ALARM: Polish patriot Jerzy Ulicki-Rek arrested in Australia for alleged illegal weaponry trade (November 2013)

PB: Obviously, trumped-up charges. The products are not illegal weapons but personal protection devices, legal by all means, sold e.g. in supermarkets in America.
Which leads us o the question who and why would set up Jerzy. He was ‘antisemitic’ with a zeal of a person who was very well aware of the evil Judeocentrics have inflicted on his own nation and to the world. So “they: acdded a few zeros to the numbers of his “illegal” stock. In private emails a year ago, Jerzy described me a 3-wheel super-motorcycle he has designed, patented and was building a commercial prototype of. He is very active in pro-Polish. anti-Zionist and anti-Judceocentric activities on his own blog PolskaWalcząca and on numerous forums. Perhaps he had a stock of 4 pepper sprayers to protect his hobby shop and “warehouse”, sold one to his neighbour …and that’s it, another chutzpah against a goy the Judeocentrics hate because he tells them the truth about themselves.
POLICE found an “Aladdin’s Cave” of illegal weapons when they seized more than 850 items ranging from 325 stun guns, masked as lip stick and mobile phones, to 218 knuckle dusters.
The Fairfield Proactive Crime Team and Bass Hill Region Enforcement Squad allegedly found $20,000 when they swooped on Jerzy Rek on Thursday near his Deveron St, St Andrews, home an hour after they found, what one investigator described as an “Aladdin’s Cave” of illegal weaponry, at his Kerr Rd, Ingleburn, warehouse.
The 59-year-old is accused of selling the weapons, which included 67 gas-powered replica firearms, so realistic that one officer said if someone pulled it on him he would shoot them, 64 extendable batons, 39 sling shots and stun guns masked as women’s shavers and iPhones.
Police said they also found 10 boxes of human growth hormone, four cans of capsicum spray and two firearm magazines.
Rek didn’t apply bail for facing more than 20 charges at Campbelltown Local Court yesterday and will reappear on December 4.
One of the stun guns is believed to have been used by an alleged jewellery store thief to flee security in Bonnyrigg earlier this month.
Customs is investigating how Rek allegedly imported the weapons from Asia.

By piotrbein