Who Owns Organic Now?

From: “cdsapi” <[email protected]>
Date: February 14, 2014 12:29:34 PM PST (CA)
Subject: Who Owns Organic Now? New Info Graphic Tracks the Corporate Takeover of Organics…
Cdsapi’s Add Comment:     150+ years ago, the first Rockefeller Corporate mogul, the founder of Standard Oil and the Chemical Empire, John D. Rockefeller, enunciated as his central “business philosophy” that “Tolerating Competition” was the “Unforgiveable Sin”.
His strategy was short and simple:  “I will BUY you out”,  and if you resist, “I will WIPE you out”.
150 years ago, most of agriculture was essentially organic.   The term “organic” was later designated to differentiate between farming Naturally   and the developing agricultural monstrosity that was morphing farming into “corporate-controlled, industrialized, chemicalized, agribusiness factory farming entretprises.”.   –
Nature, natural. and Organic farming was soon to become the “Intolerable Competitive  Thorn” in the side of Corporate Agribusiness.  It is that intolerable “control group” that demonstrates the “health benefit effects” of naturally produced foods and the “Health-destruction effects” of Toxic, chemically and pathologically contaminated foods, produced through industrialized Corporate-owned Factory Farming Agribusiness.
The Corporate Solution:  –  using the power and leverage of accumulated Wealth that they had plundered  –  “We will buy you out”  – and if you little local organic producers persist in being the pesky nuisance (that the public increasingly demands and supports)  –  “We will wipe you out”.
The following diagram illustrates just how far advanced this strategy of eliminating the “organic competition” has been implemented.
It is ironic that the supposedly most advanced nation on the planet has permitted the destruction of healthy food production and replaced it with the promotion of Toxic food  in the hands of ruthless Corporations, that protect their secrecy under the umbrella of “Proprietary Privilege and Confidentiality”., with enough Wealth To Purchase Everything  –  the land,  the government,  the judiciary,  academia,  research,  medicine,  the media,  labor,  the educational system,  advertising,  entertainment (the brainwashing institutions)……  And once they have “bought out the competition” the definition and conditions of Organic are conveniently changed  –  to a definition that is an abomination, to include all that should have remained “excluded” – like pesticides, GMOs. etc..
“Man is the only species that knowingly destroys and discards Life’s Essentials,  engineers and finances its own destruction, and does so in the name of “Economic Necessity”.
If we do not like the Actions, we have to look at the Attitudes that have produced them.
That means changing our “attitudinal paradigm”.  No!  Money must not give a “select wealthy few” that right to enslave the rest of humanity and to “slow-kill” them with Toxic Foods..
As long as money remains a “Commodity” rather than a facilitators of exchange,  and “Making Money” takes priority over “Protecting the Life’s Essentials”, the Rockefeller Corporate Strategy will flourish unimpeded.  “We will buy you out’  or“We will wipe you out’.  – but we will be destroyed you as Competition ;
Unless WE put a halt to this legalistically-protected  “economic criminality”, true organic farming will suffer the fate of the dodo-bird and the passenger pigeon that were incrementally ”picked off” to disappear into the oblivion of history.
If it is “healthy food” that we want  –  then it is the “production of healthy food” that we must protect.
W must never permit a Bill Gates and a Rockefeller, or a George Soros  or the Koch Brothers, or Carlyle or Walmart – on the basis of their accumulated Wealth – to become and determine our Governance.
Just consider this:  every animal has its “economy” – it consists of procuring and having what it needs.  And none of them have “money”  to determine their survival.  Only mankind allows the sacrifice of Survival in order to make Fiat Money, to be used as the Lever of Power and Control over populations and their environment –  the new slave masters of World Governance.
comment by cdsapi  – Citizens Demand Scientific, Academic, Political (and Media) Integrity.
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