Victoria Nuland: USA invested, since 1991, $5 B into "Europaization" of Ukraine


NATO f…x Yanukovitch’s Ukraine and you agree?

Marek Glogoczowski: On December 18 2013 assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland gave the precise information about the financial effort of USA to colonialize Ukraine.
In min 7’ 40’’ she says “USA invested, since 1991, 5 billions of dollars into Ukraine”. Apparently “American grants”  are receiving tenths of thousands of “stipendiaries” in Ukraine. A whole “civil army” fighting for “civil society”, imitating “ancien commercial society of Jews” (Maurice Joly, 1864).
From my part I can add that officially Poland spends about 7-10 millions dollars yearlry for financing about 40 various NGO’s in Ukraine.
Hear Victoria Nuland’s very concise, almost victorious speech.
And how not to hate leaders of the FREE WORLD?
If you want more details whom we have to hate, I recall that Victoria Nuland is a wife of Robert Kagan: “Robert Kagan (born September 26, 1958 in Athens, Greece) is an American historian, author and foreign policy commentator at the Brookings Institution. He was a co-founder of the Project for the New American Century.[1][2] More recently, his book The World America Made has been publicly endorsed by US President Barack Obama, and its theme was referenced in his 2012 State of the Union Address”

By piotrbein