German campaign against Russia

Newsletter 2014/02/13 – Modernize Russia
BERLIN/MOSCOW (Own report) – The derogatory German campaign against
Russia and its President Vladimir Putin has persisted even after the
Olympic Games have opened. The campaign is not only aimed at
mobilizing German public opinion; it seeks to also further incite the
emerging Russian middle strata against their government. These middle
strata are gaining in strength and are seen as a potential leverage
for Western influence in Moscow since the 2011 and 2012 mass
demonstrations against the current President Vladimir Putin. German
government advisors are proposing that Berlin establish new channels
of influence through contacts to oppositional milieus of these middle
strata. The German government is not only exploiting liberal but also
national chauvinist circles of the opposition – just as it does in the
Ukraine, where it also relies on the fascist milieu’s potential for
protest. A Russian opposition leader, who is popular in Berlin, refers
to natives of the Caucasus as “cockroaches” and recommends the pistol
as the means for dealing with them. He is praised as an
“anti-corruption expert” in German media reports on the Sochi Olympic

By piotrbein