Will US-sponsored terrorists try to sabotage the Sochi Olympics?

Will US-sponsored terrorists try to sabotage the Sochi Olympics?

An edited abridgement of this article by Michel Chossudovsky,
with notes and comments by Lasha Darkmoon.

Russia’s enemies, the US and its satellites, would be only too delighted if a terrorist attack should create chaos at the Sochi Olympics. What are the chances of such an attack occurring?
In late January, the British government warned that “terrorist attacks in Russia are very likely to occur before or during the Winter Olympics in Sochi”. (BBC, January 27, 2014).
As the Olympic torch reaches Sochi, CNN released, in a timely fashion, the results of an “authoritative” opinion poll (based on a meager sample of 1000 individuals): “57% of Americans think terror attack likely at Sochi Games”.
Earlier news reports focused on the mysterious menace of a so-called “Black Widow” terrorist attack emanating from Chechnya, Russia’s hotspot of Islamic terrorism. According to a so-called “catastrophe expert”  Dr Gordon Woo, a Black Widow attack “is almost certain to happen.”
“Because of the history between the Russians and the Chechen people who splintered to form the Caucasus Emirate, Sochi is a prime target for terrorism,” said Dr Woo.
Lasha Darkmoon comments:
Concerning US coverage of the Sochi Olympics, Justin Raimondo is particularly scathing:

The water, the toilets, the hotels — nothing pleases our pampered media divas, whose hatred of all things Russian oozes from between the lines of their “reporting” like pus from an old wound.

All the antipathy we saw aimed at Russia during the cold war years is now being revomited up by the political class, albeit in a new flavor: instead of genuine martyrs like Andrei Sakharov and Alexander Solzhenitsyn being lionized, we see the professional provocateurs of “Pussy Riot” elevated by Western media to the status of “dissident” stars.

 Why do these heavily made-up show-biz types merit our attention? Well, didn’t they desecrate a Russian Orthodox cathedral by stripping off their clothes, screaming obscenities, and insulting parishioners? (See here)

"THE MARCH OF THE SLUTS".  The bare-breasted Ukranian Femen group associated with the Pussy Riot girls. These decadent "artistes" like to make their point through sexual exhibitionism and religious blasphemy—political tactics widely promoted and popularized by our Jew-controlled  Western media.
The bare-breasted Ukranian Femen group associated with the Pussy Riot girls. All these slutty feminists believe  they are making a  point by flashing their tits and descrating Christian churches — political tactics widely promoted and popularized by our Jew-controlled Western media.

The Sochi Games are occurring at the height of a Worldwide crisis marked by the confrontation between the US and Russia on the geopolitical chessboard. In turn, the ongoing protest movement in Ukraine has a bearing on Russia’s geopolitical control of the Black Sea.
What would be the underlying political objective of a terrorist attack?
Are these slanted media reports solely intended to create an aura of fear and uncertainty which causes political embarrassment to the Russian authorities?
While network TV and the tabloids have their eyes riveted on the Black Widow, the more fundamental question as to Who is behind the Caucasus terrorists goes unmentioned.
None of the news reports has focused on the fundamental question which is required in assessing the terror threat.
Both the history of Al Qaeda as well as recent developments in Syria and Libya confirm unequivocally that the Al Qaeda network is covertly supported by Western intelligence.

What are the historical origins of the Chechen jihadists, which are now allegedly threatening the Sochi Games? Who is behind them?
In the 1990s, following the collapse of the Soviet Union, the US waged a covert war against Russia. The objective was to promote the secession of Chechnya, a “renegade autonomous region” of the Russian Federation, at the crossroads of strategic oil and gas pipeline routes.
Chechen rebel leaders Shamil Basayev and Al Khattab
Chechen rebel leaders Shamil Basayev and Al Khattab
This was a covert intelligence operation. The main Chechen rebel leaders, Shamil Basayev and Al Khattab, were trained and indoctrinated in CIA-sponsored camps in Afghanistan and Pakistan.
The two main Chechen jihadist formations, affiliated to Al Qaeda were estimated at 35,000 strong. They were supported by Pakistan’s Military intelligence (ISI) on behalf of the CIA; funding was also channeled to Chechnya through the Wahabbi missions from Saudi Arabia.
Following his training and indoctrination stint, Basayev was assigned to lead the assault against Russian federal troops in the first Chechen war in 1995.

