Germany pushes "change" in Ukraine at all costs

Newsletter 2014/02/19 – At all Costs
KIEV/BERLIN (Own report) – Yesterday, the day after the German
Chancellor held deliberations with two leaders of the Ukrainian
opposition, protests in Kiev escalated into bloody confrontations.
Demonstrators, unconditionally sponsored by Germany and other western
countries for months, began, over the past few days, to arm themselves
with firearms and ammunition. Two police officers were shot to death
during yesterday’s uprising. This escalation into a bloody
confrontation followed on the heels of government compliance with a
fundamental demand of the demonstrators, just as it seemed that a
de-escalation was about to begin – to the tactical disadvantage of the
“German’s man” in Kiev, Vitali Klitschko, who has been calling for the
president to resign. Klitschko, who flew to Berlin Monday, to discuss
the next steps, threatened an even more bloody escalation and
declared, that he does not “rule out the use of force in the
evacuation of the Maidan.” One of the organizations he is relying on
is explicitly named after Nazi collaborators, who had carried out
mass-murder of Soviet Jews. Escalation strategies, such as those
currently implemented in Kiev, are not alien to German foreign policy.

By piotrbein