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Police Defeated by IDF
“Who would have thought that when choosing to become an assassin, he had sealed his
fate to become an expert in fast food packaging?”
Palestine-Israel Surprise Agreement
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“Both events hinted at a peace agreement between Israel and Palestine. Is this a bluff?”
Shalit, the Movie
“The uniforms were wrong. I was looking at a report in the Hebrew media about a new movie. “Losing Shalit” tells the story of IDF soldier Gilad Shalit. … The new movie is being produced in Gaza by Palestinians. …”
Leviathan: Slavery, not Apartheid
“…The colors of Israeli Apartheid are bright and easy to distinguish by soldiers armed with loaded automatic weapons and ready to shoot if not obeyed blindly. This is smart. The Nazi emblems were easily vilified; yet blue, green, and yellow will stay pure forever. …”
Israel’s Stinker Sapphire
“…a stinker who is also a sapphire is stirring the Hebrew-speaking society. … The first battle of the latest Jewish war was won by the Left, despite it having …”
Bizarre IDF Killing Exposes Strange APCs
“…If the officer heard the shouts, he assumed that they were targetted outwards, beyond the perimeter of … it was an easy shot. Two bullets…”
Google and the Curious Censorship of the Dead Sea Scrolls
“… even Israel’s nuclear secrets lasted less.   …  Will then PM Netanyahu say “Mister Secretary General of the UN, we are sorry, we were wrong, …”
Rabin Bans Musical Award to Zilber
“… The fact that Dalia’s only merit is being ‘daughter-of,’ and that she didn’t choose her father is invariably overlooked by her and her peers. ‘When commissars rule, people obey,’ is  …”
Sochi’s War Room is Israeli
“…  Remembering his KGB days, Putin is envious. The war room can …”
Bazaaris Defeat Bankers
“…  Namche is humanity at its best, Wall Street and Tel Aviv are humanity at its bankers…’We forget: These guys have been bazaaris [bazaar merchants] for 2,000 years, while we come in as novices…this unmatchable example of freedom, democracy and big-brotherhood is about to visit Israel and meet …”
Rabbis: Death Better than Serving Israel
“… the rabbis asked their followers to die as martyrs before serving the State of Israel, which is called pagan and the Tribe of …”
IDF 2014 Budget Enlarged Towards War with Syria
“… Most Israeli generals are tacticians that grew up in special units. They were unable to comprehend the big picture until it was too late. “Look how pretty the antimissiles are! What beautiful colors!” They kept congratulating each other while dandily combing their hairdo…”
Selling King David’s Tomb
“… Pope Francis is about to visit Israel and Palestine … A possible solution is to give the Cenacle to the Church in exchange for…”
IDF Bypasses Censorship of Negative Reports on Female-Soldiers
“…  is a member of the Forum for the IDF Strength and during many years was in charge of assessing the performance of female soldiers. His words were so harsh, that he …”
Hungarian Holy Vampires Apologize
“…  The word used for “vampire” is not Biblical. I have no doubt that Hungarians will recognize it and be shocked … On January 25, 2014, Csaba Korosi, Hungarian Ambassador at the UN, apologized for Hungarian role in the Holocaust …”
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Tortured by the Terrorist Evo Morales Regime
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