The Sochi Olympics are at a strategic location on the Black Sea at the crossroads of Russia’s oil and gas pipelines.
The forbidden question (both by the West as well as by the Russian government) in addressing the possibility of a terror attack is: Who is behind the Terrorists?
While the US sponsored Chechen rebels were defeated in the 1990s by Russian forces, various Al Qaeda affiliated formations –including the “Caucasus Emirate militant group, Imarat Kavkaz (IK) — remain active in the Southern Caucasus region of the Russian Federation (e.g. Chechnya, Dagestan, Ingushetia) and Abkhazia.
Both the Russian based Al Qaeda groups as well as the broader network of jihadist formations in the Middle East, Central Asia and the Balkans constitute CIA “intelligence assets” which could potentially be used to trigger a terrorist event at the height of the Sochi Olympics.

Needless to say, Moscow is fully aware that Al Qaeda is an instrument of Western intelligence. And Moscow is also aware that the US is covertly supporting terror groups which threaten the security of the Olympic Games.

Within the Russian military and intelligence establishment, this is known, documented and discussed behind closed doors. Yet at the same time, it is a “forbidden truth”. It is taboo to talk about it in public or to raise it at the diplomatic level.
Washington knows that Moscow knows: “I know you know I know”.

Lasha Darkmoon concludes

Why are the neocons — mostly American Jews and their gentile messenger boys on the Jewish payroll —   so filled with fear and loathing of Russia?
There are five very good reasons:
1.  Russia finally tired of Communism and decided to ditch it, opting instead for the Russian Orthodox Church and traditional Christian values — including an aversion to the promotion of homosexuality among children. This drove the neo-Bolshevik Trotskyists in Washington wild with rage, given that they espouse all the opposite values.
2. President Putin cracked down hard on the Jewish oligarchs who had looted more than half  the wealth of the Soviet Union, with the help of Rothschild banksters in the West. Though substantial amounts of this plundered wealth found its way to the US, Britain and Israel, not all of it did — much to the chagrin of the Jewish oligarchs, now on the run, and their international accomplices in crime, i.e., the US, Britain and Israel.
3.  Russia had refused to sanction the Iraq war in the UN Security Council, thereby making war criminals of  George W. Bush and Tony Blair and bringing shame on the Jew-owned  Western media that had initiated this campaign of mindless mass murder on a raft of WMD lies.
4.  Russia blocked international intervention in Syria, itself seen as a preliminary to an attack on Iran at the insistence of the psychologically deranged rulers of Israel.
5.  Lastly, Russia granted asylum to Edward Snowden — in the words of Justin Raimondo, “the last straw, a tactic that inverted the familiar cold war narrative by casting the Russians as the patrons of dissidence and the Americans as their relentless pursuers.”
Final question: Is a US-sponsored terrorist attack likely to occur at the Sochi Olympics? On balance, I think not, given that the identity of the sponsors of terrorism is only too apparent to everyone. Fortunately, people are waking up everywhere and it is becoming increasingly obvious that the good guys of yesterday are the bad guys of today.
It’s now common knowledge who the world’s most “inglourious basterds” are.

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John Scott Montecristo is the editor of this website. He is Lasha Darkmoon’s cousin.

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34 Responses to Will US-sponsored terrorists try to sabotage the Sochi Olympics?

