you hear about this? This week a group of veterans came to Ottawa and hoped for nothing more than a meeting with Julian Fantino, Harper’s Veterans Affairs Minister.
The vets, old and young, are absolutely alarmed over the fact that 8 suffering soldiers have committed suicide in a few months. They just wanted to talk to Harper’s minister about the impact of cuts he is making to veterans’ services.
But Minister Fantino didn’t even have the decency to show up! The outraged vets called the media, and only then did Mr. Fantino stumble out to meet them.
But it was too late. The damage was already done by his carelessness and his unwillingness to listen. One veteran of the Second World War, who sat waiting for Fantino, declared it a “damn disgrace.”
This is the same Julian Fantino who once attacked our peace organization, right in Parliament, saying I was against everything “Holy and decent” that his government was doing for the military – what a load of nonsense!
Please sign this petition, demanding that the Harper government treat veterans with decency and compassion.
Thanks for making your voice heard.

Steven Staples,
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