Brussels warns Swiss over EU access

From: “Rodney Atkinson”
Date: February 10, 2014 2:35:46 AM PST (CA)
Subject: Brussels: Brussels warns Swiss over EU access,
Usual corporatist fascist reaction from the EU towards Switzerland. The EU has always based its imperialist “single market” not on economic principles of free trade but on the political notion of a single country (hence “single” not “free” market) where democratic nations’ boundaries must be wiped out by the forced movement of people to find capital to work for. The Free world has always been based on the principle that goods services and capital move freely so that people do not need to. But the “country called Europe” had other ideas! I tried to drum this into Douglas Hurd after he had signed the Maastricht Treaty – but it was too late for the Foreign Office to learn elementary economics – or democracy!
February 10 2014 – EUROPEAN UNION NEWS
Brussels warns Swiss over EU access  Result of ballot could reverberate – president of EU parliament earlier warned that populists could ‘exploit’ a yes vote

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