  1. Greg Bacon says:
    All of this theater over the sane Russian laws that prohibit the teaching of the homosexual lifestyle to kids didn’t blow up until Vlad moved Russian warships to the Mediterranean and told the USA that an attack on Syria would be construed as an attack on Russia.
    Then it started hitting the fan.
    Typical of bullies to sulk and seek retribution when denied their original goal of ‘Shocking and Awing’ Syria.
    • Sardonicus says:
      Well said, Greg. Nice to see you here again!
      “Why are the neocons — mostly American Jews and their gentile messenger boys on the Jewish payroll — so filled with fear and loathing of Russia?” (LD)
      This article is particularly useful in providing a wider persepective on why Russia is so hated by the US and its satellites. I refer to the invaluable endnote by Darkmoon giving five reasons for hating Russia if you happen to be an American Jew or an Israeli or a fanatical Zionist.
  2. Bob in DC says:
    Weather weapon already used?
  3. Rehmat says:
    BBC says what the British Jewish Lobby wants. Both the CIA and Mossad have collaborated with Russian internal security services to create several false flag operations to support the on-going “War on Muslims”.
    Did any mass media mentin that once upon Sochi was a Muslim-majority region which faced Holocaust at the hands of Czars – leaving only 20,000 Muslims in Sochi city with no mosque to perform daily prayers.
  4. Herman King says:
    I am puzzled by Putin’s polishing Stalin’s image but compared to the Smirk and the nigger in he White house he doesn’t look bad.
    • Charlieboy says:
      Herman, I am ‘puzzled’, too. I happen to be privy to an incident – not too long ago – told me by a sheriff in northern Virginia. He said he was called by a Wal-Mart manager regarding a woman (who couldn’t speak English, but was muttering Russian) who had apparently been dumped in a (their) dumpster sometime after midnight, and whose body had been severely beaten and obviously left for dead. He said he and two of his deputies went there, along with the ambulance which had already been called, and shortly after they arrived, a black Suburban with ‘U.S. Government’ tags came with three badge-flashing ‘agents’ (FBI, he ‘thought’), and informed him (the sheriff) they ‘would handle it from here’. They took the lady, after she had been administered the basic EMT treatments, loaded her into the Suburban, and left. (The sheriff told me he was sort of at-a-loss, wherewith I told him he was ‘the boss’, and could have insisted to find out more.)(But he said the guys were very ‘authoritative’, and that he got the impression they might even shoot he and his deputies if they protested).
      The county I am relating is Culpeper, where is located the ‘National Archives’ (a prior Federal Reserve underground facility, which also now accommodates several Alphabet Agencies), a fusion center called ‘Telemark’, and S.W.I.F.T. Bank (Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Transactions), ‘owned’ by the Rotheschild affiliates. Moreover, nearby Charlottesville, Virginia accommodates the NGIC (National Ground Intelligence Center)(equivalent to Langley, Va., but expressly for domestic spying); and nearby Front Royal, Virginia, accommodates the ‘U.S. Customs’ training facility, WHICH IS
      LARGLY STAFFED BY RUSSIANS. CIA has an under-mountain facility in adjacent Warrenton, Virginia, and Mt. Weather is in the same county. I could go on, but suffice it to say that, including the one thousand acres set aside at Dulles Airport for Eastern Europe military, there is a not-so-deeply-concealed ‘presence’ of Russian-related personnel in the Washington, D.C. area. What does that mean?? It means that Putin needs be scrutinized VERY CLOSELY.
      I hope he is real. I like what I see, but I have nagging doubts…
      • lobro says:
        charlieboy, i likewise am puzzled by this but just because they speak “russian” does not mean they are russian.
        majority of israeli jews are russian and speak russian or some legible form of russian, like yiddish being a germanic form.
        i think they were jews, of the worst criminal sort, like rabinovich, berezhovsky, khodorkovsky, nevzhlin, leviev, alpert, gusinsky, mogilevich and a slew of vermin from desert holes in khazaria.
    • Asthor says:
      It is rather the image of Stalin we have is brought from jewish mindset. As many other things that we believe are our own. But they are not ours. We are seeing the world and its history through the jewish spectacles, because their feed us their information. In multiple generations already. Specially in XX century. How their call it “Jewish century”. Through our own education system from school to universities, faculty, censorship, books, mass media etc.
      • lobro says:
        fact 1. stalin got rid of trotsky
        fact 2. russians never had greater longevity, statistically speaking and gulags notwithstanding, than under stalin, their lifespan reached its historic maximum.
        fact 3. russians lifespan taked catastrophically under jew yeltsin, during the wholesale looting and plunder of russian resources by new york “liberal” jews.
        blame russians for remembering this.
  5. hp says:
    What Putin said.. Feb. 4, 2013 (Duma) A five minute ovation followed.
    “In Russia live Russians. Any minority, from anywhere, if it wants to
    live in Russia, to work and eat in Russia, should speak Russian, and
    should respect the Russian laws.
