Germany, Russia and the South Caucasus

Newsletter 2014/02/14 – Caucasian Interim Report (II)
TBILISI/BERLIN (Own report) – Eclipsed by the power struggle over the
Ukraine, Berlin is pushing to speed up the signing of two other EU
Association Agreements. The agreements to permanently associate
Georgia and Moldova to the EU should be signed in due form no later
than August and should be implemented as soon as possible. The
agreement with Georgia is considered particularly important, because
it will firmly anchor the EU in the strategically important South
Caucasus, thereby weakening Russia’s position in a highly sensitive
region: Georgia can exert its influence on the hot spots in Russia’s
North Caucasus and secondly, strategically important gas pipelines
transit this region. It is even conceivable that progress being made
in the nuclear negotiations will permit an Iranian natural gas supply
to Europe through the South Caucasus pipelines. The Berlin/Brussels
association offensive is accompanied by a massive derogatory campaign
against Russia and President Vladimir Putin, supplementing the German
European campaign for the Ukraine’s EU association.

By piotrbein