Judeobanksters push Germany to lead militarisation of their "Europe"

PB: It staretd with releasing Bundeswehr onto “Kosovo” war, for the first time ever after WW2. Today nobody questions the use of German cannon fodder (equally usefully idiotic as during both Judeo-banksters world wars against goys globally) for bankster wars globally.

Newsletter 2014/01/31 – Germany’s “Act of Liberation”

BERLIN/MUNICH (Own report) – Just before the Munich Security
Conference opened, Germany’s Foreign and Defense Ministers have
suggested the possibility of expanding EU military interventions. It
is “rightfully expected that we will become involved” declared Foreign
Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier. Military means must not “be banned
from consideration.” Defense Minister Ursula von der Leyen had just
declared, “Europe makes no progress in the global power play,” without
military means. These declarations perpetuate a PR campaign, which
began immediately following the German parliamentary elections in
September, aimed at domestically dampening opposition to more military
interventions, Berlin is evidently contemplating. The Chair of the
Munich Security Conference considers EU military activities an “act of
liberation.” Military officials are pushing for EU battle groups to
finally be allowed to enter combat. These combat units have been on
stand-by since 2007, but never sent into action. The next targets for
interventions are African countries. The German Foreign Minister
mentioned clearing out Libyan weapons depots.

By piotrbein