    If they prefer Sharia Law, then we advise them to go to those places where that’s the state law.
    Russia does not need minorities. Minorities need Russia, and we will not
    grant them special privileges, or try to change our laws to fit their
    desires, no matter how loud they yell ‘discrimination’.
    We better learn from the suicides of America, England, Holland and France, if we are to survive as a nation.
    The Russian customs and traditions are not compatible with the lack of culture or the primitive ways of most minorities.
    When this honorable legislative body thinks of creating new laws, it
    should have in mind the national interest first, observing that the
    minorities are not Russians.
    • Charlieboy says:
      I am not concerned with Russia. Putin is to be commended for his attitude toward RUSSIA. It is HIS homeland. But Russia is not America. AMERICA is my home – and my concern. Therefore, while it is easy to admire Vladmir Putin, it seems easy to forget that EVERYTHING in his past adds-up to his grooming to be in opposition to America.
      • Asthor says:
        Charlieboy, you should be concerned with Russia, as well as with USA, Ukraine, Germany, Sweden, France, Italy, South America, Palestine, Syria, African and other countries of the world, since talmudic war is on whole non-talmudic humanity. And US is quintessentially occupied by talmudists in its politics, foreign policy, judiciary, military actions, mass media, informatics, finance, universities, in its almost whole popular mindset over several last generations. US essentially became an instrument in the hands of talmudists, tool of Israel, even if it is proclaimed to be “the land of the free” for mass consumption.
        • Charlieboy says:
          I guess I worded that with the idea that it is about ALL anyone can do, these days, to protect his own country – much less be absorbed with the fortunes of another… Didn’t mean to convey that in the manner you took it, Asthor. :)
          That being said, I certainly agree with your point.
      • anonymous9 says:
        Well, yes, everyone needs to care about his own country but i dont see Americans are doing anything to protect it. The only thing i see in all of these comments about America is just bla bla but what are the Americans doing against the jewish critters. I would say that if they have stolen the land of the Palestinians, the world should send every jew in every country to Israel, wasn’t that the purpose of invading Palestine, to bring those critters and live there? time for the world to wake up and send them all where they have conquered somebody else’s land and murdered their inhabitants.
        • Charlieboy says:
          Any Americans who are actually DOING ‘anything’ are NOT likely to post their actions on Internet. Sort of narrows their scope, doesn’t it??
          Forums like this one serve to bolster resolve for them – and THAT is how the ‘bla bla’ is useful…
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  7. flyingcossack says:
    so many large crimes … so little repayment
    god help the jews
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  9. Stophypocrisy says:
    The real war, by proxy has always been and will always be between Jew and Gentile.
    • Asthor says:
      “History of our Party is the history of our struggle against jews” said Stalin.
      (Apocriphic quote of Stalin from his private conversation with Ambassador in Sweden Aleksandra Kollontai in late 1930′s, before start of WWII.
      Few more quotes of Stalin from same conversation:” Many deeds of ours…will be perverted and spat upon, first of all abroad, but inside our country too. Zionists seeking the world domination, will severely avenge us for our successes and achievements. They still considers Russia as a barbaric country, as a raw material supplier. And my name will also be slandered. Great many atrocities will be ascribed to me. World zionists forces will seek to destroy our Union that Russia could never stand up again. The strength of the Soviet Union – in the friendship of the peoples. Forefront of the struggle will be primarily aimed at the breaking up this friendship, take away the parts of Russia. Local nationalisms will lift they heads. There will be many dwarf-leaders, traitors of their peoples. Different groups inside the nations will appear, conflicting each other. There will be many dwarf-leaders, traitors of their peoples. In general, future development will be more difficult, even hectic. Turns will become very steep and rough. Big disturbances will be on the East. The sharp contradictions with the West will appear. But, anyway, after the pass of time new generations will return to our deeds and our victories. Year by year new generations will be coming. They will create the new future on our past ».
      “All of this [weight] will fall on the shoulders of the Russian people. But the Russian people is a great people. Russian people is a good people. The Russian people has a clear mind. It seemed to be born to help other nations. Russian people has inherent great courage, especially in difficult times, in dangerous times. It is initiative. It is persistent. It is dreamer people. He has a purpose. Because of this it is more difficult for him than for other nations. But the Russian people can be rely upon in any trouble. It is irresistible, inexhaustible.”
      Again, this is well known apocryphic quotes of Stalin words. There are many sources on them over Internet. On of it is here http://grachev62.narod.ru/stalin/t18/t18_267.htm
      • siljan says:
        Asthor, could you provide a link in English from this conversation?
        • Asthor says:
          Helas, I can not. Even in Russian this information was largely suppressed. However, I believe it is veridical. Information sources (specially such sensitive ones) are largely controlled by you know whom, and when they can’t block information they declare it “forgery”. You can use any translator engine to read the whole text. Just use the link. I did translate only part of it.
        • Asthor says:
          OK, I did find the English version. It is here; http://www.revolutionarydemocracy.org/rdv13n1/kollontai.htm
          Text is as follow:
          “Stalin’s Conversation with A.M. Kollontai
          (November, 1939)
          In March 1938, Fascist Germany unceremoniously occupied Austria; Anschluss did not lead to any protest either from England or from France. Even the League of Nations did not react. In September, Chamberlain and Daladier had a meeting with Hitler, the outcome of which was the betrayal of Czechoslovakia on their part. The Sudeten region was also annexed to Germany.
          The leadership of the USSR had big hopes for the Anglo-French-Soviet negotiations (May-August, 1939), where we introduced our proposal for the conclusion of a defensive pact between the three powers. However, because of the objections raised by Poland – an ally of England and France, and the boycott from the side of the West, the negotiations broke down and the military collaboration of participating countries became impossible. The USSR was left with no alternative to fend off the threat of war away from itself other than to accept the offer of Germany to conclude a non-aggression pact that was eventually signed in Moscow on the 23rd of August.
          On the 1st of September 1939, Germany attacked Poland. World War II became a fact. On September 28, an agreement was signed in Moscow between the Soviet Union and Germany, which established the western border of the USSR roughly along the ‘Curzon Line’ that was proposed as early as in 1919 and approved by England, France and the USA as the border between us and Poland. Debates started around the Soviet-German talks. These talks were interpreted in very different and often contradictory ways.
          Under war conditions in Europe the security interests of the Soviet Union required strengthening of its boundary with Finland. At this time, the negotiations of Soviet government with the Finnish delegation were going on in Moscow. These negotiations were difficult and progressed slowly. The Press depended on guesses and on tendentious rumours. The Soviet ambassador to Sweden, A.M. Kollontai also did not have sufficient information available to her and, in order to orient herself better, decided to go to Moscow to consult the People’s Commissariat, to clarify the position of the USSR.
          After settling down in hotel ‘Moskva’, Aleksandra Mikhailovna rang up V.M. Molotov.
          ‘I, – recalls Kollontai – sat and waited in the lounge for Molotov to call me. I waited for hours. Secretaries coming out from his room would tersely say:
          – No, no, they are still busy, please wait. Finally a secretary to Molotov opened the door of his office for me to go in:
          – Please go in, Vyacheslav Mikhailovich is waiting for you.
          Molotov started the conversation with the question:
          – You have come to petition for your Finns?
          – I have come to orally inform you how our broken negotiations with Finland are reflected in the public opinion abroad. I have come to personally meet you in order to make an objective and comprehensive report. It seems to me that in Moscow they do not realise what the consequences of a conflict between Finland and Soviet Union can be.
          – Going by the case of Poland, the Scandinavians are convinced that we shall not give any concessions to the Nazi.
          – All the progressive forces of Europe will be on the side of Finland.
          – Thus you praise the imperialists of England and France by describing them as progressive forces? Their intrigues are known to us. But what about your Swedes? Will they be sticking to their proclaimed neutrality?
          I tried briefly but precisely to clarify to Molotov the inevitable consequences that the war shall entail. Not only Scandinavians, but also other countries will come out in support of Finland.
          On this Molotov cut me short.
          – You once again have in mind the ‘progressive forces’ – the imperialists of England and France? We have taken all this into account.
          My information was decisively set aside by Molotov. Molotov repeatedly and decisively told me that there is no possibility whatever of agreeing with the Finns. He explained the basic ideas of the draft of the agreement with Finland, all of which were meant to protect our boundaries and, without encroaching on the sovereignty of Finland, compensated the Finns for the shifting of the boundary line more to the north. To all the proposals of the USSR, the Finnish delegation had only one answer. ‘No, we cannot accept’.
          Since none of the explanations were taken into consideration, this created an impression that the Finnish government has decided for itself the question regarding the inevitability of war against the USSR. However, the Soviet government, the minister said, is interested in the neutrality of the Scandinavian countries.
          – It is necessary to do all that is possible to stop them from entering the war. In that case it will be one front less against us, Molotov told A. M. Kollontai on parting.
          With some feeling of dissatisfaction, of fatigue and a sense of increasingly heavy responsibility, I slowly went back to the hotel, all the while examining the details of the encounter with Molotov, wrote Aleksandra Mikhailovna. She tried to complete as fast as possible all the official matters related to the Foreign Ministry and the foreign trade department and return to Stockholm. I wanted, especially after the encounter with Molotov, to ring up Stalin. Mentally I strived to do so. However, realising the entire prevailing situation and all the existing tensions and responsibility that Stalin had to deal with, I decided: I could not disturb him…
          Several busy days passed by. I completed almost all my work and already wanted to leave when suddenly the telephone rang.
          – Comrade Aleksandra Mikhailovna Kollontai?
          – Yes, I am listening to you.
          – You are invited by comrade Stalin. Could you meet him? And what time would be convenient to you?
          I answered: any time that is convenient to comrade Stalin. For some time there was silence. Apparently, the secretary reported this to Stalin.
          – Can you come just now?
          – Certainly, I can.
          – In seven minutes the car shall be in the main entrance of hotel ‘Moskva’. Good bye, Aleksandra Mikhailovna.
          I was again in the Kremlin office of Stalin. Stalin got up from his working table to meet me and smilingly shook my hand for long. He asked about my health and requested me to sit down.
          Outwardly Stalin appeared tired and concerned, but calm and confident. However, it was apparent that the enormity of the situation was weighing on him. This I became acutely aware of. I could feel it, when Stalin began to walk to and fro along the long table. His head was sunk into his shoulders as if under the enormous weight of the events. At this moment Stalin asked: “How are things going on with you and with your Scandinavian neutrals?
          While I thought how to briefly yet comprehensively answer his question, Stalin started to talk about the negotiations with the Finnish delegation in Moscow and about the fact that these six month long negotiations came to naught. The Finnish delegation, in the middle of November, left Moscow and never returned with the ‘new directives’, as it promised. The agreement, which had to ensure peace and peaceful neighbourly relations between the USSR and Finland, remained unsigned. One could see that Stalin was perturbed, but not anxious.
          In essence our conversation moved around the situation that was prevailing with Finland. Stalin advised that we should concentrate the work of the Soviet embassy on the study of the situation in the Scandinavian countries in connection with the infiltration of Germany into these countries and to draw in the governments of Norway and Sweden as well as to influence Finland, in order not to allow a conflict. And, as if concluding, he said that ‘if we do not succeed in preventing it, then it would be a brief one and end with little bloodshed. The time for ‘persuasions’ and of ‘negotiations’ was over. It is necessary to practically start the preparations to repel; to be prepared for war with Hitler’.
          I felt, as if I was hit by electric current. For the first time I realised how close the war was. So much so that my notebook fell down from my hands; I later picked it up. I had taken it into the Kremlin to note down all that Stalin said.
          This time the conversation continued for more than two hours. I did not notice how rapidly the time flew. Stalin, while he talked with me, it appeared as if he was at the same time discussing aloud with himself. He touched upon many questions: on the defeat of the People’s Front in Spain; talked much about the heroes of this fight. On the whole he continued for several minutes. His main thoughts were concentrated on the position of our country in the world, its role and potential possibilities. ‘In this plan, – he emphasised – the economy and policy are not at odds’. Speaking about industry and agriculture, he named several persons responsible for the matters and tens of names of the leaders of large enterprises, plants, factories and workers in the field of agriculture. He was especially anxious about the rearmament of the army, and also about the role of the rear in the war; about the need of strengthening vigilance on the border and also inside the country, and, as if concluding, he specially emphasised:
          ‘All this shall rest on the shoulders of the Russian people, as the Russian people are a great people; Russian people are generous. Russians are enlightened people. The Russian people are born to help others. Courage is inherent in the Russian people, especially during difficult times, in the dangerous times. They have initiative and have a purpose. Therefore, they face more hardships than other nations. On them it is possible to rely during any misfortune. The Russian people – are invincible, they are indomitable and indefatigable’.
          I tried not to miss even a single word, so rapidly I wrote that my pencil broke. I somehow clumsily attempted to pick up another one from the bunch on the table that the stand nearly fell down. Stalin glanced, chuckled and began to light his pipe…
          Reflecting about the role of personality in history, on the past and future, Stalin mentioned many names – from Alexander the Great to Napoleon. I tried not to miss the order in which he listed the Russian names.
          He began with the Kiev princes. Then came to Alexander Nevsky, Dmitri Donskoi, to Ivan Kalita, Ivan Grozni, Peter the First, Alexander Suvorov, Mikhail Kutuzov. He finished on Marx and Lenin.
          At this moment I butted in; I wanted to speak about Stalin’s role in history, but I could just say: ‘Your name will be inscribed…’ that Stalin raised his hand and stopped me and I stopped. Stalin continued:
          ‘Many matters of our party and people will be distorted and abused, above all in foreign countries and, yes, even in our country too. Zionism, in a tearing hurry for world supremacy, will be harsh on us, be vengeful on account of our successes and achievements. They still consider Russia as a barbarous country, as a raw material adjunct. And my name will also be slandered; it is being slandered even now. To me they shall attribute many a crime.
          International Zionism shall by all means attempt to destroy our union, so that Russia could never rise again. The strength of the USSR lies in the friendship of the peoples. The sharp edge of the struggles will be directed, first of all, towards the destruction of this friendship, to the severance of the periphery from Russia. On this count it has to be acknowledged that we have yet not done much. Here is yet a large field of work.
          Nationalism shall raise its head with special force. For some time it will dominate internationalism and patriotism; however, only for some time. Groups of nationalities within the nations shall emerge and shall enter into conflicts. Many pygmy-leaders shall emerge in these nations.
          On the whole, in the future the developmental process shall proceed in ways more complex and in ways even more rabid and furious and the turns and twists shall be extremely sharp. It shall come to pass that the Orient will be in violent turmoil. Sharp contradictions with the West shall arise.
          And nevertheless, the events, no matter how these were to develop, a time shall come, that the sight of the new generations will turn to the accomplishments and victories of our socialist fatherland. Year after year the new generations shall be born. They shall again think about the banner of their fathers and grandfathers and they will give to us full credit. They will build their future on our past.’
          ‘These conversations, Kollontai wrote, produced indelible impressions on me. I began to look differently at the peaceful world around me. I mentally returned to these talks many times during the war years and after it, repeatedly re-read the notes and always found in them something new, some nuance, and some new element. And now, as in reality, I see the office of Stalin in the Kremlin, and in it a long table and Stalin…
          While departing from the office some melancholy enveloped me. Saying goodbye, Joseph Vissarionovich said; ‘Toughen yourself. They shall attack. At hand are arduous times. They must be overcome’. And, in a softer voice, he said: ‘We shall overcome. We shall certainly overcome! Collect yourself. Strengthen your health, harden yourself in the struggle!’
          Coming out of the Kremlin, I did not walk; I simply broke into a run, noticing none, repeating, in order not to forget what was said by Stalin. After entering the house, I took out the notebook with my notes; I clasped some paper and began to write. I looked at the clock. It was already deep night. The clock showed ten minutes to two…’
          Note. Extracts from the diaries of A.M. Kollontai, located in the archives of the Ministry of External Affairs of the Russian Federation; reproduced by historian M.I. Trushe.
          Dialog, 1998, No. 8, pp. 92-94
          I.V. Stalin, ‘Sochinenia’, Vol. 18, 1917-1953, Informatsionno-izdatelskiy
          ‘Soyuz’, Tver, 2006, pp. 606-611.”
  10. Everybody in the Anti-Jew movement bitches and moans about Jews but only tells everybody to “go get ‘em” and do what I say or “kill ‘em all” and of course nothing gets done.
    In this respect the Jews have set the mindset of their opposition and censorship of any real solution goes on. Great articles are written by Kaminski and Phishna (Yukon Jack) but the number of hits they get tells the tale. When you point this out then the Anti-Jew blogs are guilty of greater censorship than the Jews themselves could ever commit and they get their panties in a bind. How many of them even mention Jew Mossad doing Fukushima and the controlled cleanup? Certainly not the Rebel.org. Clearly there is an agenda in the Anti-Jew blog world in play.
    Many of them attack the Bible but throw the baby out with the bath water when it comes to referencing reincarnation or what are known as the “gifts of the Spirit” which are psychic gifts and powers powered up by kundalini energy.
    Some of them even talk about extraterrestrials but only tell about Dark Side negative aliens and never that there are good ETs present in the Universe unless they look like Nordic White gods who must have backed Hitler. (right)
    Then there is the Hitler cults that say if only Hitler would be reborn we could win.
    Get over it. Hitler lost and he only came to power by taking Jew London Banker money to build his military so the Jews would have an enemy to fight. You have to have a face to the box cutter enemy. Jews always play the wars from BOTH sides as there is double the profits to be made. Hitler is dead. Get over it.
    Nostradamus (even if he was a Jew like Brother Nathanael) predicted the exact day of 911 to the day. “In the year 1999 and seven months (Sept Mois) then will fall to Earth the King of Terror.” It was an anagram for 9/11/01 and September.
    If things are not turned around then world war will come by mid decade when Mars is conjunct Jupiter which is October 17, 2015.
    There is hope but time is short. Cut the censorship in the Anti-Jew blog world.
    • Arch Stanton says:
      Hitler took Jewish bankers money to build the nascent National Socialist party and then double croosed them. Take another look at Chaplins movie the sing of the The moiuve , He used his
    • Arch Stanton says:
      Let’s try that again,
      Hitler took Jewish banker’s money to build the nascent National Socialist party and then double crossed them. Take another look at Chaplin’s movie “The Great Dictator” where Adenoid Hinkle leads his party under the sign of the double cross. Then there is the “Jewish barber’s” monologue espousing all the smarmy, Jewish platitudes about freedom, liberty and equality they wish Hitler had levied upon his nation. Hitler used his labor backed economy to fund his rearmament and up until the declaration of war by Britain, only a relatively small portion of Germany’s GNP was actually devoted to military spending. Far less percentage wise than America now spends on its peacetime “defense”.
  11. Harriet says:
    “Zionism is dividing humanity”–Dieudonne
    Dieudonné, Face to Face on Iranian TV: English
  12. siljan says:
    “Israel as a venture is almost over. I do not believe Israel will survive this decade” says Dieudonne.
    I found a video with English subtitles here;
  13. Asthor says:
    For your information, jews killed Stalin. Right on purim 1953. At least it is believed so by most people in Russia and by many abroad. Even jews boast on it now. You can even read something on the topic from Montefiore. Such a source of insider information!
  14. You can remove Israel from the face of the map but unless you remove the Jew gene pool you will always have breeding stock to make more Jews. Economic collapse is coming. The debt will collapse. The working man can only support so much.
    Food and fuel prices will explode. They will confiscate all the money you have in 401k and your bank accounts and it will not be enough. Israeli submarines with nuclear missiles lie of the coasts of America and Europe to blackmail Americans and Europeans for Israel’s agenda. Pope Francis cavorts with Jews. If Israel initiates war with Iran the conflict will cause the destruction of all oil terminals and pipe lines in the Gulf area.
    Any fuel in country will be allocated to the government and food will not be produced or move. Food riots will break out and the grid may be taken down at the push of a button from Israel. Then the broader Jew World War III will ensue according to prophecies of old.
    Every anti-Jew blogger and reader is known and every word is recorded even this.
    The anti-Jew bloggers think that if they do beautiful writing they will have followers flock to their sites by the thousands and then some grand new leader in the shape of Hitler will emerge and save the day. German idealism is not present in America. The youth have been dumbed down and think sports politics and religion are all that is needed. Youths who pierce their bodies with lip and nose rings and who get tats are lost as a people. You do not have the luxury of time. The war clock is ticking.
    Unless you can lobotomize all Jews war will come. Jews control the money and the government and have written you Bible to make you accept them even when they do wholesale murder.
    Jesus failed and Hitler failed. Blow the explosive bolts on failed templates or become dust on a dead planet.
  15. Well so far no big bangs at the Sochi Olympics. Really, people, sports are boring and tremendous wastes of money and resources. They are nothing but people racing in straight lines or in circles or putting an object in a hole and if you beat the other guy by a hundredth of a second you are so superior to number 2. Right. Moving on.
    A lot of Anti-Jew bloggers talk about Jews but when it gets down to other races then they get all embarrassed and can’t name one of the other major elements holding back the progress of mankind. Such actions are disingenuous and lacking in honesty.
    Here is one blog who has the guts but then he gest his base from the right wing skinhead types who go to church and believe in Jesus so any criticism of religion is CENSORED just Like Brother Nathanael who when I questioned his faith had the audacity to send me to his Christian hell. You can take the Jew out of the synagogue but you can never take the Jew out of the Jew.
    Here it is:
    Subject: Let’s Celebrate BLACK HISTORY MONTH! | INCOG MAN
    • Gilbert Huntly says:
      I am “CELEBRATING”, Commander Z !!! (How fortunate we are to have those innovative black chappys looking out for us! :)
  16. Rehmat says:
    On February 6, 2014, MP Oleg Bolychev, member of Vladimir Putin’s ruling United Russia party at the regional parliament in Kaliningrad accused Russian Jews for destroying Russia twice.
    During a debate, Bolychev called his detractors “Jews, mired in opposition,” adding: “You destroyed our country in 1917, and you destroyed our country in 1991.”
    • Asthor says:
      Everybody knows that, but you are right there are no much public words about it, specially from the politics due to “fear of the jews”. Right as 2000 years ago.

By piotrbein